Thursday, 23 March 2017


72 virgins later.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so, with another "vibrant, multicultural" capital of the West reduced to a war zone, here are some images from the latest terrorist attack in London with a few pithy comments. Remember, any irony, cynicism, or sarcasm expressed here is entirely the fault of the UK's "thought crime" laws and the Orwellian tendencies of the main social media and internet companies.
ISIS threats to attack London have often featured images of the Houses of Parliament, so the venue of the attack came as no surprise.. 

The attack started on Westminster Bridge, with a car driven by the attacker mowing down people on the sidewalk (or pavement, as it is called in England).

One woman jumped into the Thames to escape. This man also jumped, but not into the river. He seems very badly injured. Let's hope he pulls through.

A woman comforts her friend, one of the victims of the car attack. Inevitably, you can't help wondering if either of these people ever "morally signalled" on social media by using the terms "racist," "Islamophobe," or "bigot" against someone criticising mass immigration or Islam.

Notice that this is the back end of the bus, meaning that two sets of wheels must have gone over this unfortunate lady, who may very well be dead. She seems to be dressed in a way that would "offend" traditional Muslims.

This is a file photo of the policeman who was stabbed to death by the attacker. Don't worry about his name as it will be quickly forgotten by the government and media, along with anything else that points to the problems of multiculturalism. 

One has to wonder about the delay in shooting the attacker. He had already driven along the entire length of Westminster Bridge hitting many people. Perhaps the police officers on duty were too wary about being called "racist" as this could effect their pensions. As for this officer, his pension will now be going to his grieving widow. 

This is the attacker, after they finally shot him. There is still confusion about his identity. No doubt in the days ahead we will be told that he was "mentally ill" and that Islam is the "Religion of Peace." Repetition is the most salient characteristic of all propaganda. 

The aftermath of the scene where the policeman and the terrorist died. Strenuous efforts were made to save both lives. 

Personally, I would have emptied my magazine into the wounded attacker and anyone who tried to save him. You can see now why I didn't become a police officer.

This female police officer seems overcome by emotion. Maybe she shouldn't have become a police officer either. Never mind, she's a woman. She'll probably be fast-tracked to Chief Constable or head of the anti-terrorism unit after this.

This partially injured survivor is wearing a tinfoil cape. This is not to be confused with a tinfoil hat, which is only worn by people who connect this kind of "entirely random and unfortunate" attack with the "entirely peaceful" religion of Islam. Remember, all those Muslims we are letting into the West will eventually pay for our pensions.

This Muslim lady is checking her smartphone to see if anything interesting or unusual happened in London today. This is what London Mayor Sadiq Khan meant when he said that terror attacks are merely "part and parcel of living in a big city," so calm down infidels and get used to it.


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