YouTube vlogger Styxhexenhammer666 on how "Nazism" on the internet is almost always a form of controlled opposition pushed by a collection of shills, Leftists, trolls, journalists, Jewish interest groups, and attention seekers.

He explains that the purpose is to bait people into taking more extremist positions than they otherwise would, in order to delegitimise them and create "moral panics" that benefit the mainstream media, NGOs like the ADL and SPLC, and politicians looking to clamp down on anti-Leftist free speech.



  1. Styx is mostly wrong. There are some shill or ADL inspired media content creators/ commentators out there, but a great amount of scholarly level rehabilitation of "Nazism" has occurred online in the lest decade, hence National Socialist ideas are resurgent. The conclusion that most "Nazism" is just shilling is not accurate and is a device meant to reinforce the Alt Lite/ civic nationalism/ left Libertarian-ism, which accepts the liberal neo-Marxist PC party line on the era of the Third Reich.

    1. great amount of scholarly level rehabilitation of "Nazism" has occurred online in the lest decade, hence National Socialist ideas are resurgent.

      There really isn't any substantial basis for the conclusion that NS is resurgent. Outside of the world of /pol/, NS is still an anathema. I would also be somewhat dubious of online "scholarship".

      The new internet Nazism just seems to be optimized for the emotional gratification of its base, a trait shared with many other political alignments. It is just a new and exciting way for young men to blow off steam. "Yellin' at the TV" as Eradica's Firepower would have put it.

    2. The number of blogs, podcasts, twitter and You tube accounts, online comments, etc. that can be considered sympathetic towards National Socialism now is vastly greater than just a few years ago, so yes, interest has increased, its not just /pol/ (a place I never go). Listen to interviews of Richard Tedor (Hitler's Revolution) or Benton Bradberry (The Myth of German Villainy) or maybe watch/read 'Hellstorm' (Thomas Goodrich) ... The blockade on the truth of that era is breaking apart.

    3. /pol/ isn't all there is but it is the nexus. And again, I think the rise of NS is exaggerated, it is a trick of the light. It is hasty assumption to look at all of the alt-right and frog twitter and just take for granted that they support NS. A casual reading of this website might lead you to believe that it "can be considered sympathetic" to NS if not for a few specific blog posts.

      As for history, I mean yes the grade school version is kind of rubbish. The Allies were monstrous towards to the civilian Axis population. This information isn't exactly hidden is unknown to the general population. However, this doesn't vindicate NS, it just means the Allies were hypocrites.

    4. ..." this doesn't vindicate NS, it just means the Allies were hypocrites."
      Once one investigates further, one overturns the victors version of history, sees how it is concocted and how the Allies instigated the war, then refused several peace offers made by Hitler, then raped their way into the German capitol and continued to slaughter civilians after the war was over. I think the word 'hypocrite' is too weak, how about 'Roosevelt and Stalin's mass murdering filthy pigs from below hell' ?

    5. Call it being nice, call it being sincere, call it philosemitism. A large section of folks know these things get us nowhere and now have a hard core certainty that being sycophantic merely emboldens the loxists.

  2. I think that Styx is unfortunately a bit naive in some of his commentary regarding shills. He seems to think that the more obnoxious TRS-style shitposters ("huh huh, helicopter rides, huh huh ovens, huh huh kikes, huh huh niggers, etc.") are just leftists trying to give the alt-right a bad name by acting retarded, when they're much more often actual alt-righters giving the alt-right a bad name by *being* retarded.

  3. The much ballyhooed resurgence of National Socialism is merely a mirage created by the Internet.

    There has always been an emotionally stunted and intellectually crippled fringe that mistook Adolph Hitler's hodge podge of claims, promises and threats as an ideology. In the past, one only ran into them at John Birch Society meetings or in the streets of Skokie, Illinois. But now that every Tom, Dick and Heinrich can spout his own version of nonsense on the WorldWideWeb, we are deceived into thinking that a large part of society has lost its faculties. Fortunately, it's just the cacophony produced by a handful of tortured souls who have somehow convinced themselves that a mid-Twentieth Century demagogue, who considered their grandparents to be Untermensch, is their Messiah.

    It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.