Spencer-Milo bromance back on?

Like any true leader, Richard Spencer is known for his mercurial shifts in direction that are aimed at throwing his many slow-footed foes and dim-witted opponents off balance.

So it was no surprise to me when the public leader of our movement suddenly pivoted hard on the "Milo Question" and issued an article in his own name (Milo and his Enemies) that reversed his previous hard position on "Milexit" (shorthand for Milo's exit from the wider Alt-Right).

When "Milogate" first broke, Spencer's response was noted for its almost SJW-type stridency, as he denounced and berated the former Breitbart editor for his sexual degeneracy and "normalisation" of pederasty. Spencer's tweets on the subject are now legendary:
  • "Milo's done. Put a fork in him."
  • "The Alt Light was always going to collapse. #Milogate just pushed it over the edge."
  • "How long will it be before some boy comes forward and says Milo abused him?"
  • "A tale of two scandals.  In a moment of exuberance, I toast "Hail Trump!" and some guys give Roman salutes. The Alt Light freaks out. Milo defends pedophilia and the Alt Light equivocates. What a fucking joke."
  • "Just finished a video on Milo, uploading now. The guy is totally done. No sane person will defend him."
These attacks won Spencer plaudits from the hard-line Stormerfag "Eastern Front" of the Alt-Right, who like to LARP hard as paragons of moral virtue and supporters of genocide, and thus secured his hold on this vital Alt-Right activist base.

But, job done, Spencer is now moving "West" to sweep up the disordered elements of the Alt-Lite by adopting a more conciliatory tone to Milo in his latest article:
"Milogate' was simply the latest example of what has become one of the most important coalitions in American politics—the Cuck-Left Alliance. Both groups have a vested interested in making sure 'The Narrative' stays within carefully controlled boundaries. And both had a specific reason to call in a hit on Milo."
"For leftists, the casus belli was his appearance on Bill Maher's show. Because Yiannopoulos once gave a fair hearing to the Alt Right, he was deemed worthy of being 'no platformed.' Milo's book deal with Simon & Schuster and mainstream media appearances suggested he was on the brink of a breakout; 'MILO' qua brand might become Too Big To Fail. The hit had to be done right away."
Spencer's article clearly admits the utility of Alt-Liters, like Milo, to the Alt-Right and the cognitive dissonance they embody, a position that others within the heart of the Alt-Right, like Andy Nowicki, Colin Liddell, and Richard Wolstencroft have long held:
"Milo, along with Allum Bokhari, gave the Alt Right a sympathetic, if not particularly accurate, hearing in Breitbart. Had the piece not been authored by a sexual deviant and self-described 'kebab,' it might never have been published. Despite it all, it was a major breakthrough. And like the commissars of the past, the Regime Press reacted harshly, for their role is to limit public debate and silence dissidents. Yiannopoulos—by breaking the cordon sanitaire around White identity and treating the Alt Right as comprised of rational people with real grievances and legitimate arguments—made himself an enemy."
The main threat to the Alt-Right is and always has been the possibility that the establishment will find an effective way to no-platform and ghettoize the movement by cutting it off from partially sympathetic, gateway figures like Milo and other Alt-Liters, civic nationalists, and traditionalists, enabling it to brick up the Alt-Right behind a social media firewall. In fact, given the various purges carried out by Twitter and Reddit in recent months, that seems to be the long-term plan, one that probably emanates from groups like the ADL and the SPLC.

If that is successfully done, then the movement will become increasingly dominated by its toxic Neo-Nazi LARPer wing and thus fail "bigly," merely being kept in existence to serve as a useful tool to attack and discredit all forms of nationalism and anti-globalism. Spencer's recent article shows that he clearly understands that danger, and realises that the "Western" front is where this war will finally be won.
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