Tuesday, 23 May 2017


In 2013, Richard Spencer, Colin Liddell, and Andy Nowicki discussed the nature of Islam and its propensity for violence.

Christianity and Islam effectively replaced Roman civilization, but while Christianity helped to pacify the naturally warlike tribes of the North, and thus lay the foundations for Europe's dynamic civilization, Islam went in the opposite direction, giving the inherently slavish cultures of the South and East a more warlike character.

The advent of Islamic fundamentalism in the modern era and the blurring of the borders of Islamic civilization through mass immigration and multiculturalism has created a toxic mix that is leading to a rising wave of Islamic violence and terrorism, as we saw yet again in Manchester.

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  1. "giving the inherently slavish cultures of the South and East a more warlike character."

    Which cultures are these?
    To my knowledge, the pre-islam Arabs already had a culture based on warfare, albeit on a minor scale, given that they were disunited. Which is why their unification allowed them to expand fast, mostly against the more rooted, but decaying civilizations of Rome and Persia. Then, the Arabs themselves became accustomed to living as the Persians and Romans did and their progress halted. However, that was soon changed when the Turks embraced Islam, who were nomadic, and very warlike, and were similarly given purpose by a single faith.

    On the other hand, we have the so-called warlike cultures of the west, the celts of mainland Europe, who were assimilated pretty quickly in the Roman culture even before the advent of Christianity, and became sedentary "Romans". Other tribes merely wished to emulate the ways of the Romans including taking up their religion.



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