Friday, 13 January 2017


The twee, low energy humor of the New Yorker.

by Colin Liddell

The Left doesn't just create fake news—literally news that isn't news. They are even guiltier of producing fake humour—humour that definitely isn't humour.

In fact, this is part of the fake news problem. Left wing humour is so fake and therefore unfunny that it is often mistaken for a news story; and, then, when somebody bothers to check, it will be taken as yet another fake news story.

A case in point is this crappy piece by The New Yorker magazine RUSSIA BANS MERYL STREEP MOVIES

Oh, we get it. Russia is a big, nasty, evil monster, and they are right in bed with Donald Trump, so this is exactly the kind of thing those nasty Russkis would do. Ha f**king Ha! I can just hear the shrill peels of laughter bouncing off the sides of some liberal Jewish/SWPL bubble in New York as I type. 

Hold your sides, I'm about to quote from the article:
"But the full force of the ban was not felt until Tuesday morning, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered police to go door to door, confiscating Streep DVDs from Russian citizens.

'I was terrified,' Vasily Dmitrovic, who lives in St. Petersburg, said. 'They broke down my door. My wife was screaming. They would not leave until I handed over Mamma Mia!'

In an appearance on state television, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered no reason for the ban, other than to say that Streep was 'overrated."
Oh my God. So. freaking. funny. And also, isn't "overrated" exactly what Trump said? The writer of this garbage clearly doesn't want the "main point" of this toothless satire to be lost on the dummies at the back of the class. 

The New Yorker, bravely mixing
political correctness with elite snobbery.
The end result of this is an article so unfunny that I have seen people sharing it on Facebook as news, saying things like "Yeh, good job" or—the smarter ones—"I wish this were true."

Nobody thinks it is funny, has a point, or shares it as the "genius piece of satire" it so desperately wants to be in its writer's benighted imagination.

Fake humour just dissolves into the mulch of fake news, and we have enough of that already thanks to the mainstream media.

Connoisseurs of the New Yorker's desperately unfunny fake humour might also enjoy cringing at this painful effort: IS HE MR. RIGHT OR MR. ALT-RIGHT?


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