Fawning depictions of non-Whites. The inference
is clear: "F**k off and die, Whitey."

by Alt-Right News

Just one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the streets of Washington were taken over by the largest hate march in World history as up to one million people marched in the so-called Women’s March on Washington, spouting bile, hatred, and loathing.

The organizers' false claim that this was a march to support "the rights and freedom of women" was given the lie as extreme feminists, abortion advocates, BlackLivesMatter activists, sharia law promoters, and a world famous "cum dumpster" marched together, divided by their differences but united by their common hatred.

The struggle to breathe is real:
hate-filled feminist.
One of the chief organizers of the DC event, Linda Sarsour, is a supporter of the Palestinian organization Hamas and a promoter of Sharia law. She is very active on Twitter, where she often makes tweets supporting sharia law, a system of medieval Islamic law that essentially craps all over the rights of women.

World famous "cum dumpster" Madonna was on hand to regale the audience with her fantasies of blowing up the White House and killing the President and his family.

The only thing uniting the disparate elements involved in the march—as well as the other similar marches around the world—was sheer hatred, not only of men, as Sarsour advocates total subjection to Muslim men, but specifically hatred of White men.

The posters created for the event underscore this clear note of anti-White hatred, with fawning depictions of ethnic minorities.

It also seems that much of the hatred involved was self-loathing, as most of the participants were in fact White women who have been taught to hate their own men and celebrate the killing of their own babies under the guise of being "pro-choice" and "muh rights." The notion that such brain-washed individuals could choose anything is patently absurd.

The march tried to dehumanize and stir up hatred against the new President, White men in general, unborn babies, and the process of democracy itself, showing that there are no limits to the depths of Leftist hatred.

First published at Alt-Right News.


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