Monday, 6 February 2017


Unwitttingly symbolic of the paradigm shift we have entered.

Millennial Woes' recent video entitled "The Emerging Dynamic" brought up a lot of interesting points, and I thought I should add some of my own thoughts through this article. 

Perhaps one of the great unstated features of liberal egalitarianism is that it seeks equilibrium, which, for the purposes of this article, can be described as any (homogeneous or heterogeneous) group's ability to reach a theoretical consensus on the most expedient way to pacify internal conflicts (ethnic interests, social capital, and sustainable socio-econonic considerations be damned).

In this sense, what the Western World calls "egalitarianism" could be more aptly described as "coalition management," since it actively tries to (organically and through force) prevent conflict (i.e. zero-sum competition) by imposing what it considers to be the universal moral codes of "human rights" and "equality."

This is why it's important to refer to the Western World's obsession with equality when talking about the ongoing radicalization of the Western political landscape. On a subconscious level, it's not equality that the West is obsessed with, but social and political equilibrium, which is basically a strong and heavily enforced tranquility that seeks to maintain interdependence, even when that interdependence has devolved into mutual parasitism. 

After Trump's election, the stabilizing features of this paradigm have been deeply harmed, at least in the United States. This is readily apparent in the escalating violence of Anti-Fascist groups, as well as increasing pressure from the Western mainstream media on the Trump administration. However, political violence and polarization may not be unique to the US, but may actually be part of a much larger trend that became apparent only last year. 

Some believe that it's the end of liberalism, and that does seem to be the case. In a sense, the Western World has lost its raison d'etre, and is now in the process of moving away from its universal character and moving back to its particularistic elements. 

Less "win-win" and more "dog-eat-dog."
It's very likely that Cuckservatives, moderate Liberals. and the apolitical sense this trend in one form or another, which is why they cling to platitudes of equality and human rights even more than normal, because in a sense they are also the only things left maintaining the artificial cohesion of the Western World. 

They understand, perhaps only instinctively, that a fake or at least fragile society is better than facing the full consequences should such a society fall apart. The militant Left most likely senses this as well, and, if true, would help to explain their escalating violence as a sign of doubling down. All these groups understand that without the abstractions of liberalism, modern egalitarianism, and universal human rights (all of which have mutated into modern SJWisms) there is only an empty vaccum, and, as we all know, nature abhors a vaccuum. 

This is why the Left, and particularly Antifa, believe in no-platforming. They sense that Trump's rise to power and the prominence of the Alt-Right correlates with the destabilization of the post-war consensus, which in turn will lead to an escalation of forces that will ultimately result in the obsolescence of the liberal and leftist weltanschauung. We already see this escalation on the streets. On the local level, Trump not only represents a kind of reversal of the post-war trend, he also represents an escalating pushback from America's white population. 

The Left recognizes escalation from the Right, but fails to consider the obsolescence of their own worldview, which is most threatened, not by the Right, but by much larger historical and geopolitical trends. 

Despite their claims to universality, the Liberal Left and all that it stands for is sustained by Western Power, and, as Western Power weakens, due to demographic, economic, and geopolitical realities, so too does the Left's power. Thus, the decay of modern Liberalism can be seen as an important turning point in the Western World's historical trajectory. Furthermore, Trump's call to "Make America Great Again" hints at the downward trend of pre-Trump American (and Leftist) power, which helps to explain some of the subconscious agitation many Leftists all over the world feel. 

Indeed, there is now the creeping feeling that the post-World War II certainties are fading away, leaving behind radicalized factions and power vacuums not only in the West, but throughout the entire world as well. 

A kind of zero-sum mentality has struck the world after Trump's election, and this is indicative that something is either stagnating or shrinking. This is an important point to consider because cooperation breaks down in arenas where there are far too many competitors, limited or shrinking resources/rewards, unsustainable relationships, as well as uncertain conditions and trends. 

People are correct to fear Trump, but they don't understand their fears. They should fear him because of the trends that drove him to power, and also the unsustainability of the Liberal world order that they are trying to preserve. Trump, Brexit, and European populism are all signs and symptoms of a much broader trend, namely that the equilibrium of the Unipolar world order is ending, and is about to be replaced by a corrective phase that could play out in various scenarios, most of which will likely lead to further escalation, not only from the Left but from all the factions throughout the world that have vested interests in preserving the pre-Trump world order.


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