The intention of this series is to provide the reader with thumbnail introductions to a variety of alt right personalities and their ideas. The three main questions—which are straightforward and aimed at revealing the core—are the same for each interview.

The subject of this interview is Greg Ritter. Ritter is the the producer of the Alt-Right Politics podcast at, and previously produced the Red Dawn podcast for Atavistic Intelligentsia. He also translated the introduction to Thilo Sarrazin's Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany Abolishes Itself) for The Occidental Observer.

Briefly describe your journey to the Alt Right.

I have always had a strong sense of identity. Since I was a boy, I have been obsessed with history and languages. In particular, I studied the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and later the European peoples, especially the Germans and the Russians. I have always had a strong feeling for history, so I found my classes in the subject wanting. They presented a childish, mythologized history-as-progress. School-history couldn't explain past instances of social decay, and it made no attempt to understand foreign peoples on their own terms. During college, I read Hegel and Spengler, who led me to start thinking critically about the meaning of history, and how it should be interpreted. My intellectual background forced me to question all of our society's assumptions, and planted in me the willingness to entertain dangerous ideas.

In my journey to the Alt Right, the turning point came in November, 2014, when I read Ron Unz's "Myth of the American Meritocracy."† All of my reading and thinking had prepared me for this revelation. "Alright, it's the Jews." Then I started reading KMac. I must have read the entire backlog of The Occidental Observer. A few months later, I saw an ad in TOO for the upcoming NPI conference in Washington. So I decided I wanted to come out of the Nazi-closet, and attended the November 2015 conference.

After that, I started the Atavistic Intelligentsia blog with my friend, Vincent Law. Throughout 2016 we produced dozens of articles and podcasts. The crowning jewel of it all was my two-month summer sojourn through Europe. I decided to go because of the ongoing "refugee crisis." All the news of Europe's destruction filled me with disgust and rage—I had to see it first-hand. So I spent two weeks in Sweden, two weeks in Rome and southern Italy, two weeks in Greece (including 10 days on Lesbos), then I trekked up through the Balkans to Munich, then Berlin. The journey really affected me—unlike previous trips abroad, this one was not a vacation. It felt more like a holy mission. I felt like I was looking for a cure for our civilization's sickness. In the end, I concluded that the cure had to be found in America. The white world revolution will not occur in a European backwater, but in the heart of the Empire.

After Europe I continued producing podcasts. Recently, I have become more active in the movement. My latest project has been the Alt-Right Politics podcast, which I produce with Soren, Selite, and Richard Spencer. After college, I had worried that life might be all downhill. But these last few months have filled me with a purpose that I had never found anywhere else. Every time I interact with a fellow alt-righter, I am infused with confidence. We have the best people. We will win.

The Alt Right is an umbrella term covering several different ideologies and sub-ideologies. Whether it be big or small, an ideological or a factual belief, what is your personal pet issue and why?

My pet issue is—this might sound odd—reproduction. A healthy society is one that gives productive young men the opportunity to have a family. Career, money, and fame are all means to an end, and White society has totally lost sight of that fact. But there is a right way and a wrong way to promote family-formation. I cringe whenever I hear someone, particularly an older man, celebrated for his fecundity. We would all have families if we could. Finding a mate and reproducing are critical, and it is up to leaders to create the right conditions. So if a man is to be held up as an example, it must be because he helped worthy young men become fathers like him. That is the real measure of a leader.

In a similar vein, there is a temptation to blame women for our people's decadence. Here again we have a case of failed leadership. Men need to create the proper conditions. A teenage girl today faces a truly abysmal situation. She desperately wants a partner, but her only options are immature, unproven boys. And worse, she instinctively knows she must find a mate, but her time is occupied with idiotic educational pursuits. This situation is totally insane. Laugh all you like, but Anglin is on-point with white sharia.

What strand of Alt Right thought do you most dislike/disagree with, and why?

I dislike the tendency in some circles to endlessly analyze esoteric right-wing thinkers. Natt was right: the time for onanistic intellectualism is over. Writers like Evola or Junger are fun, and they have literary merit, but they are not philosophy. The basis of a young (high-class, high-IQ) man's education should still be the philosophical and literary classics—Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Hume, Kant etc. But while I dislike esoteric intellectualism, I have great respect for our content-producers. We need people making podcasts and writing articles and books. They are creating a culture that serves as an alternative to the filth of Hollywood and the mass media. But let's not pretend that this sort of work is philosophically ground-breaking. I have no time for people who would use this movement to build themselves up as some sort of intellectual guru.

Lightning Round

Greeks or Romans?  
Every boy should be a Greek, every man a Roman.

European Imperium or the ethnostate?  
Imperium obviously. But why stop at Europe?

Democracy: yea or nay?
How is this even a question?

What non-alt right Right do you find most sympathetic?
Skinheads. They're unpretentious.

The Matrix or Fight Club?
Dr. Strangelove all day.

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†This classic Unz piece is definitely worth reading, but it should be taken with a grain of salt. Some of the data is suspect to say the least. For instance, Unz’s data shows that Jews are so wildly overrepresented among Ivy League undergrads that the number of Jewish and non-Jewish white students (i.e. whites) are almost equal in number (12,000 vs 13,000). This, frankly, flies in the face of commonsense, and it also contradicts every other source I’ve seen. For example, The Harvard Crimson conducts a detailed survey of incoming freshman class every year, and the response rate is very high (73% last year). For the last four incoming classes, the Jewish share of the white population (the survey is that detailed) was 14.9%, 15.1%, 17.1%, and .3% (probably an error).


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  2. Link to the Harvard freshmen survey: