Get used to it. Hate is on the rise. It is now endemic and ever present, like the very air we breathe. This is what the last Presidential election proved, and all subsequent elections will only hammer that nail in further until the plank it is embedded in splinters into a thousand shards of wood.

This new ever-present hatred is continually showing up in opinion polls, like the latest one from Suffolk University, Boston, where everyone and everything is more disliked than liked.

Here are the favorable vs. unfavourabie ratings for the main politicians and institutions:
  • Trump: 45%/47%
  • GOP: 37%/48%
  • Media: 37%/50%
  • Dem Party: 36%/52%
  • Hillary: 35%/55%
  • Congress: 26%/52%
There is only one exception:
  • Pence: 47%/35%
And that is only because he is still a relative cipher in the public's mind. The more they see of him, the more he too will be hated than loved.

In the past the unpopularity of one politician or party would equate to the popularity of its opponent. Now those days are gone, with a general hatred pervading the air—the miasma of multiculturalism. The "people" may hate this party or that party, this person or that person, but what they really hate is each other and those groups into which the breakdown of a common identity has sorted them.

Even Trump, a true populist who defeated a particularly detestable opponent, and who is in what is often regarded as the "honeymoon" phase of his Presidency is marginally more hated than loved. And remember this is a man who has worked tirelessly to live up to his campaign promises and genuinely wants to be loved by all groups.

Why is this?

Quite simple, this is what happens when you create an anti-society, like the modern West, where anything that unifies—love of country, race, religion, culture, even common sense perceptions of gender—is attacked, vilified, and undermined to serve the goals of globalist corporations and to make powerful minorities feel less isolated and detested. The ultimate destination is a dark and brutal place.


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