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Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The use of philosophy, art, governance policy and science to honor, promote, manage and protect traditional majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the philosophy, arts, policy creation and sciences that promote, protect and manage traditional majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.
This is the fifth of a weekly, 8-part review of culturist policies. The series will become a short e-book. Any feedback you could provide in terms of ideas or presentation would be appreciated.

Multiculturalism and 'Social Justice'

Multiculturalism is worse than it sounds. Alongside, ‘celebrating diversity, ‘ it promotes a dangerous Marxist 'social justice' agenda.

The ‘social’ part of ‘social justice’ divides everyone into power seeking hostile groups, undermining individual responsibility and our sense of our self as united West. 

The term 'justice' implies that an injustice has occurred against these groups. In short, multiculturalism promotes the idea that Whites and the West have been unjust to 'people of color.'

Multiculturalism thereby pushes an anti-western narrative wherein it is noble to resent and fight against Whites and western nations.

He who controls the narrative controls the nation.  If the West is to survive, Western schools must stop promoting multiculturalism and, instead, instill a pro-Western narrative.

Culturist Education Basics

Western schools must instill pride in the West. That means we cannot celebrate Muslim hoidays or have a 'Philipines Day.' We have our own culture, our own heroes, our own music, our own arts.  

"But," one might reply, "that's discrimination!"  Yes!  Culturist education means affirming we have a culture and discriminating in its favor. Iranian, Chinese, Mexican and all other nation's schools are culturist.  We must return to our traditional culturist curriculum.

Multicultural Education Dominance

Independent and private school accreditations require an “Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism” and agreeing to Federal “nondiscrimination” policies. These schools, therefore, are legally barred from being culturist.

Universities humanities programs routinely require multicultural courses. We must demand that also require ‘culturist’ courses that look critically at culture and challenge the social justice narrative.  

When public, private schools and universities only promote multiculturalism and make culturist education illegal, they are providing indoctrination, not education. Indoctrinating against your society is unnatural and dangerous.

At very least, culturist university students must demand one culturist course for every multiculturalist themed course.  Public school curriculum should only be culturist. 

Culturist Achievement Gaps

When multiculturalists see educational and economic achievement gaps, in an attempt to further their anti-western narrative, they announce that it proves western nations are racist.

This tactic not only ignores the link between race and IQ, it assumes that culture has no impact.  Blacks not studying as much as Asians is a much better explanation for the achievement gap than ‘White racism.’  

Culturist educators ask ethnic groups to use the achievement gap to reflect on the cost of their cultural values and behaviors.

Multiculturalism and Cultural Relativity

Subtly, multiculturalists’ celebration of all cultures implies that western culture has no particular merit.  But instilling cultural pride requires both praising our own society and damning others. 

Western chauvinism needs no propaganda. Via Socrates and Jesus, the West fomented respect for the individual.   This has led to the invention of the modern world and democracy and science.  

On the other hand, Native Americans were violent and poor stewards of the environment. Progress is real and Western. Sacrificing truth on the altar of political correctness undermines western pride.  

Globalism and multiculturalism are two sides of the same coin. Many western schools now educate for ‘global citizenship.’ But, if you’re not of Chinese descent, you can’t be a Chinese citizen; ditto for Christians in Saudi Arabia. 

You are, in fact, only a citizen of your particular western nation. Like all other nations, we need culturist curriculum that promotes pride in our traditional majority culture. 
Culturism, Education and Morals

Individualism provides a poor moral compass. “If you don’t study, you will have a bad job,” is not a moral statement. Promoting a duty to the West provides culturist morals.

Education is not only conscious. Students who curse at teachers need to be suspended for a long time, with no right of return. Students with children should not work in our high school’s front offices.   

Both our Christian and secular traditions teach that having a soul / thought is what separates us from animals. We need to once again teach that failure to control you animalistic impulses makes you sub-human and unworthy of our western forefathers. 

For most of U.S. history, our schools and universities would not hire teachers who birthed children out of wedlock and faculty had loyalty oaths. Given our current moral decline, we need to reinstate some form of these practices. 

Culturist Educational jihad

We should not allow hostile nations to fund 'Middle Eastern Studies' programs on our university campuses. This is enemy indoctrination; it bends students towards sympathy with terrorists and terrorism.

Culturist Education and Psychology

Humans are social animals; it feels good to belong. When we teach that the West is great, students will feel group pride. When we fail to provide group pride, gangs and foreign religions fill the void.

Multiculturalists teach students to get pride via attacking Whites and the West in the name of ‘social justice.’ If the West is to survive, our schools must embrace culturism and reject multiculturalism

Culturist Education Outside of Schools

Governmental assimilation efforts outside of school will be the subject of another policy article. Among such governmental policies aimed at instilling unity and patriotism, we must end dual citizenship, stop Muslim immigration, and hold public celebrations of western heroes.

Click the following to read the policy series intro or part two (culturist rights) or part three (repatriation) or part four (culturist profiling)You can read more about culturism here.


  1. There is no "multi-culturalism" outside of White countries.
    And, for that matter: there is of-course not even a possibility of "culturism" outside of White countries.

    The author continues to refuse to address that point. All the fantasies about "multi"-societies only exist where a White brain exists. It is a White racial trait

  2. If it is a 'trait,' I guess you mean genetic? Western nations have not always been multicultural. The US wasn't even multicultural prior to 1965. So, I would not say it is 'genetic.' Genes don't change in a generation.

    And, yes, as you read in article, there is no multiculturalism outside of the West. All non-western nations are culturist and we have a right to become culturist again.

    1. I´ll write a positive commentary to your concept so you can read it without fear that I´ll screw you over later. I was thinking if there are situations were non-Whites - but of more than one race - form a society and adhere to some common cultural code, and I think I can find examples for that, e.g. negroes in latin societies, Columbia e.g. (in Salsa-music, we certainly have the collaboration of Latinos and Negroes). It is conceivable, and it exists, that there is cultural exchange, and situations of symbiosis, exchange to both sides´ advantage and actual demand. Negroes in the US have a legitimate place in sports, music, and maybe some other parts of the economy, same for other races. So: a symbiosis-model is conceivable for me. My main points are: identity - and that is for our case: racial identiy - and self-determination. That may be compatible with a symbiosis-model, and actually, can be a plus compared to a racially pure nation state. Let´s be clear that that
      does not demand giving up the own racial identitxy, that it fully allows for the maintenance of the own unmixed race in self-determination. I pointed out in a previous comment that I´m open to zones for racial encounter, which is historically the cities and market hubs anyways. So... if that´s the direction that you´re thinking in, I can understand that. It´s a subject that I often address: what is the vision of the racial situation, the relation to other races, for a White Nationalist? There needs to be an answer of how to deal with other races, how to relate to them, on the globe. And a symbiosis-approach, a culturist approach, may be an answer to that. That is very important because what holds the normie back from WN is mainly this question: where to from here !? That we have criticism, that we´re not happy with the present situation is one thing but we can only gain momentum if we can point towards a possible perspective for the future. White nation states is one, good, answer; but it leaves open the question as to what´s the relation to the other races. A huge number of people, me included, appreciate contributions of non-Whites, regarding many subjects, mainly music. These aspects need to be addressed, and maybe your thinking can actually help advancing the WN cause :-D .

  3. Peter, thanks for the positivity and good points.

    I don't think the 'symbiosis-model' is a plus. Here in Korea, where I live, they have homogeneity and it is better in that it's more stable, there is social capital and trust. Unfortunately, that is not an option in the US. So, we must discuss what we can do with what we have.

    In terms of white pride, I appreciate your pushing me on the topic. Well, first, you know I am all about pushing European pride. And, that will give (as a byproduct) Whites pride. But is that as strong as actual White pride?

    Here in Korea, the schools taught about Korean blood until recently - forgive me, I am thinking out loud. And, it seems to have been good for them. But, they, again, live in a largely homogeneous state where no one is offended by that. And, now the UN has made them stop teaching about Korean blood - ugh!

    I think White pride would be very helpful to whites. But, I am not sure that it would not do more harm than good to the US overall. (Europe being more homogenous may be a different situation). And, European standards gives us all something to shoot for and unite around.

    And, ultimately, I don't think the 'Whiteness' component is what makes us great - it's what we've done with it (check out the history of science, for example). Cause frankly, white culture is currently in a toilet. And, to make us neo-Victorian, we need a reason for whites to be proud again.

    As for actual physical proximity, I think if government got out of the way (freedom of Association being in the first Amendment), we'd have white-ish enclaves naturally. The better schools and most expensive property would be white / Asian. While demanding separation would cause resentment and violence, simply allowing it to happen naturally will create meritocratic social pressures to get to the good neighborhoods.

    Herein, my last point and concession, acknowledging racial IQs is important. It is not white's fault that blacks are under-represented in STEM fields. But, I would hope that noting the excess of violence in the black neighborhoods would lead to some allowing of policing / workfare / cultural / reform in the black 'thug life' culture - as we cannot change people's race.

    Thanks again, John

  4. PS I appreciate your adding the point that there are good black people out there. I think people on the right often forget this point. And remembering it is key to relations with other races.



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