Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Sadiq Khan, the first (and hopefully the last) Muslim mayor of London, is now mainly famous as being an apologist for Islam. In September, 2016, he famously said terrorist attacks are "part and parcel of living in a big city." 

Separated from its context, the quote sounds like he was normalizing terrorism in London and this is how the quote is generally used these days. But how many people know that he was actually talking about some minor bombings in New York City? At the time that Khan made these attacks London was doing relatively well in terms of safety from terrorist attacks. Europe not so much. Khan was effectively being a bit smug.

If you look at a comprehensive timeline of terrorist attacks in the UK, something interesting becomes very apparent, namely that the number of serious terrorist attacks has shot up post-BREXIT. 

Since the year 2000 there have only been four terrorist attacks resulting in more than one fatality. They are as follows:
  • 2005, 7 July: The 7/7 Attack  Four Islamic suicide bombers of Pakistani origin killed 56 people and injured 700. This was the first Islamic suicide attack in the country.
  • 2017, 22 March: The Westminster Attack Khalid Masood, a UK-born Black Muslim killed 6 people and injured 49 in a car and knife attack. 
  • 2017, 22 May: Manchester Arena Bombing  The child of Libyan Muslim refugees killed 22 people and injured 120 in a suicide bomb attack.
  • 2017, 3 June: London Bridge Attack  Three Muslim attackers killed 7 people and injured 48 in a van and knife attack.

These are the big, "successful" attacks. In addition there have been many smaller, less successful attacks, as well as attacks that were prevented from happening  by security forces. But, assuming the main attacks are representative of the general level of terrorist activity, we can say that there is a highly noticeable pattern here, namely a vast terrorist upsurge in recent months.

Now, what could have caused this? Not the rise of ISIS, which I believe dates to 2014, three years ago. In fact in recent months, ISIS has been taking a hammering and has lost a lot of its mojo. No, the reason for this upsurge has to be something more recent than that. 

Is it the fact that the UK now has a woman Prime Minister? Has this sent out some weird sort of "weakness" signal to the Islamic nutters, sending them into jihad death mode? Possibly. But one other big change is that the UK is now firmly on the road to Brexit. 

On March 20th it was announced that the UK would be triggering Article 50 and so begin the process of leaving the EU. Two days later the first of three major terrorist attacks occurred. Coincidence? Possibly, but "Conspiracy Corner" is not the place to be trusting and naive.  

The reason so many British people voted for BREXIT was because mass immigration and globalism were making them feel insecure. The numbers in favour of BREXIT would have been even higher without the timely "murder" of MP Jo Cox (see previous Conspiracy Corner). Many UK voters felt that leaving the EU would make them more secure and prevent the kind of terrorist atrocities that had been happening in Europe, especially France. How ironic therefore that since the BREXIT process got under way Britain has become the terrorist "killing fields," while things in Europe seem to have calmed down.

What then is going on here? Is some sinister group trying to make the point that Britain leaving the EU and distancing itself from Globalism isn't going to work, or is Britain simply being punished for leaving the EU?

Right now we are calling these attacks "Islamic" but could they possibly be "Globalist" and carried out at the behest of those who did not want to see Britain claw back a little of its independence?

That's a nice little island you have there.
It would be a shame if someone were to "terrorist" it.


  1. I think this is one of the main reasons why they are so intent on having muslims move to Europe. Eventually it will allow the Syria playbook to be run on one of the European nations if they try to break away from the international community. So, it is not wholesale population replacement yet, but to bring in a sizable ethnic block that can be used as muscle against native population. Much like how the Tamils were brought to Sri Lanka or other examples from the colonial playbook.

  2. Viable theory, after all us Europeans and Muslims have a (((common enemy))).

  3. Mrs May has boldly, for her, announced that "Enough is enough!"
    I would like to ask her what exactly is she going to do?
    Regrettably, I have never yet seen her actually "do" anything at all about anything; not even during her tenure as Home Sec. during the Rotherham grooming and rape of some 1,400 ethnic British white girls, when we might have rightly expected some action of whatever positive nature.
    Remembrance concerts, prayers, the laying of wreaths on a pavement , and vigils for the dead are one thing; but putting on one's boxing gloves is something else and more purposeful.

  4. Is there even a scintilla of evidence for this theory, or is the Alt-Right simply adopting the tactics of Left -- making things up to get attention and cause trouble?

    Alternatively, is this site just publishing stuff that they know will rile up their fans and win them more clicks that they can turn into advertising revenue?

    1. Oh, sure there is going to be loads of smoking gun evidence left lying around. How naive of you!

      Let's face it. There are always going to be, shall we say, "grey areas," where something doesn't quite make sense and where the pieces don't fit, but where conclusive evidence of the kind you crave is lacking (BTW I doubt you are quite so exacting where your own pet theories and prejudices are concerned). But rather than abandoning all areas where we can't verify everything with absolute certitude, as you seem to suggest, I believe we should be prepared to take a Fortean approach, as Mr. Barge does here.

      Charles Forte, if you are unaware of him, first identified the unwillingness of Western rationalism to deal with areas that it was unable to fully explain, meaning that a great part of human experience was simply ignored.

      I'm not sure if you noticed, but the column is called "Conspiracy Corner," namely to alert the reader to the speculative, deductive, and Fortean nature of what is under discussion.

  5. How about this? It happened because Ms May was Home Secretary and cut funding for police. Next Ramadan, this is what we have. Not a brit, but I've heard this and it sounds much more causally concrete.

    1. Could be a factor. But when did she cut spending and when did it impact on policing? I'm pretty sure you don't get as good a fit as Barge does here.



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