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The recent #pizzagate scandal, a true spiderweb of iniquity, is a complex criss-crossing of overlapping degeneracies. This web is dappled with hanging dewdrops of defamation, intrigue, and a liberal decadence of the extreme variety. Indeed the case has the dark enmity of an ‘evil’ so objective it is fairly safe to use that word without hubris or doubt.

Art, culture, conformity, and "progressiveness" all factor into this rendezvous of depravity. Actual crimes have yet to be proven, despite what many suspect, thought here is a definitely worrisome congress of evidence. However, there are enough known facts to laud this as a fine example of our worrisome times: our blind, nonchalant stroll into incidental villainy and ruination.

The vulture and her carcass.
We have all heard the various elements involved. But for my part, I will focus mostly on the aspect of art (as usual), which has mainly been disregarded as incidental or in deference to greater forces at work here. My opinion, however, is radically different: art, to me, is the essential, root exaction impelling our actors in this drama - as well as everything else in our downward-spiraling culture.

Thus the forgettable pop star Lady Gaga is not the mere bit part player in our Shakespearean "pizza-play" as she appears, but a leading lady. And the cadaverous, art-underworld figure Marina Abramovic represents a crucial character, a fleshly manifestation of our apathetic fall from grace. In her tasteless overconfidence we witness the base vanity, the opportunism, the inverted values. Gaze upon her vulturous features and see the perfect final expression of baby boomer indecency.

Then there is Biljana Djurdjevic: the pathetic, shock value Serbian painter behind much of the Podesta art collection, another Modernist easterling woman who is entirely more culpable than she will likely be made accountable for. In a world where the left is now openly pushing for the acceptance of pedophilia, it becomes hard to tell where their moral limits actually lie, and to what end they are willing to extend their ill-considered sentimentalism, towards the forgiving and accepting of rapists and molesters and perverts. Which they STILL believe they do in the name of ‘breaking down’ imagined cultural norms, still the 'mavericks'.

Djurdjevic's portrait of little girls in their underwear: a Tony Podesta favorite
As she is an ‘artist’ in our confusing times, it is impossible to know exactly what compels Ms. Djurdjevic. She likely believes being shocking IS art, because as a mediocrity she no doubt absorbed and believed her Modernist art instruction. And to great success! She has been bought by Tony Podesta, for heavens sake. Of course, for all we can tell, she might be a paedophile herself. Or worse, she could be that more common casual malevolence... an opportunist - divorced from virtue or accountability, willing to create art that titillates elitist paedos for money. Anyone who is a successful contemporary artist is generally a prostitute of this nature anyways.                                

Little girls in their underwear as seen from behind: another Podesta fave.
In his office at Hillary Clinton's headquarters John Podesta has an oil painting from his brother Tony's collection depicting two men about to eat a man with cutlery.

Tony, a lobbyist, is considered one of the country's "most important contemporary art collectors."

"Some people think it's a little weird," Tony has said of his choices. "But that's their problem."

His brother John has admitted: "I don't think Tony focus-groups his art."

A man-eat-man world.
So to them it's all just goofy fun time. To a Modernist, art is freedom of individual expression, the absence of standards, nothing more.

'Look at me!I'm free of historic shackles with my shocking art - In defiance of your fascist art standards, I'm hanging these paintings of children being tortured!!!.Aren't I bravely transgressive?"

What is happening that our culture could create and extol these creatures, and bring them together in circles that include known child sex offenders (such as Clement Freud and Jeffrey Epstein), adorning their walls with serial killer victims and paintings of child sex slaves? It would seem these pseudo celebrity women such as Gaga, and Abramovic, famous for creating trash, could just as easily appear on ‘X factor’ as show up at a faux cannibalism party.

What has created them is our indifference to order. Effeminate universalist compassion for the half-measure, the acceptance of ease and mediocrity over honour, privation, excellence. The victory of ugliness over beauty, like medieval depictions of the triumph of death, only without the aesthetics. The final faux art of the drifting plastic bag and the whorish levantine worship of materialist symbols.

All goodness comes from reason, not from compassion

These empty idols, these trinkets of modern fame, the performance artist with her pretentious shock value and trite, womanish social commentary. The pop music star divorced from any standard of quality, alone in a landscape of fame-symbology: a Kubrickian neon vista of degenerated wastes, narcissism and hysteria. They all simply exist because they are fed money. And even at that, are they still worth the investment? their existence is propped on a belief that they matter, it a figment of post-Nuremberg virtue signalling of 'individualism'. They are the lingering phantom residue of the parasitic wasp that has long killed the host brain. Dancing shadows on the wall that we can only feel an uneasy dread about, and not act against. They are meaningless ghosts, important only to themselves. They can do anything if they label it as art.

Are they truly trafficking in children? I haven't seen final conclusive proof yet. I do, for my own part, feel Obama's ridiculous Russia overtures are a sign of panic, that he is involved in something either related to #pizzagate or to ISIS that he knows will come out when he leaves office. This is my personal prediction. How could he be so foolish?

The Modernist condition that breeds these people ensures they have, in a sense, given up on life before it even starts. Coming right out of the (pizza)gate, they either know nothing of, or reject outright, any attitude of inner strength, modesty, or natural justice. Instinctual things, or anything that contradicts progressive social mores, and the cheap platitudes of enthusiastic conformity, they negate in themselves. But what justifies their actions in their minds?

It's difficult to say, but I know there are a lot of others like them. Is it psychopathy? Extreme narcissism? Anxiety and fear of the world? Some are very intelligent, so I don't know that it is (always) an inability to think for themselves. They seem to have disavowed all inheritance, all ties to blood or duty. They are here to live comfortable, irresponsible lives. If taken to extremes of indulgence this includes sadism, fake satanism, perversion. And, in their deluded, diseased minds, why not? After all, perverts and satanists didn't gas Anne Frank or shoot JFK, or call anyone a "faggot" or a "nigger."

These people represent the maggotty vermin crawling in the corruption of civilization's bloated corpse. They and their compatriots are like myopic robots running on the long-dead fumes of boomer television-morality and false concepts of art. False concepts of art mean false concepts of reality. It doesn't matter if they make and buy paedo-ish art becaue they are paedos, or are just dabbling in shock value paedophilia to be edgy. In both cases they are degenerate beyond repair.

If they can they will 'normalize' every depravity that can be maligned as consensual. We are witnessing the effortless pseudomorphosis of liberalism into its wanton final stage. One that, almost amazingly, embraces classical evil on a gothic scale.


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