McInnes referred to 10 million Ukrainians killed 
in the Holodomor by "Commie, Socialist Jews."

Strange times at The Rebel, the Alt-Lite/Cuckservative site owned by prominent Canadian Zionist and Jew, Ezra Levant. Just a few days ago, one of their big stars Lauren Southern decided to walk and fly solo, and now their other big star Gavin McInnes has apparently gone way off script after a trip to Israel, declaring himself as "feeling anti-Semitic."

The revelations come from a video McInnes posted on his own personal pay-to-view channel and since leaked to the free web (see below). In the video McInnes claims that the trip to Israel, that was supposedly funded by donations to The Rebel, was in fact funded by the Israeli government.

He also called it a "brainwashing trip" and detailed his negative reaction to what he identifies as Holocaust propaganda at the Israeli Holocaust Museum.
"I felt myself defending the super far-right Nazis just because I was sick of so much brainwashing and I felt like going, 'Well, they never said it didn't happen. What they're saying is it was much less than six million and that they starved to death and weren't gassed, that they didn't have supplies." 
He also set the Holocaust in the context of other, far worse genocides by the likes of Mao (70 million) and Stalin (30 million) and pointed to Jewish involvement in the Holodomor genocide in the Ukraine:
"Holodomor was Ukrainians. I think it was ten million Ukrainians who were killed. That was by Jews. That was by Marxist, Stalinist, left-wing, Commie, Socialist Jews."
In the video he also called the Treaty of Versailles unfair and blamed it on the Jews, citing it as a reason for the rise of Nazism.

What is most interesting about McInnes's video is his apparent innocence. He says all these things without any anti-Semitic feeling and simply because he is open minded. But of course these are positions that will get you called a Neo-Nazi and even jailed in most European countries. Has Gavin bitten off more than he can chew?



  1. Really not interested in being nasty to good people on our side. There are enough of them who work against the people to fuck with, instead of picking on people who you don´t agree with exavctly.

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