A Bitter Message of Faith

The Alt Right is all up in arms over Trump’s recent decision to attack the Assad Regime and possibly North Korea. Richard Spencer is happily denouncing "The Don" publicly for it, and many other Alt Right luminaries have done same. Some who even write here for this website. Many are saying, “Well, it’s been a good ride with Trump while it lasted," taking a 'drop the mic' or 'drop me off at the next station' approach to the Trump Train. All this over one petty air strike on a Muslim country. Funny for a bunch of supposed ‘fascists’!

Yes, this is a little "off script" from Trump’s previously stated agenda, as he had favoured cooperating in Syria with Assad and Putin in order to go after ISIS. The upset in Alt Right circles is perhaps, understandable. But many in the Alt Right go a lot further. They have started to see a different Donald, one who is cucked and in the pocket of the Globalists, and may soon deserve the echoing parenthesis around (((his own name))). That too is possible, and that is why there has been this Alt-Right "dump the Trump" feeling this past week or so.

Well, being the contrarian that I am, allow me to differ. If you ever believed in the 4D chess playing Trump, then why should any of this be any different? Isn't that the nature of wheels within wheels? I'm not saying blindly believe in the way that Botox Bill believes. I'm saying let's at least look for the wheels within the wheels. So, I present to you, my dear Alternative Right readers, a second possible narrative of events.
TL;DR version: Donald Trump  is going FULL Godfather Part II.
This is what I call the Godfather Conspiracy—a counterpoint to the Dem's now dead meme of a Russian conspiracy. That has been mostly silenced by Trump’s recent Syria attack, as Putin and his underlings have publicly condemned it. This was an important Trump win, as this was seriously destabilising his Presidency. It should never be forgotten that Trump developed his gamesmanship in a world of dangerous games and dicey deals. He has something of the pragmatic gangster's heart in him and a true soul for success and winning in the Free Market that is almost uncanny, even supernatural. I consider these, by the way, to be all positive traits.

Memes don't lie.
Winning the Presidency against Hillary Rodham Clinton: Now that is what I call a DANGEROUS GAME! Dangerous as f**k. Just ask her many critics, the DNC leakers, and her enemies...oh, hang on, you can’t, as most of them are mysteriously dead - ha ha!

I will admit upfront and as a caveat that I could be wrong on some of this. Though, I have not been in my past Trump articles here at Alternative Right. My gut says I am not wrong here once again and that I still have the inside edge on what Trump is up to and what his game is. I think it bears fruit to follow my thinking a little in this essay and to be open to my hermeneutic and thought experiments. This article follows on from my previous Trump article "The Donald as Don."

The Pleasures of Uninhibited Success

This is the Michael Corleone part of essay. Don’t know what I mean? Re-watch The Godfather Part II if necessary, or check the plot online at wikipedia.

What Trump is doing now is the Hyman Roth deal writ large and on the world stage, including the tempting, the sabotage, and the threat. Then there is the betrayal—Corleone sidelines his allies in an obscure move and even old family friends and loyal capos (like Frank Pentangeli in the movie). Trump does it by backing off the Alt-Right .

The sidelining of Tom Hagen (played by Robert Duvall) in Godfather II also plays a part. This demoting of his most trusted adviser totally fits Steve Bannon here, while the Cuba deal with Hyman Roth is a dead ringer for the Syria War on behalf of the Globalists.

Roth, the real enemy?
You see, Trump knows "Roth" is the real enemy, the true existential threat to Western civilisation and humanity itself. So, what does he do? He draws them close, very close and makes them feel comfortable, gaining their trust, before arranging what is historically necessary, i.e. their downfall and sidelining and the demise of their global agenda.

In the movie the Cuba deal goes "belly up" due to the Castro Revolution (=Putin?), but mainly because Roth tried to have Corleone and members of his family killed, using the don's own brother Fredo (=Jared Kushner) as an insider family traitor. A treacherous Sicilian gangster Johnny Ola (=McCain or Ryan) also handmaidens the Hyman Roth deal and helps corrupt Fredo. This extended metaphor, in essence, is what is happening now, or some close variation thereof.

It should be remembered, also, that in even in a normal chess game you must first lose a few pawns, maybe a rook, play a false bluff here, a distraction there, then move in for the kill with your Queen to win in the end. And winning is what Donald Trump is all about. Alliance, sacrifice and even betrayal are all necessary parts and modes of behaviour in the end to fully reify the Metapolitics of Winning. So, mein lelblings, hang on to your hats as the Hyman Roth Deal begins...

The game of Trump is nothing less than the unmasking and defeating of the Globalist cabal itself, and, what is more, doing it on the world stage and in front of all, in a way that is undeniable and cannot be unseen by all sides of politics. It involves drawing them out into a serious world conflict, indeed a very dangerous game. But, if he does that and succeeds, he will be a true "God Emperor." And not a ZOG Emperor as many have labelled him of late.

The globalist enemy and elite are very powerful. We all know this. They can basically turn a President into a lame duck through their unending mischief, misdirection, and mainstream media manipulation. Through their Dem and GOP assets (either bought or blackmailed) and various apparatchiks they can launch "swarm attacks" against any individual day-in-day-out, and, boy, have they been doing that with Donald Trump!

Trump was not supposed to happen. He still isn't.
Such an attack on a sitting President of the United States is totally unprecedented in post-war history. That’s how bold as brass the globalists are these days. They think they are unstoppable. But when you want to defeat an enemy, you want them overconfident, you want them relaxed, you want them deluded as to the extent of their power. And, as Don Corleone noted, you want them close, very close indeed.

This may involve doing a few things you would not normally do, the changing of your stance on this or that, and the appropriation of new "values" to forge a temporary new alliance. Historically, The Hitler-Stalin pact comes to mind. I bet Hitler was not called a "cuck" for that by those naughty Alt-Righters of the 1930’s!

It is important to say that the Syrian War involves a partnership with the Globalists that may or may not go sour. In the movie, its equivalent, the Cuba deal, may have actually worked out well between Corleone and Roth if Corleone had not been betrayed and an attempt made on his life, and if Castro’s Revolution had not shut things down.

In the present case, Putin saving Syria through Russian force may decide the fate of Syria—and the Globalists. Like Corleone, I suspect Trump may weigh these options in the balance. He may well back off on Syria a bit, play cat and mouse, and keep all sides guessing. The recent Syrian strike by Trump is, in a way, a double False Flag, negating the first and disrupting both sides of politics.

Wild card
Bret Easton Ellis sees Trump as an Anarchist and Trickster figure, a Loki or Joker type. “The great disruptor,” Ellis calls Trump in his wonderful podcast on Trump and the election ennui felt amongst many Hollywood leftists—and he's correct in many ways. Once again, Trump disrupted both sides of politics this week.

The Hyman Roth "alliance" is now in play. Dangerous times are ahead. Will Roth betray or stay loyal to Trump? And vice versa. Will the Syrian deal work or not? We shall see, as will history.

Extremely Cruel (…but sometimes fair) Practices

Lets examine the consequence of the recent event in Syria. With this one airstrike the Russian Conspiracy talk is silenced and any attempt to impeach Trump along those lines with it. That was a legit threat to him, so it is a big win. Putin may have also seen that play. In fact he may even have consented to it via the Red Phone or back channels. What we do know is that Putin was warned of the Syrian attack; again a good thing and showing communication.

One million died in Iraq, but what is that to a Globalist? “Small potatoes,” in the words of Hyman Roth. Heidegger predicted this self-destructive apex of Nihilism from the globalist cabal.

That which in its essence is most destructive finally destroys itself. Hence the unwitting globalist goal is actually self annihilation and self destruction. Something they have achieved before. At some essential level they hate themselves and seek their own destruction This dangerous aspect of the Globalists mean that we must technically save them from themselves by sidelining and defeating their agenda—their thirst for annihilation of themselves and others.

Putin has put Israel on notice, sternly warning them about regional interference and destabilisation. Was this part of the plan? Geopolitics is a tricky chess game. That much is obvious. But over the last few days I have noticed mainstream Lefties and many others on Facebook awakening to the globalist conspiracy agenda, just through the simple fact that Trump is supposedly cucking to it.

The attack of Syria, while doing little to change the situation on the ground, has fully awakened and red-pilled leftists among others as to what is really going on. How is that not a win? Again we are in realm of 4D Chess: expose an enemy's plan by collaborating with it.

Those who deny these aspects of what Donald Trump is doing clearly have never read The Art Of the Deal and are unaware of the dialectical nature of his techniques and strategies. Worse than that—they are buying into the Trump-as-Cheetos-faced-buffoon meme, perpetrated by the globalist Left when they still thought they could stop him, and also subtly used by Trump himself.

"Pawn to E4² (Shayrat Airbase)"

Trump has distanced himself from the Alt-Right: and many in the Alt-Right continue to bawl and cry over Syria like spoiled children in need of a slap. The Alt-Right hysterics over Syria are perplexing. We are supposedly the "fascists," yet we have a problem with the bombing of a Muslim country! I mean, sorry to be so blunt—but who cares? I certainly don’t and consider myself more Alt-Lite than most of you.

Personally I think a little discipline and emotional distance is always a good thing. In the final analysis, Assad is expendable. Even without him, the Trump-Putin Alliance can still be maintained. That’s my mature view, based on cold reflection. In the past Putin, has also considered the same, and released statements about a post-Assad future for Syria. So a nod to Mr Putin, who might also enjoy a little 4D chess.

Mind Games and Endgames

Where to from here? Firstly, the Alt Right should calm the f**k down. Syria is not your friend, neither is Assad. Stop acting like virtual signalling, anti-war SJWs. Yes register your complaint about Syria, if you feel that way, but remember it's like giving into the Rosato Brothers in Godfather II.

What happened may offend you, but actually it’s part of the game, and we must play our part. The Globalists will cheer at our displeasure, thinking they have cucked the lot of us and split us from trump. But that is what Trump wants them to think. It's called controlling the perceptions of your enemies. This is vital, especially before you seriously attack them. So, don’t get carried away throwing Trump under the bus just yet. He may surprise you.

Sometimes a situation is very complex. Not everything is clear. This is why loyalty was invented—to carry us over those worrying patches. So use it here too. Be loyal to Pepe and be faithful to Kek. This is all part of the esoteric—the exoteric parts may often be a ruse. 4D chess is real. It’s called gamesmanship and strategy, and Trump is actually a true master at it.

Trump is gonna bring some people "very close" to him over the next few years—before showing them the true nature of the deal. Sometimes by sticking the knife in when least expected. This will be well worth the wait, I assure you. And remember at the end of The Godfather Part II Hyman Roth ends up dead.

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  1. If AltRight = Frank Pentangeli, then they end in a bathtub with slit wrists, lol..

    1. Maybe - haha. The Alt Right has to be strategic and smart -

    2. Hmm....interesting analogy because Frank Pentangeli was right. Corleone should have killed Hyman Roth and the Rosato Brothers. And since Corleone never got the Havana payoff Roth promised and since he ended up killing Fredo, it was a bad business call. So, the equivalent would be that the Alt-Right is correct and Trump should listen to them or suffer the consequences.

  2. I fear you may be more clever than Trump on this. But I'll bet you can write a mystery as well as Agatha Christie. Here's hoping you're right, but color me doubtful.

    1. Trump is more clever than I - I assure you

    2. "The game of Trump is nothing less than the unmasking and defeating of the Globalist cabal itself."

      Trump hasn't really said or done anything to suggest that this is what he's after. He might be an economic protectionist, but he's not Jesus Christ returned.

  3. Godfather II was a movie. It had a script. None of the actors had the ability to change the script, or at least not without approval. Trump may well be playing a game that is invisible to us. But the other actors have their own objective and their own ways of making things happen; there's no scriptwriter to assure a favorable ending to the hero. I'm reminded of the Gordon Lightfoot song:

    If you could read my mind, love,
    What a tale my thoughts would tell,
    Just like a paperback novel,
    The kind the drugstores sell.

    When you reach the part that the heartache comes,
    The hero would be me.
    But heroes often fail.
    And you won't read that book again,
    Because the ending's just too hard to take.

    1. Of course not - it's a dangerous game - but if you think you are gonna side line the Globalists without playing one - dream on

  4. It's not an assault on Assad that motivates the shock, but an awareness he may now be being manipulated by the same neo-Cons and deep state groups who have guided recent American (and global) military adventurism sucking up future tax revenues and orienting the global chess board towards other state interests.

    1. Manipulation is a TWO WAY street

  5. All of Trump's machinations will do no good if he cannot win re-election, which will be probable if he keeps pissing off his base. Of course this is more a comment on the state of the electorate than on Trump himself. This article is just a reminder of how we of european descent are dancing on a razor's edge right now.

    1. He can win in 2020 - esp with Hyman Roth helping out in his networks - thinking they are pals, and all is kosher - this plan may take two terms. It's complex and it's dangerous admittedly

  6. I would only ask the author the question that I am asking all people who take up the 3D chess line: are you willing to layout a personal "red line" at which you will concede that this is not chess? If anyone is not willing to state that a line exists - even if they can't identify it yet - is not credible. To Mr. Wolenstonecraft, then, what is your red line? What would it take for you to abandon your belief in 3D chess?

    1. I'll let you know when we reach it - but dropping Nationalism and America First and becoming a full Globalist praising Merkel and welcoming refugees from Muslim War Zones - that might do it - RW

  7. Excellent essay. Thank you for writing it and you have given me and hopefully others a fresh perspective on this very important moment in our national history. I found myself nodding my head and thinking this is possible. I sincerely hope the globalization movement can be crushed, and I still believe that President Trump is the right person to be in office right now. Thanks again and as a new reader to this site, I look forward to additional essays and insight from you.

  8. Great article, it goes along with what I thought. He's winning as always.

  9. "So, mein lelblings..." I suppose you wanted to say "meine Lieblinge". You anglophones never ever get it right when you try to say something German.

    By now we are like the early Christians, trying to figure why the Second Coming isn't happening without losing their faith.

  10. "All this over one petty air strike on a Muslim country. Funny for a bunch of supposed ‘fascists’!"

    This says more about the writer's preconceptions about what it means to be a fascist than anything else. Someone clearly does not understand nationalism. Damn shills.



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