Friday, 30 June 2017


Is it possible to comment upon the "movement" Sturm und Drang taking place lately, without mentioning any names or (overtly) taking any sides? In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki does his best. Topics include the perils of knee-jerk trolling and alpha male "beta-baiting."


  1. I have been reading the alt rightospere for a while. Before 2015 and the state i found it was - was a lot of guys talking about rape the women. Promoting Roosh and all that stuff. Nazi stuff. Satanic stuff. World War Two constantly like a broken record. Absurd consistency theorists. It was mean as snot. Really shocking "art" and gay stuff, people promoting various kinds of porno and really dank forms of talk of that nature. It wasn't a high society club - although it had many well read and highly educated people- they were saying some great and informative things mixed in with ridicules, insulting, intellectually disingenuous and extremely degenerate stuff. Only in a very aristocratic and posh way. It was saying one thing but doing another.

    1. sorry misspelling.
      conspiracy theorists- but really outlandish ones. The kind that insult and take advantage of the slow ones in the class.

    2. The Alt- Right wasn't a classy outfit- even 4 years ago. i have noticed to my dismay that having an education and being articulate is not synonymous with being able to think or to have a good intentions toward the people.
      People like to learn things from other people who know things. That is why they come. Not to be fooled, corrupted or taken advantage of.

  2. Andy, you are consistently "getting it" on the movement's shortcomings.

    You predict, and you are probably right, that this doesn't win you many friends in the alt right, but time has proven you right.

    The Numbers are down - across the board. People are tuning out. Normal people have walled off the alt right the way the body walls off a disease. Spencer's "I'm the real MILO" strategy and Anglin's Cartoon Nazism are going nowhere - FAST!

    Luckily a new paradigm already arises: Logos / Arta, as we have discussed before.

    Jordan B Peterson attracts crowds The Real MILO could only dream of. Survive the Jive has come out of nowhere with FRESH content about things that matter, I recommend his you tube video "Tri-Partite Soul of Indo European Tradition" (parallel to Dumezil's tri-partite social structure - workers - soldiers - priests) and his "Who were the proto-Indo Europeans?".

    Your compass is pointing North - time to walk farther down that road.

  3. To be sure, I didn´t even listen to the podcast as it´s not downloadable... but regarding shortcomings of the alt-right and god knows there are...: why hasn´t come up a site that does it better??

    Noviki - Liddell, you had been thinking of starting a forum... I would very much appreciate a place without the Nazi-lunatics of other comment sections.



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