The following is an excerpt from Andy Nowicki's new book Meta-#Pizzagate, now available on Amazon.com.

It is not my place here to make a case that events like these are taking place right now, that they have been taking place for a while, and that they are unlikely to stop taking place anytime soon, if ever. It is my considered conclusion, however, that the diligent investigator who searches with open eyes will find exactly what he doesn’t want to find: namely, that the ritualized ravages of the strong against the weak, of the debased against the pure, of the remorselessly potent against the pitifully disenfranchised, have been pouring forth in one form or another for decades, if not centuries.

We must thus refrain from making our cause a partisan one. I spoke before about certain theological and moral notions held by the “dark” ones who hunger and thirst to possess and maintain power and control, who are both willful and ruthless, cunning and cruel; who, whether by nature or by choice, can indeed be called “cold-blooded” and “reptilian” even if they are human in form and substance.

For such as these, violation of the innocent is certainly a ritual of some sort. I do not necessarily hew to the David Icke thesis on this matter, involving predatory shape-shifting multidimensional beings from elite bloodlines absorbing the “low-frequency” vibrational energy emitted by adrenal secretions during acts of extreme torture and terror, though I don’t have a rival theory to propound on the subject.

In fact, if truth be told, I would plainly just not know the particulars of these sorts of things.

Indeed, the lurid details are probably best left to the prospective investigator’s imagination. One need only understand that these rites are indeed “unspeakable,” and add nothing more to that summary. For who can know with certainty the awful details, except to be aware that, for these kinds of people, no form of cruelty is off-limits? Perhaps it might be best not to look too closely, because certain species of awareness can only subject one to a grief bordering on despair.

What we must be aware of, however, is that the ones who take part in these “unspeakable rites” are not mere grubbily acquisitive scoundrels, nor are they simply cold-hearted mercenaries. There is, of course, a calculated aspect to their criminality that shouldn’t be overlooked. If they are experts at creating and in some manner regulating black markets, it is because they recognize the cruciality of being well-funded. Part of the reason, then, for their affiliation with human trafficking and child-pandering must be related to an awareness that these “off-board” activities are undeniably moneymakers. This would also explain their fondness for tapping other black markets, like the buying and selling of illicit drugs and arms.

But while we might feel inclined, based on such knowledge, to wager that “filthy lucre” is the bottom-line motivation, I suspect that this is a mistaken conclusion to draw. We must again remember the coded language uncovered in those emails, in which the targets for ritualized assault are regarded as “yummy,” and labelled as food items worthy of delectation and ultimate “demolition.” We must not forget that a hellish pleasure is in fact sought here, and that this peak of this infernally-oriented pleasure is derived from the very act of defilement itself.


The precise details of this obscenity need not be considered, though again, many lurid hypotheticals have been entertained. But we must recognize the essential enjoyment these terrible people take in engaging in these awful acts-- whatever they may specifically consist in doing-- and the blasphemous pleasure taken in ruining or destroying that which is innocent and pure, for these acts are after all conceived of as a grand gesture of non servum, a deliberately-executed outrage against the Creator, Whose divine law they so thoroughly and resolutely hate.

As such, these acts—which excite such revulsion in the minds of those with properly-formed consciences—bring people with a Satanic sensibility the greatest satisfaction, much as a delicious “pizza” might satisfy the heartiest of appetites, or an “ice cream” sundae might sate the wildest desires of the sweet-toothed, or a helping of “yummy” cheeses or “wonderful” pasta bedecked with “walnut sauce” might quench the palate of the discerning gourmand.

It is of no insignificant irony that the Luciferian-affiliated mindset employs a subversively inversive vocabulary. They are indeed the “dark” ones, yet they ostensibly revere Lucifer, the “light-bearer.” Darkness to them, is, not surprisingly, light. As we have already discussed their concept of “love” with reference to C.S. Lewis’s infernal personage Screwtape, we need not revisit this hideous rhetorical transmogrification in too much additional detail.

A modern-day classic chronicling the diabolic mindset
Likewise, there is a thrill and enjoyment (one would hesitate to call it a “joy”) in reveling in spite and hatred to such a degree that one is enthusiastically driven to commit the worst imaginable (and even unimaginable) crimes; there is, moreover, a parasitic power (or so it would appear) to be derived from using, abusing, and consuming those “lesser” souls—those “mundanes”—that one has learned to hate with the same bitterness that one hates one’s very Creator; there is an awful salacity in the act of fairly well bathing in one’s capacity for every variety of cruelty: indeed, it feels frankly liberating to do so, once one has abandoned oneself to the “darkness”…

Lewis observes the denizens of Hell engaging in foulness that transcends the merely mercenary impulse to remorselessly plunder forbidden resources. There is in fact an equal degree of acquiescence, along with an even more passionate desire on the Devils’ part to grow their domain through usurpation against the Maker, as signified by their willingness—no, their fervent eagerness—to blaspheme with endless and unbounded hate, through every instrument at their disposal, encompassing thought, word, and deed.

With this insight in mind, we must guard against the tendency to view this infernal claque through partisan lenses, as if they simply represent one faction among many. It is easily observable that the “dark” ones do not occupy any one spot upon the political spectrum. They are not exclusively on the ‘Left,” the “Right,” or the “Center”; they are all of these places, and at the same time, effectively nowhere; they at once embrace, envelop, and transcend the global entirety of prescribed viewpoints, from pole to pole and everywhere in between.

The same goes for every religion, and for every agendized institutional body and belief system imaginable. All have been infiltrated to a greatly significant degree. For this “dark” segment, every ideology, conviction, and activity is simply a cover to assume, a base from which to operate in secret. Especially corrupted, one gathers, are charitable and “philanthropic” organizations, which appear especially conducive to this infestation. It is particularly apropos, of course, that those doing the worst harm are the very ones most eager to pose as saviors and guardians of humanity.

Andy Nowicki, co-editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page. His author page is Alt Right Novelist.


  1. The degenerates are rallying for the banker.

  2. None completely escape the clutches of the Evil One but, those who are least manipulated by him are those who adhere as best they can to a moral code based on respect and concern for others. Those who choose to live by their own notions of right and wrong, and especially those who place other virtues (like loyalty, discipline, order and self-sufficiency) ahead of charity, often end up as one of his minions.