Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The use of philosophy, art, governance policy and science to honor, promote, manage and protect traditional majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the philosophy, arts, policy creation and sciences that promote, protect and manage traditional majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.
This is the sixth of a weekly, 8-part review of culturist policies. The series will become a short e-book. Any feedback you could provide in terms of ideas or presentation would be appreciated.

Culturist Assimilation Laws

Whereas multiculturalism emphasizes diversity, and drives us apart, culturism emphasizes our unity.

Whereas multiculturalism says the West has no core cultures into which to assimilate, culturism affirms that western nations have wonderful core traditional cultures to protect and promote.

Culturism asks immigrants to assimilate to Western culture.

Immigration limitations

Law impacts culture. As much as any education policy, culturist immigration laws can reinforce the idea that the West has a culture. Doing so on a culturist basis will reaffirm our culture’s legal standing and help defeat multiculturalism.

Trump needs to overtly embrace the ‘Muslim ban’ label. Muslim immigration must stop because Islam is incompatible with, and hostile to, Western culture.

Latin American immigration must stop because concentrations of Latinos are making the US culturally divided nation. The historic territorial war between the US and Mexico makes this division dangerous.

No dual citizenship

Ending dual citizenship is necessary because it forces a choice of loyalties.

No remittances

U.S. residents annually send more money in remittances to other nations than the debt of several of our major states combined. Sending money abroad while our nation is in debt shows poor citizenship.

Again, we need to end remittances for fiscal reasons. But, just as importantly, it will force people to decide whether they are working for the benefit of America or a foreign nation.

Monolingual government

Government transactions, including voting, should only take happen in nations’ traditional majority language.

Not providing services in foreign languages forces new citizens to learn the national language: this is an essential part of being a citizen.

Conversely, conducting government work in foreign languages creates enclaves where only foreigner language speakers may be hired, reinforcing separation and increasing resentment.

Worse yet, in such enclaves, only foreigners will be elected. Such foreign representatives make passing immigration laws difficult and undermine our sovereignty.


The FCC should not give public radio and television licenses to foreign language stations.

In the age of the internet, it cannot be argued that such culturist rulings deny persons access to foreign language media.

Western nations’ national anthems should be played on public television and radio stations at designated times. Patriotic programming should be funded and aired.

Government offices and institutions receiving government funds should be required to fly the national flag.

Western festivals

Federal, State and local governments should celebrate western history and holidays with public parades and events. Conversely, they should not fund celebrations of other nations or their cultures.

While attendance at such events should never be compulsory, these celebrations will provide an opportunity for new citizens to show public enthusiasm for their adopted nations.

These celebrations should be as fun as possible.

As with sporting events, other public events might be encouraged to play the anthem prior to beginning.

There should be no compulsion to attend celebrations or stand for the anthem. However, the potential discomfort of individuals should not overrule our right to have culturist content.

Culturist Infrastructure

New York City's 9/11 memorial was built with guidance from "Middle Eastern scholars." Hence neither the word 'jihad' nor our 1400-year defense against Islamic aggression are mentioned. Our memorials must be created by western culturists for our culturist ends.

Foreign nations should not be allowed to fund mosque building in the West. Since locals can fund mosques this does not infringe upon their speech. Our Constitution confers rights to US citizens; it does not give the Saudis speech rights.

Refuse non-Western Policies

Citizens must show their face for government identification; polygamy and sharia law must remain illegal.

Again, western law must recognize the existence of western culture and its legal standing.

Reinstate real citizenship oaths

Citizenship is a matter of the heart, not paperwork. If you prioritize your individual or group rights over the welfare of the nation in which you reside, you are not a citizen, no matter what your paperwork says.

To reinforce this culturist truth, we must reaffirm the legal standing of loyalty oaths for those seeking to become new citizens.

Culturist repatriation

As detailed in the culturist repatriation policy article, displays of 'fealty to foreign potentates' provide evidence that you perjured yourself during your naturalization proceedings: your adopted citizenship contract is thus null and void.

Culturist Education

As detailed in the culturist education article, we need to replace multicultural curriculum with culturist curriculum. Western schools must teach that the West has a particular culture that is superior to foreign, primitive cultures.

Our universities must not allow foreign nations to fund “Middle Eastern Studies” programs.

Assimilation Conclusion

Multiculturalist policies will divide and thus destroy the west. Like other nations, Western nations need culturist laws that acknowledge, protect and promote our nations’ traditional majority cultures.

Click the following to read the policy series intro or part two (culturist rights) or part three (repatriation) or part four (culturist profiling) or part five (culturist education). You can read more about culturism here.


  1. Meanwhile in Japan...or Jungle Japan or Jungpan

    Typical global trend. Japanese women develop globalist sexual taste. They see Japanese men as inferior and have sex with superior black men to have black kids. And these black Japanese kids beat all the Japanese males, thereby encouraging more Japanese women to reject inferior Asian men and have sex with more black men to have black kids. Japan is going the way of France. Japanese men will lose even more than white men since Asian men have lowest sexual value in the global marketplace.

    In the future, all Asian runners, like most of European runners will be Africans. Jungle Fever takes Japan. Jungle Japan.

    Japanese women get what they want: superior men. Japanese men get nothing, not even their own women who now reject them.

    It's no wonder Asian birthrates plummet. Asian women don't want to have kids with Asian men anymore. This is why more and more Japanese men must get brides from poor Asian Philippines and Vietnam. Japanese women prefer white or black men as superior.

    Globalism isn't about equality. It's about superior powers dominating weaker powers. Since Asian men have weak sexual-athletic power, they lose out not only in the West but now even in their home countries.

    If Japanese men had sense, they'd realize they need safe space in their home nation if they are to have any sexual success. Asian men simply cannot compete with white or black men in open competition.

    Diversity is predicated on equality but only facilitates the domination of one race by others.
    Letting blacks compete in Japan may be predicated on equality, but the result is biological inequality since blacks are faster and stronger than Asians. It leads to total black domination over Asians. So, political push for equality only result in racial inequality based on biological differences.

    1. Interesting comment. It points out the perils of making your culture about sports and sexual prowess. Yes. This degenerate playing field leads to a black advantage. I was just now awed at how the industrial age Victorians were obsessed by poetry. Much finer.

      In Korea, where I am a professor, half-blood kids (as they are called) cannot join the military. This means it will be hard for them to get good employment later. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think being 1/2 blood is good in Japan.

      The real Japanese problem in this area (and I don't think it is a big problem), is that Japanese have totally given up on sex and relationships. Nearly half are virgins and they don't care.

    2. People fall in love with who they fall in love with. There is someone for everyone. Including guys who like poetry or girls that like athletes. People have different personalities. But mostly what both guys and girls want in a long term partner is good character. Who wants to get hurt? Nobody.

      I believe that this business like in Japan is a temporary phenomenon- a re- balancing of a population out of balance. A healthy natural event. A culling. And a positive thing. As sad as it may be. The exposure to pornography, loose behavior and permissiveness and the like is destroying people and causing them to disqualify themselves for marriage and intimate relationships. They are seen by potential mates as a threat to the trust and intimacy required for stable relationships and the raising of children.
      Also, the stress of modern lifestyles is becoming more than many people can cope with. Most people around the world are only a generation of two off the farm and small town life. Not big city folk. They aren't bred for it. And they aren't coping very well. Some are- but most would be better off in a less fast paced and whirling situation. Sometimes too many choices isn't a good thing. Sensory overload.

      I do not agree with the theory that the induced artificial sense of stress and scarcity is beneficial to a population because there are other factor involved not being taken into account.

      I think it is a biologically strengthening of the Japanese people for the future. And if the Japanese government resists the urge to make up for the shortfall in population with immigrants- but instead addresses the shortfalls with creative innovations instead-- it will have a beneficial effect in the medium- long term.

      Economies will not be viewed the same way for much longer. Technological advances will change that dramatically in the medium term. So policies shouldn't be made in relation to the economic structures of now.

      I like Mr. Press articles.

    3. I think, territories and economies and even cultures have a carrying capacity. A point in which they are stable - and then beyond which they become destabilized. Inherent in any population is seeds of destabilization. Sometimes those destabilizations have lead to a good thing for that population- expansion for example. Or a change beneficial change in the system. but different populations and cultural groups respond differently as well.

      in 1910 Japan was already over crowded with 50 million people. Today she has 126 million. Technology has allowed thier comfort levels to continue so as not to undergo destabilization. Now that might be fine for someone from Bangladesh. Maybe they like all the closeness. I doubt it, though. But other people will respond by expanding or if they are not inclined- by undergoing societal changes to accommodate themselves to a more hospitable situation within a given closed territory and economy. I think that is what is happening in Japan and the other developed world.

      I do not agree with many on the alt-right who say that men or women who have no children are no good to society. They can and have served a beneficial function within the family structures and to societies.
      Of course you can take things too far- as in the cause of Mongolia whose economy and population dramatically and perilously declined when the System - economy and culture rewarded the Men and Women for entering the Buddhist monasteries instead of forming families. Monks and Nuns were seen as being a higher quality human. and they were living a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

      Excuse me. I am not educated at all. So if i make mistakes i am happy to be corrected.

    4. Anonymous,

      It is hard to figure out what is up with the Japanese and Korea birthrate. In Korea, the costs of having children is really high. That is what people you ask will most often tell you - their competitive education system demands high fees.

      But, I share your lack of worry over depopulation. Korea now has 50 million people. After the Korean war, they had 20 million and they did just fine, (plus with reunification and repatriation, they'll get more folks in years to come). How many people do you really need?

      Bloomberg said that if they don't increase their population it will hurt their GDP growth by some tiny percentage points. But, in the long run, having cultural diversity (meaning low IQ less educated people dominating areas of Korea) and the need to water down their curriculum to accommodate, will hurt them much worse.

      And, I agree. Getting into a demographic birthing war with Mexicans is not going to give us our majority back.

      Lastly, the rebalancing thing you mentioned is interesting. I believe that part of this lack of family stems from centuries of over the top patriarchy being rejected.

      Thanks for saying you like my articles.


    5. Most of my neighbors are Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese. They are very distinct for each other. They will talk to you but not to each other.

    6. Good luck Mr. Press. I like a lot of your concepts. Have many of my own because my folk have been so patient and accommodating and acculturating to other races and ethic groups that now my group- the old founders- have been snookered out of their country and everything our ancestors built and fought for. and we are 10 percent in my area- the rest are East Asians... from less than 30 years ago we were over 80 percent. I used to be a good sport. But now I'm taking it hard. There are a lot of people like me.

      Not a fan of any ethnics talking crap about white women or white men who go along with them.
      Goethe said that people will start acting the way they are treated.

      It's important to know what Patriarchy is and it's responsibilities.

    7. Nice history. Good insights. Thanks.

  2. I know I take a dump on your articles alot John but this time I'm gonna throw you a fish. All this stuff you mention would be great as a logical next step to acclimate the natives to what is possible before moving on to the last step which would be forced repatriation of racial aliens out of White European lands. However, the time to implement these measures is Right Now! Of course our so-called leaders are doing no such thing and will fight against doing it until their heads are in nooses. In short, what you describe would only work if a peaceful solution was still possible, but it isn't. It's not going to come that easy, we'll have to fight. We'll win, just not the easy way. But I will say this plan of yours will work great after we win and we have a situation where only White Europeans may immigrate to other White European nations under clearly defined conditions such as family reunification.

  3. Thanks for the 'fish'. The hope that I (10 years + in on this project) have lays in the word 'viral'. Culturism and culturist could go viral (yes, it is a long shot). And, that could flip the conversations in the West.

    At that point, we would start to see politicians have to answer questions like, "Does the West have a culture?" "Does it have a right to protect it?" If the answer is no, they'll be tossed. If the answer is yes, many policies follow.

    The tipping point for hopelessness seems to be in voting numbers. Once it becomes numerically impossible for a politician who wants to halt immigration to be elected, we're done (see London). We have Trump and the promise of a wall. LePenn may win next time.

    But for their wins to mean anything, they must get culturist. Trump's 'it's not a Muslim ban' attitude is not going to get the job done. And, I think we could save California, but locked borders and English first 'culturist' style laws are needed ASAP for this to happen.

    So I agree, multiculturalism + open borders does = the end. But, I think we're not dead yet. So, I keep trying to spread the word, 'culturist' and 'culturism'. Cause if we don't get aggressively culturist, there will be a river of blood.

  4. Oh dear, John, you are suspected of holding something back. I t does not bother me if you are Jewish but people are more trusting of transparency than those who hold things about themselves back.

    1. David, I only include it when I think its relevant, but I have noted my Jewish heritage in many articles. In fact, in an upcoming video (spoiler) I mention that I'm Ashkenazi. So, no, if you think that I've been hiding being Jewish, you just haven't read enough of my articles. I've never hidden it.

  5. Oh. I see that I am in the line up in the post you linked. Thanks for showing it to me. I am in a comment too. So, I'm going to reply to it. Thanks again, John