I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. 

Did Donald Trump win big in November or what? This was just as I predicted here at Alternative Right way back in the early doubting days of February 2016 with my prescient and prophetic Metapolitics of Winning essay - and also augured in my Get Trump essay on the beginning of the Fake News phenomenon and the unending attacks on Trump. Also in a third essay on the possibility of some Globalists switching sides to stand with Trump. This all came to be.

So, here I am with my next prognostication - the Donald will be the Don. Yes, he is going to be a Corleone-Family-type President, and, far from being a bad thing, that is going to be something good, although with a few dangers for America and the World. Allow me to elucidate.

It is already a fait accompli: Trump's inauguration is this week. The Metapolitics of Winning as Manifest Destiny is in full effect. I even had a cheeky side bet on the outcome earlier with the Alt Right's favourite Jewish contributor - No, not Mike Enoch of TRS. I'm talking about David Cole Stein of Taki Mag. Though he doubts and dislikes Trump - like many of his ilk - to his credit he settled his debt promptly and seems a mensch on the whole matter, which is all kosher, plus he seems to be warming to The Donald recently. Again like many of his Tribe, which is also a good sign.

Trump template: The Godfather.
But back to the main theme: What is a Donald Trump presidency actually going to look like? 

In a word it's gonna be totally "Gangsta." Not in some modern, African American, Tupac sense of the word. No siree, Bob. Think more along the lines of Francis Coppola's The Godfather trilogy, but with a WASP twist. The Bush and Clinton families tried to set themselves up as WASP mafioso types with some success - but the public finally dropped the old horse's head in their bed before they could get too settled. But finally the real thing is here - and it's gonna be "yuge" and very good for America...mostly. 

Just as Vito Corleone looked after the old neighbourhood in New York, protecting it from vultures keen to wet their beaks, like Don Fanucci, Trump is gonna take care of the Middle Class, the Working Class, and Americans in general, with better jobs, improved security, and the prosperity all that brings.

This, and the hope it entails, will once again fuel a revitalised American Dream. Trump will doggedly protect his ‘hood - The United States Of America - from all the Globalist rats, vultures, and parasites that have been feeding on the American economy and people since at least WW2 (you know who they are). 

The Cultural Marxist Pseudo-Left are now surprisingly supportive of the mischief of the NWO and the Mega Elite. This is a strange turn of the political cards. How the f**k did that happen? Well, it seems our Globalist pals picked up on the fact that many left wingers just like to signal being decent people without actually being so - i.e. they are showy hypocrites who really don't care about others at all. Much like the Globalists and Hollywood Elite, they all have that trait totally in common, so, they were the easiest to cuck.

The Right, even including our own dear Alt Right, is sometimes cucked by the Libertarian economic streak that technically opposes any form of decent, reasoned Socialism -- or National Socialism, even -- to protect the People and Nation.

Neighbourhood watch: protecting the hood from the rats and the vultures.
Now, when I say Trump is gonna be a gangster, we must make it clear that there are good and bad gangsters, and that "Gangster Capitalism" is in fact the final stage of modern-day Global Capitalism.  A lot of what is going on is thus unavoidable from a historical point of view..

But back to Trump as gangster. Just like Don Vito and Don Michael in Godfather I, II and III, he is essentially going to be a good gangster who does what he has to do to protect his community and their families, and seeking vengeance on foes of same. Trump totally has all these dimensions, especially the element of vengeance that makes him a true threat to some aspects of the Vampiric Elite.

Like in the movies, and in real life, gangsters often have real enemies - and Trump has plenty, as we have been seeing. The most recent to pop its head out in the ‘whack-a-mole’ game of attacking Trump is the CIA. Yes, hello JFK, if the full danger of this turn of events is not obvious to you all! It seems at least part of the CIA is cucked out by the Globalist Vampires, Satanists, and other assorted NWO scum. Most likely some of it emanates from the orbit of George Bush Senior and the Clinton Crime Family - who both used to run the organization, and utilized it to run many black ops. 

Gotta keep whacking those pesky moles!
The latest Russian "Pissergate" scandal nonsense and fiasco, is a new low in US and World politics, with US intelligence agencies openly trying to destabilise a President Elect in an act bordering on open treason. It's an unprecedented and very dangerous turn of events. I know you can't stump the Trump, but Trump really has to think on his feet here. 

Trump has to get the full power of the POTUS secured by this Friday - and then put into action a Michael-Corleone-style reckoning with a few heads of departments who are against him. He must be smart too, and do a Hyman Roth on a few - i.e. keep your friends close and enemies closer. Hence his whole palling up with Kissinger and a few others. 

Speaking of Hyman Roth, there has been much hullabaloo about Trump's essentially pro-Israel stance in Alt Right circles. It seems there are still a few anti-Semites in the Alt Right ranks - shock horror!!! I think that Trump bringing the Jews in closer, a la Hyman Roth, is smart for various reasons. First off the Jewish community is often divided and not some monolithic entity with a single hive mind. But one thing many of their ilk like is someone smiling down benevolently and protectively on that tiny scrap of useless land at the edge of the Mediterranean, Israel.

Looking for the win-win with
the Hyman Roths and the Bibis.
I think Trump will do this with some sincerity, like Corleone's plan to invest in Cuba with Hyman Roth, and he will mean it - unless he is betrayed - like Corleone was by Hyman Roth. So, an important lesson is there to be learned by all from Godfather II, as we all remember how Hyman Roth ended up.

Many, even Left and Liberal members of the Jewish Community, will (eventually) warm to him if his friendship with Bibi and Israel is legit and steadfast. And after Obama's recent betrayal at the U.N., they need a true and steadfast friend right now, especially with Russia and China eyeing them dubiously.

So, my advice to the Alt Right is don't call Trump a cuck for this. It's a super smart, three-D-level chess move. Sure it's dangerous dealing with Hyman Roth's - they think they are omnipotent and immortal. But Trump is playing the long game - so, wait and see. Plus, Israeli nationalism and inevitable slide into being an explicit ethno-state can be used to uncork and unscrew Jewish intellectuals about our own future desires in this direction. I think Richard Spencer has hinted at such plans, and can see the Hyman Roth game, also. So, super smart Don Corleone move, Donald. 

The liberal Left, the Cultural Marxist Pseudo Left, whatever term you like best, are now no longer left at all in any real and meaningful sense. I was having a chat on Rufus Wainwright's page about contemporary politics, and this phenomena became fully apparent to me. The contemporary left are the NWO enablers and hand maidens of the Military Industrial Complex and Globalised War Machine, whose jaws of death are aimed ominously at Russia. It's truly terrifying how their politics has been so cucked by the Globalist rats and vultures.

What the professional Left has become.
We came so close to a 1984 type situation recently. That was always a Left-wing created dystopia. Created in the novel by INGSOC, remember? There is still the possibility of that, or something similar, like a Hunger Games type scenario, under another Hillary/Obama type figure of the near future. Though, hopefully, Trump can nip that in the bud.

But, this is who the Left mostly are today. They are often Upper Middle Class to Upper Class Whites. Effete Beta types amongst the males - with a few Multi-Cult fellow travellers of the same class to add a little texture and window dressing legs to their diversity bullshit. They aid and abet a Globalised Super State, that, if realized, would not be unlike the one ruled over by President Snow (Donald Sutherland) in The Hunger Games., who oversees a fascist, globalist type mega-state with universal slavery and feudalism for most.

You remember the effete media and political class in that film? Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman the games media host, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket the media consort to Katniss Everdeen, etc. Those are our liberals of today.

This class is totally bourgeois, decadent, and deeply perverse - often openly homosexual, narcissistic, and shallow. They are clearly the main collaborators and abettors of, and with, the President Snow Regime. The parallels with liberals of today are astounding and prescient. Go watch those films again. Then compare them with ultra icky Rachel Maddow and that weasel Anderson Cooper and such - all gay friendly, or openly gay and dressed in gaudy designer goop. The comparisons are all too spooky. 

I want to say the following to Lefties, in the hope of appealing to some of the real Left and Alt-Left wannabes in their ranks:
"Look, Trump is a Legend. Can you tell me that calling out CNN on their fake news Russia war-mongering did not stir the heart of at least a few of you, Lefties? Come on. Stop being like McCarthy and blaming the Russkies and siding with the CIA, John McCain, and the Globalist Elite! What the hell is wrong with you these days? What happened? You can't win an election to save your lives, The Far Right is stealing your entire base, the local working class. Multiculturalism has morphed into a dangerously destructive failure, with the working class forced to bear the brunt. Not you, as many of you are now well off. You seem to mostly worship plutocrats these days, and war criminals like Obama, while approving some lame PC double/new speak that has no meaning outside virtue signalling. NONE of that is Left Wing! Please stop being cucks. Donald J. Trump is standing up to The Elites - CIA, CNN, the War Mongering Deep State. He likes Russia. The Left used to do that! So get with the program and at least give limited support to Trump's Russian detente agenda."
But, alas, many won’t even hear you anymore, and many are far more intolerant than The Daily Stormer on a bad day, it seems - hehe.

There still are some real Marxists and Left Wingers around today, of course. The Alt-Right should be friendly to them in my view - as both the Left and Right have the same ESSENTIAL enemy, the Globalist 1%. See George Galloway's recent video.

Both we and they should put out some feelers for a limited alliance to stop any war with Russia. I think The Alt-Left could well have some legs if it develops along dialectical lines with the Alt-Right - but both must be anti immigration, even if they have different justifications for the same. 

"So, Vlad, how are things over on the East Side?"
The hand maiden class, the enablers of globalism profiled above, is insidious and is not going away, and will be a real stone in the shoe of President Trump. And, as we all know, there is nothing worse to a New Don - than when he has a stone in his shoe! Meryl Streep is in this class and is one such stone. She gave a truly hideous speech recently attacking the Don, for which she will be punished by the Godfather later down the track, I suspect: "IRS audit Ms. Streep." Many Hollywood celebs are in this class. But a few brave ones like Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, and others stand up for what's right. 

Remember, a Gangsta with POTUS powers can make any real gangster look like a total wimp. But Trump has to be clever and to negotiate; he has to trick at times and cajole many of his enemies. Trump can truly be a saviour of Western Civilisation, which has been the hope of much of The Alt Right - and let's hope he can pull it off.

Let's assist him in the trenches of social media and in the meme wars ahead. Let's help our Don fight his foes and survive - with the help of Pepe and Kek at times, sure. Let's shame the CIA from doing a dirty on the greatest American patriot in 100 years. We cannot allow their anti Trump mischief and antics to continue and succeed.

So, speak out. It's a tough road ahead, we know. But remember, folks, you must love your Don, always show him respect, come to him in friendship, kiss his hand in person like a true patriarch and he will take care of you. Godfather Trump and his firm ally Vlad "The Knife" Putin of Russia are about to try and seriously rewrite some History.


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