The face of American liberal tolerance

10) "I would never vote for a warmonger. For the sake of future generations, we must seek peace instead of provoking conflict."

9) "All of this anti-Russia hysteria-- this looking for dangerous subversives under every bed-- is silly and embarrassing. Really, it's nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt. Knock it off, already!"

7) "Good for her for refusing to wear the hijab. Any woman who refuses to submit to  oppressive male chauvinist customs is a hero of mine!"

No hijab for her! Yet no applause from feminists...

6) "I'm not saying that we shouldn't be wary of Russia ... but I'm MUCH more frightened by what our OWN government is capable of doing."

5) "If you don't like a book, or a movie, or a website, or a speech don't try to get it banned, and don't harass the people who created or authored this material you find offensive... just read or watch something else! We do have a little thing called the 'First Amendment, ya know!"

Intrepid crusaders for un-freedom.

4) "The CIA is a monstrous organization... do you know some of the things that they have a history of doing? I would never take their word for anything, or trust them in any way... they're criminals."

3) "Why is the United States always propping up brutal dictatorships, and engaging in shady deals with murderous regimes? I would never support a candidate if I found out that he or she was in bed with thugs like the Saudis or ISIS."

2) "If a military coup were launched to overthrow a legally-elected president, this would be a terrible and calamitous event, signalling an end to all of the values that we hold dear as a nation."

1) "We should teach our young people to be open-minded, and to respectfully consider points of view which may differ from their own."

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Lost Violent SoulsHeart Killer and The Columbine Pilgrim. Visit his Soundcloud page.


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