Wednesday, 7 June 2017


If Labour win this woman will be "running" Britain's immigration, policing, and national security policies.

by Alt-Right News

One of the most astounding stories of the latest UK election has been the plummeting IQ of Diane Abbot, a big fat Black woman who has been earmarked to become Home Secretary (Interior Minister) in the event of a Labour government. She is also a former "girlfriend" of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

At the start of the election, her IQ was estimated by experts at around 80 to 90, way too low for a government minister, obviously, but still high enough to enable her to put her shoes on the correct feet with sufficient regularity.

But after a few interviews and appearances on television, where she had to reply to actual questions about her proposed areas of responsibility, experts have been forced to revise their estimates of her intelligence ever downwards.

After the appalling radio appearance below, estimates of her IQ dropped by around 20 points, to the 60 to 70 range; enough to move her lips without drooling and to make joined-up sounds that vaguely resemble words, but not enough to buy fruit in the marketplace without a lot of bodily gestures.

Things got even worse following an appearance on TV after the London Bridge terrorist attacks, when instead of giving her a cat toy to play with, the host unfortunately asked her a string of mid-level questions, forcing her to display the full depth of her stupidity.

After this abysmal performance, experts were forced to take another 25 to 30 points off her IQ estimate, reducing her perceived IQ to "room temperature," but only in Celsius, in Winter, and with all the windows open.

Because she is Black, people have been trained to avoid any awareness of her crass stupidity, and in the event of noticing it, to keep it to themselves. But Abbot's doltishness is so extreme that this is no longer possible.

Today (Wednesday) she was scheduled to appear on the BBC's popular "Women's Hour" radio program to field some extremely easy, softball questions from sympathetic leftist BBC journos. However, her handlers feared that even under these favourable conditions, she would make a complete moronic prat of herself, so instead they made up some fake story about her being ill, a lie that was immediately exposed by an email prankster.

After this latest humiliation, experts have now had to compare her level of intelligence to the proverbial "box of rocks," although some fear this may be a major insult to rocks gathered together nicely in a box.

Despite a level of mental vacuity that would sink any normal political party, with no survivors, the level of British politics in general is so low at present that the Labour Party is still in with a chance of winning the UK general election.

Gawd help us!


  1. I think Steve Sailer noted when considering the testimony of Rachel Dolezal at the Trayvon Martin trial, that it was generally rare to actually see someone with an IQ of about 70 on TV--the mainstream media carefully shield viewers from it. Here we see a Negress of low intellect who clearly has been hired and promoted almost solely on the basis of her race. How many other Negroes, Arabs and Pakistanis are moving into similar positions where they can do real damage (the U.K. Trident program, for example)? Just as cell phone videos and surveillance cameras are giving lots of people genuine views of Negro behavior, interviews such as these should wake people up to the reality of racial differences in intelligence and the disastrous effects of racial preferences.

    1. I wonder what sort of generally grotesque behavior went on unreported for decades in this country before we had cell cameras to record everything thanks to dindus too dumb to not publish incriminating videos.

  2. Legal notice . As the legal representatives of a very -well brought up box enriched by geological samples we seek exemplary damages for our client for the odious comparison of our client with Ms . D. A.
    We demand an immediate retraction. We also seek your assurance that you will not publish the vicious rumour that our client in fact gave lessons on interview-techniques to Ms D. A. If these rumours are repeated we will seek immediate redress.
    Signed :- Messers ; B. Astard, C.Unt and L. Awyer.( Specialists in Defamation , Parasitism , Ambulance and Buck-chasing)
    Ambulance and Buck- chasing. )



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