A brief podcast by Alternative Right chief editor Colin Liddell, reporting on the site and events in the news.

This week the focus is on Alt-Liter Gavin McInnes going "full 1488" and the Dutch parliamentary election, where Geert Wilders is offering voters a form of "Defensive Liberalism" in place of the "Useful Idiot" Liberalism of the Left, Greens, and Cuckservatives.

Also getting a mention are the Turks, an actual "ethnological kebab" composed of disparate racial elements, historically held together by centripetal forces of tyranny and Islam. 

After a spell of Fascism and several decades of trying to LARP as "future Europeans," the Turks under their President/Sultan Recep Erdogan now seem to be reverting to the earlier political patterns of their history, proving once again the impossibility of overcoming significant differences between civilizations and their peoples.

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