You might remember my video about Trump being neither Alt-Right or Alt-Light (see below). Trump, I argued, is not Alt-Right because he is not racist. I have never heard him utter a thing about IQ or race or use the word ‘White.’ Actually, my video continues, Trump is not even Alt-Light, because he is not even consistently culturist. For example, Trump never criticizes Islam's intrinsic dangers or the inner-city ‘thug’ culture. 

Trump is neither racist nor culturist, Alt-Right nor Alt-Light. This very failing, that I pointed out in the video, is beginning to haunt Trump’s presidency. He needs to adopt a consistent culturist perspective if he wishes to succeed in reaching his policy objectives.


Trump twists reality when he says his ‘Muslim ban’ is not a ‘Muslim ban.’ Early in his campaign he called for a Muslim ban. This blunt policy was only softened during the glare of the Republican debates, and became, "extreme – vetting." 

Trump uses the term ‘radical Islam.’ No. The problem is Islam itself. Islam’s values are completely opposite to and extremely hostile to the West’s. Since their inception, when they have had the strength, Islam has fought to destroy our western civilization. History argues for a flat out ‘Muslim ban.’ But, anti-PC as he is to a remarkable extent, Trump is still afraid of being called a ‘racist.’ Thus he denies the rational need for culturist discrimination.

Trump – softly – denying the clash of civilizations, says we need a temporary ban, (not even including Saudi Arabia), while we ‘figure out what is happening’??!! Read the Q’ran! Study history! Remember Spain and the Gates of Vienna. We need a Muslim ban. Get culturist!! We have a traditional majority Christian / republican culture and a right to protect that. Trump’s inconsistent, partial bans are dangerously weak.

Building walls securely distinguishes cultures. Trump’s temporary Muslim ban is not a culturist wall.


In dealing with inner-city crime, Trump must address ‘thug culture.’ These individual black youths don’t independently get the idea to shoot others. It is part of an aggressive culture that needs confronting. Trump told Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to control Chicago’s crime or the Feds will do it. But without condemning thug culture, without being aggressive culturist, without changing values, nothing short of a total occupation by the Feds will stop Chicago’s American carnage. 

In dealing with Black Lives Matter, Trump has been avoidant. In major meetings with black congregations, when asked about police brutality and Black Lives Matter, he just says he supports the police. He more frequently says ‘jobs’ will solve all maladies. Neither offends. He doesn’t want to be ‘racist.’ But we must call a problem a problem if we’re ever to solve it. Inner-city Black culture is pathological. 

BTW, you should know, the culturist perspective doesn’t give degenerate White culture a pass either.  


Trump’s team has not yet announced any major educational policy, shy of leaning towards vouchers and home schooling. We need a culturist curriculum. Whereas the Mexican border wall stops the bleeding, a culturist curriculum can heal the divide in America’s body politic. The wall needs no nuance. It is a pure culturist good. But, we need a domestic cultural policy to complement it.

We need to replace multiculturalism with its opposite, culturism, in our schools. We need to recognize that the West has a traditional majority culture that has been essential to our success, and we have a right to protect it. We must be free to call other cultures our ‘enemies’ and ‘backwards.' American students of all racial stripes need to be taught to venerate our European cultural roots, and our shared western and American heritage, in our schools.

Such a culturist curriculum will instil a sense of duty in students. The West has created the modern world and should expect accolades, not suffer guilt. We ended slavery in the world. Educators must stop teaching so many one-sided reasons to hate the West. We cannot change someone’s race, but we can modify their perspective on police and their sense of loyalty.

Without a culturist perspective, Trump will not have a cohesive, consistent, Western pride-inducing curriculum. Without a culturist curriculum, our college professors will continue to teach anti-western, socialist, multicultural, social justice warrior, revenge fantasies. And new generations will learn that inequality could not possibly stem from cultural differences, (let alone race); but that only the hated 'white privilege' and 'institutional racism' can explain between group inequality.

Our schools should all work towards the standard culturist goal of making students love their nation. We must, at very least, insist that culturist, pro-Western courses balance out the multicultural, social justice ones. This is especially important in teacher education programs.

Post-wall, schools must unify us.


Trump has all culturists reeling in joy! With the building of the Mexico border wall, a major culturist plank will have been enacted. Though it is splotchy in the extreme, even Trump’s hint of a Muslim ban is a culturist dream come true! Pinch me! 

But, rather than contort his policies so much to avoid the appearance of cultural discrimination, Trump should own it. Cultural diversity is scarily real. Beyond low educational standards, it creates jihadis and cop killers. The civilizational clash continues. We need to be able to talk about such culturist topics to make America substantially safe and great again.  


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