Jennifer Lokken, aka "The Rational Redhead"
In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses a recent incident at Jenifer Lokken's anti-feminist "The Rational Redhead" Facebook page, in which one male reader, when invited to join the page, refused, declaring that "The Rational Redhead" must be a CIA honeytrap to collect intel on Alt-Righters, because Mrs. Lokken is just too pretty to be for real.

"You men need to check your hormones and quit being suckered," he wrote. "If you insist on staying in the group, be careful what you say, for it will be used against you."

Andy reflects on this amusing little dust-up, recalling his 2014 book Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker, as well as the latest Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations concerning the extent to which the American "surveillance state" has metastasized.

Given such circumstances, and given the male ego's enduring vulnerability to female flattery, Andy reflects that it's not always easy to tell where prudence ends and paranoia begins.

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