Saturday, 4 February 2017


Black kid tricked into believing Whitey's egalitarian propaganda tentatively raises his hand.

Occidental Dissent reports that racial gaps in SAT math scores are as large as they have ever been:
"I have been posting on online forums and writing on blogs for 15 years now and in that entire time the black-white gap in SAT scores in the United States hasn’t changed a bit. The years roll by and turn into decades, the egalitarian blank slate dogma endures, billions of dollars are squandered trying to achieve Martin Luther King, Jr’s Dream, politically correct fanatics hound this or that person out of polite society for some heretical comment and nothing changes:"
"What is wrong with America?"the bleeding-hearted Liberal cries. "Why can't we overturn the evil legacy of the past?"etc., etc.

We could go down the racial route and point out all the old HBD facts about race. After all, why would anyone expect populations that evolved in completely different environments to share the same basic mental characteristics? But that would be too boring and bring to mind the ugly analogy of shooting fish in barrels. Where's the fun in that? 

Also, if you're White (or Yellow in this case) talking about racial differences in mathematical ability is sure to make you sound like a meanie, a bit like a thin person talking about weight loss or an alpha male talking about PUA. For that reason, rather than demoralizing or converting the Leftist, you are more likely to trigger his or her "doomsday" defense mechanisms, like "tactical nihilism"or autistic screeching.

Asian kid defies Western tyranny of equal expectations
by studying when he should be protesting and burning shit.
No, there are more effective methods of argumentation. I would recommend Whitefying the equalization narrative, both because there is something inherently White about trying to equalize racial SAT scores across racial differences—nowhere else in the World is this any kind of concern—and also because Whitefying something is the best way to make the self-loathing White Leftist hate it—even his own self-hating, which, who knows, may even one day become the path to his own self love.

It is one of the peculiarities of the White race that we want everybody to be happy and will often bend over backwards to make others feel comfortable—we even named a country after it: "Sweden"!

But this is simply not how the rest of the world operates, where inequalities and group-centricism is the norm. 

This means that when we try to project our egalitarian ideals onto non-Whites, we are not only being patronizing and Eurocentric, but we are lapsing into a form of oppression, the tyranny of European egalitarian expectations. Think of the enormous strains this puts on non-Whites. Black kids get the message that they have to be equally good at maths as White kids, while suspecting that the whole thing is bullshit. This is just like pushing small fat kids to play basketball. They just end up hating it, when before they were at least neutral.

Orientals manage to escape the oppressive egalitarian framing by going high; Blacks and Hispanics by going low. Both groups, in the process, manage to preserve their identity as separate from the all-encompassing Borg of White expectations, the unstated assumption that we are all alike and everything having to line up neatly in the best of all possible worlds.

In a pointlessly egalitarian world, getting an unequal group score is a revolutionary act. For Black, Brown, and Yellow, this is the biggest "Fuck You" to Whitey available. No wonder that despite our efforts to overcome differences, they stubbornly refuse to comply.


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