The Alt-Lite have proved adept at getting clicks, but online clicks, it seems, are quite a different thing to actual boots on the ground and fists in the air. 

This was evident in Washington yesterday as the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite went head-to-head in rival demos.

Unfortunately for the Alt-Lite, mild interest in an online clickbaity item about a piece of low-hanging fruit (Moooslims, SJWs, etc.) is not the same thing as people getting fired up enough to come out and march for a cause. So, numerically, it was a big win for the Alt-Right, who drew over 300 supporters to the 20 or 30 of their rivals. 

To get people to actually show up you need something a bit more positive and passionate than the negative Alt-Lite values of "muh freedoms" and "Where's my dildo?" It was no surprise, therefore, that they got their arses handed to them in a bucket in Washington.

Originally the demos were supposed to be united, but then members of the Alt-Lite, including Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, thinking they were as big as their Twitter followings decided to counter-signal the Alt-Right as "racist" and "anti-Semitic" and make their own demo.

While the Alt-Right demo, featuring Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo, Mike Enoch, Baked Alaska, and others, attracted over 300 supporters, the Alt-Lite demo struggled to get a few dozen at most.

The reason for this is because the Alt-Right actually believes in something positive—identitarianism for a group long denied it, and at a time when the lights of Western European civilization are going out all over the world.

The Alt-Lite by contrast just believes in atomized freedoms, and therefore is part of the process of decay that spawns egoism and apathy. And while that works with low-threshold Twitter followers looking for a bit of bait to click, the downside of it is that you are not likely to mobilize much of a showing IRL. The demos in Washington amply demonstrate that.

Hail victory!


  1. Rev. Jim Jones meets Col. Sanders.

    1. Fried chicken and Kool Aid - a winning combination.

  2. Spencer seems to becoming quite a leader in the otherwise non descript alt rt.

  3. Simply criticizing Islam(which is 99% of what the Alt-Light is doing) is not good enough, simply being against* something is nothing you can build on, saying that all the shitskins can be assimilated is not what people want to hear.

    The Alt-Light is nothing more than a mirror of the SWJs on the right, they do nothing more than to deconstruct and debunk they CREATE nothing and represent nothing.

    They are a fad, they will pass but the Alt-Right will remain!

  4. 300 people isn't much. The annual anti-abortion rally has 100X that.

    It feels like a cult, amplified a bit by social media, but still miles and miles from being any sort of mass movement.

    When Spencer speaks of ending white guilt he's on to interesting and broadly appealing territory.

    But the entire movement suffers when the topic of how they white nation will be achieved is brought up.

    Spencer needs to talk more about his "peaceful ethnic cleansing" plans, but is smart enough not to.

    Which puts the whole movement in an odd place, strangely similar to the alt-light.

    1. For numbers, Alt Right needs to go humanist and reach out to lumpen white.

    2. Depends how you use them. If I recall, wasn't 300 the number of Spartans that held up the Persian army for several weeks and thus saved the West?

  5. yes 300 people is not very many, guess most Trump supports had to work like me