Sunday, 30 April 2017


Is Fifth-Wave Feminism going to come from the Alt-Right?

by Duns Scotus

Sexbots are becoming ever more realistic and responsive, not to mention developments in virtual reality. Add to this, the recent breakthroughs in artificial womb technology, and we now see we are reaching a transhumanist "event horizon," where it will be possible to at least conceive of a future without women.

All that would be needed would be a way of producing enough female eggs without bothering with entire women, a "problem" that some male scientist somewhere will no doubt solve.

Japan's otaku culture and Western weeabos have already made the cultural leap from 3D "pig women" to 2D QT "waifus." Now with "femgineering," the technology is available to combine aspects of both and make what was formerly a personal aberration into a theoretically sustainable social system. Feminists are justifiably worried. Here is Libby Emmons in the Lib-Con online mag The Federalist:
"Sex robots are here, with all the friend benefits a man could dream of. Artificial wombs are nearly ready for manufacture. Discarded embryos and aborted fetal tissue are primed for cloning and implantation, eliminating the need for our mitochondria.

Men have proclaimed themselves be 100 percent up to snuff in the mother department. No more are mothers themselves deemed a necessary part of child development, not when men have become so in touch with their maternal side. Cover Girl has a cover boy, and beauty has never been more femme-male.

Trans women are way prettier, leggier, and in shape than the average bio-girl, and with way less uterine fuss. All of these marvelous advancements in femme-engineering can only mean one thing: it’s time to admit that the planned obsolescence of the female on Earth is nearly complete."
If you look at the combined birth-and-abortion rates in Asian countries, the "gendercide" has already begun, with massively larger numbers of males being born than females.

All these trends could quite easily converge over the coming decades to create a world that is coldly misogynist in structure, rather than emotionally misogynist in nature. But in the battle between feels and utility, guess which one wins. Market forces have only been able to distort male-female relations to a limited degree. New developments suggest a rapid escalation is coming.

Women, more than ever, need male generosity and chivalry to survive. But thanks to feminism and a culturally implanted disdain for the male gender, they have lost most of their claim on it.

This means that while the underdeveloped world will create ever more toxic forms of misogyny and female subordination a la ISIS, the more developed world will coldly roll out the technological nemesis of womankind. Women in the 21st century will be caught between the fire and the ice of their oblivion.

The next hundred years will be a fascinating chapter in sexual and gender relations. The outcome as ever is uncertain, but the omens are ominous. Will it perhaps push women in the one direction that can ensure their healthy survival, namely towards the "fifth-wave feminism" of the Alt-Right? Only time will tell.

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  1. Asians, Muslims don't count. Western man and woman will not allow this to happen to them.

  2. Apparently you have never delved into the dank basement called the manosphere.

  3. The jews want the bee-model of females with a few mal drones. That is also a possible outcome, and since the jews always win, that´s what it´s going to be... against all odds (considering that the males are stronger than the females, why would the males lose). Look: what are the odds of the highest race to be extinguished, and hating itself and wanting to die? Jews did this, and equally, they will see to a future as a femocracy with a few male drones - they of-course sit in their Elysium world. In short: nothing new.

  4. "The omens are ominous" *gasp* Next thing you'll be telling me sugar is sugary, and pores are porous. That said, liberals are illiberal, and "Anti-Fascists" act as fascists, so maybe things like that do need to be pointed out sometimes.



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