Draining the swamp—now one of Trump's signature policies—was actually a last minute idea by the campaign that was intended to harvest a few remaining votes. It was never meant to be one of the central planks of the Trump presidency.

In fact, the lobbying ban that grew out of it initially caused the transition team a real headache with regard to staffing, as most competent professionals able to perform governmental functions have lobbied at some point or other. The headache was so severe that at one point Trump told Newt Gingrich he was thinking of discarding the concept altogether.

Despite its ad hoc beginnings, this last-minute concept now has become one of Trump's main accomplishments in the first weeks of his administration.

Interestingly, it all began with the travel ban, when Trump targeted several countries already identified by the Obama administration as incapable of containing terrorism. This executive order was envisioned by Rudy Giuliani as a more acceptable form of the initial blanket ban on Muslims that was at one point more popular than the President himself.

At first, the way in which the travel ban was rolled out seemed like an error in judgement. The order was signed with no warning, and left many DHS employees confused as to what the protocol was for banning the 134 million people included in its scope. The defense from the White House was poor at best. They basically said that they didn't want to announce the ban beforehand so as to avoid alerting America's enemies.

However, this seemingly botched implementation was no mistake. It was a signature Trump strategy from "The Art of the Deal," namely calculated chaos. In effect, Bannon and Trump wanted it to play out exactly as it did. They wanted the massive protests, they wanted hundreds of Muslims praying in airports across the country, they wanted lawyers from ACLU running to the aid of those detained in an attempt to raise millions for their "non-profit" organization. In short, they wanted to shine a light on those who are complicit in the terror attacks shaking the world, including the West.

A little taste of calculated chaos.

In Washington State, the Attorney General who brought a lawsuit against Trump, didn't really care about the safety of America. It soon transpired that he brought the lawsuit in order to gain political points for his future gubernatorial campaign.

The painfully predictable Ninth Circuit Court ruling didn't show any respect for the actual law of the land. Instead it showed Michelle Friedland, a Jew, hypocritically ruling to bring in more unvetted Muslims, when she would hardly have done the same thing in her own country.

By constantly insulting and baiting those who oppose him through social media, Trump is creating a confirmation bias time bomb. When the next terror incident occurs, as it inevitably will, the ACLU, judicial activism, and the party political approach to national security will be exposed for what they are.

So, rather than being ill thought out, as many assume, these Trumpian antics shine a light on political corruption and judicial manipulation, and force it back into the darkness through the power of public opinion. As Andrew Breitbart himself once said, the best disinfectant is sunlight. And At the end of the day, just by being himself Trump is shining a light and draining the swamp.


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