Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Ex-art school denizen Millennial Woes unpeels the layers of meaning in the work of Cleon Peterson, an "artist" who was recently tasked with creating a massive artwork under the Eiffel Tower, which was itself recently surrounded with an anti-terrorism barrier.

Peterson specializes in simplistic figures that mainly depict acts of Black-on-White violence. Recently his art has been mainstreamed by the elites who govern the art world. Woes asks what's really going on, and wonders if Peterson is actually trolling the art world by cleverly slipping in Alt-Right messages under the radar.

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  1. There is one problem with Woes' idea that it is conditioning is that, were you trying to resign people to their fate, why would you depict it so horribly? Surely your average normie isn't going to take a look at the white figures being slaughtered and think 'That looks like a good future.' I can't imagine the reaction being anything but negative. If he is part of some plot to condition whites then the globalists have really lost touch.



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