Bill Nye: the freaky-deaky sexual perversity propagandist guy?

Bill Nye became known to most American schoolchildren of the '90s as "The Science Guy," a lovable, bowtied eccentric who would entertainingly display various scientific principles, like, say, friction, or gravity, or electricity, or other generally unquestioned factual phenomena.

Today, of course, Nye has become tragically politicized, having morphed into the "The Scientism Enforcer Guy," establishment stooge and upholder of official dogma like global cooling, erm, global warming, erm "climate change" ("yeah, that's the ticket") against skeptics, critics, and so-called "denialists." 

But he hasn't stopped there. In his latest Netflix show, "Bill Nye Saves the World," it would appear that Nye has now become "The Perversity Propagandist Guy," all in the name of, uh, "science"?

Anyhow, words ultimately fail in the face of sheer horror.... Watch this excerpt, if you dare, featuring the rapping "talents" of actress Rachel Bloom doing her best to lecture her audience about polymorphous perversity, or something, while making copious references to her vagina (but of course). Eventually some fruity, lisping nerd joins in and helps her finish out her horrifically unfunny paean to sexual dimorphism, or pansexuality, or gender fluidity, or something.

Um, so... Day of the Rope... when?



  1. What is it about liberalism that removes a person's sense of humor. Bill Nye used to be, as indicated, an entertaining motivator for children to learn science. Remember Gary Trudeau the cartoonist that created Doonesbury? His strips actually used to be funny. Until Reagan was elected. When that happened, he took a sabbatical and when, he came back, he was so self-righteous he wasn't funny. Before Reagan, he was fairly even handed about attacking politicians, left and right. After Reagan, he was a less strident version of the current day dyke supporters. His sales declined and he was moved off the funny pages to the editorial page in those newspapers that kept him. Today, Doonesbury is no longer published. 30 years too late.

  2. Need I say this? The rise of a civilization comes via putting the mind over the body. If we only focus on body and drives, we are regressing to an animal level. It is sacrilege.

    Our brains mature slowly in order to absorb culture. Growing up in a single-parent household is growing up too quickly. That means you do not properly mature. Spontaneous sex and pregnancies cannot sustain a first-world nation.

    PS Yes. Nye is a hack. He says, 'We can interbreed, therefore we are all the same race.' No. Therefore, we're all the same species. This biology 101 and he misses it all the time. He is either ignorant or dishonest.

    1. There is nothing wrong with two people who love each other and can support the child having a child together it doesn't matter their race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. As long as they love the child and can provide a happy healthy family life for them. Also there is no one on this earth anymore who is 100% white so there's that and that is a good thing actually

  3. Chromosomes are not a concrete determiner of sex. Gender Is a spectrum. Trans men are men trans women are women. We aren't trying to be a new gender at all.