Thursday, 5 January 2017


Defenders of #BlackLivesMatter routinely defend the Black racist organization by saying that its message does not imply other lives don't matter. It's not a zero-sum game, we are sanctimoniously told:
It's the same dynamic that researchers at Harvard Business School described in a recent study: White people tend to see racism as a zero-sum game, meaning that gains for African Americans come at their expense. Black people see it differently. From their point of view, the rights pie can get bigger for everyone.
Such claims look increasingly hollow after four Black BLM thugs kidnapped and tortured a young White Trump supporter and—with typical high Black IQ—decided to livestream their criminal escapade on Facebook, leading to their arrest.

As you can see from the disturbing video of the crime, the victim clearly thought he was about to die and is lucky to be alive.

Because it is based on two false premises, BLM is incapable of generating anything else besides the kind of hatred that we see here.

The first premise is the standard, biologically-illiterate Leftist one, namely that all races are essentially equal, identical, and interchangeable. With this as a foundational starting point, the only logical explanation for Black inequality—in terms of poverty, crime, and arrests—must be down to "imaginary White racism." This inevitably serves to "justify" and motivate attacks like this one; while also making the implicit point that all races aren't in fact equal, as only Whites are uniquely capable of "racism" and true evil.

The other false premise is the characteristically Black one of Black supremacism, which we in the Alt-Right deride as "We Wuz Kangz."Roland Martin, who gave an over-polite Richard Spencer a bit of a roasting in a recent TV interview, is a prime exponent of this ludicrous view that holds that Blacks founded a great civilization on the banks of the Nile, but were somehow incapable of founding one on the banks of the Limpopo, Vaal, Zambezi, Congo, or Niger.

Another excellent example is this video, which greatly brightened the tail end of the festive season for me, when I saw it on Facebook.

We wuz couplz

A belief in the superiority of one's race is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are Scottish, as I am, it's simply a recognition of objective reality, while in other groups it betokens a healthy consciousness, something that Whites could clearly do with a bit more at their present nadir.

But in some groups it can have a toxic aspect, both for themselves and others. In the case of some American Blacks, it seems wrapped up in their perception of the fact of their irreducible social inferiority, and, indeed, helps contribute to it by externalizing the responsibility for their failure to others.

This is why groups like BLM are, in fact, so dangerous. While LARPing as ancient Kangz may seem harmless and even laughable for the rest of us, ideas like this don't stop with the LARPing.

At some point the "evil White devils" have to be caught and punished for pulling "Nefertiti's children" down from their flying golden thrones and selling them into slavery. And when that happens, incidents like the one in Chicago occur. In short, insanity has consequences.

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