Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that killed more than a quarter of a million people in South East Asia, a bar owner in Phuket, one of the towns worst affected, was asked how business was doing. "It's been very quiet," he replied. but some of the regulars are starting to drift back."

Following the 9-11 attacks in New York, in which many policemen and firemen were reduced to ashes, the following joke surfaced:
Q: Why are police and firemen New York's finest?
A: Because now you can run them through a sieve.
Both of the above are extremely "offensive." But they are also examples of gallows humour, a particularly black-tinged variety that is all the funnier for being so. In our increasingly dysfunctional modern age, such black humour is more necessary than ever as a coping mechanism for the various insanities that surround us.

However, it seems that coping with insanity is the last thing the UK government wants its people to do, as it has taken to routinely arresting people for any humour considered “offensive” or “insensitive.”

The latest example is the arrest of Richard Gear Evans, aged 37, for a comment made on Facebook in the wake of the van attack on Muslims leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque. Evans is the the son of the man who owns the van hire company from which the attacker Darren Osborne rented the van used in the attack. A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said Evans had been arrested on suspicion of "displaying threatening abusive / insulting written material with intent / likely to stir up racial hatred" for the following comment:
"It’s my dads company I don’t get involved it’s a shame they don't hire out Steam Rollers or Tanks could have done a tidy job then." 
It seems that since that attack the police have been taking time off from the important business of keeping tabs on Britain’s officially admitted population of over 23,000 known jihadis to instead trawl social media accounts for such examples of “unkind” words.

It is not clear what the consequences of this solitary comment will be, but the timing is certainly an issue. With a spate of Islamist terrorist attacks in London since the announcement of Article 50, a major “third world style” tower fire that burned scores of mainly non-Whites to death, and the government’s extremely narrow and unstable majority in Parliament, the potential for chaos and riots, especially in London, is now extremely high.

Welcome to Maybot Britain: humour does not compute.

This may push the government to attempt to keep a lid on things in a particularly heavy-handed way. For this reason, Evans could well be made an example of for his "unforgivable Islamophobia." Those in authority may well be thinking that only by hanging him out to dry can the multiracial mob be placated and its sons weaned away from the radicalism that once found its home in the very mosque that was the subject of the attack.

But in doing so, they are merely creating a more brittle and fragile situation, because gallows humor exists for a reason and serves a useful function. Sigmund Freud explained it not implausibly by linking it to the human need for stoicism:
"The ego refuses to be distressed by the provocations of reality, to let itself be compelled to suffer. It insists that it cannot be affected by the traumas of the external world; it shows, in fact, that such traumas are no more than occasions for it to gain pleasure."
In 1981  Ronald Reagan produced an excellent example of gallows humour when he was badly wounded by gunman John Hinckley Jr. As he was taken to the emergency room he cheerily quipped to the medical staff, "I hope you're all Republicans."

Taken in the same completely humorless way that the British authorities now take everything said about Muslims, this comment clearly implies that Democrat-voting doctors routinely kill anyone whose political opinions differs from theirs—an obviously extreme and very libelous comment. Treating humorous comments in this way thus creates absurdity. So, what are we to make of Evans’ quip?

First of all, it is ridiculous that we are forced to consider what is an essentially private comment made by an anonymous person as a state and public matter.

But, looking at the comment's content, the message seems to be that things could have been a lot worse (tanks, steamrollers) and that this would not necessarily be such a bad thing. There is also an implication of surprise at the signalling of concern for the mosque, which suggests that Evans is well aware of its history as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism connected to actual terrorists.

Anyone thinking he is literally advocating attacking Muslims with tanks and steamrollers is clearly a moron. But it seems that this is exactly what the British police are—morons choosing to ignore the frivolous gallows humour of the comment and instead robotically interpreting it in the most literal sense.

Of course, this may be how certain low-IQ Muslims also interpret it, but that is merely an argument against creating the kind of conflict-riven multiracial societies where everyone inevitably misunderstands each other all the time. Also, if that is the kind of society you have created, then it is probably not the best idea to use the full Orwellian apparatus of the state and media to blare out the private thoughts and comments of individuals from different groups about each other. Imagine what kinds of insults against "kufars" and infidels you would find from trawling through the social media of the average British Muslim. I'm sure they say plenty of things that could be willfully misinterpreted when they let off steam on their side.

But if gallows humour is a coping mechanism for a society that is deeply flawed and out of balance, then maybe the best way to fix things is to do exactly what the British authorities are doing, namely crack down on Gallows humour. Because, after all, anything that helps a dysfunctional system to function and survive is itself dysfunctional.

Will Britain's new state humorlessness actually lead to its salvation? 


  1. Since the terrorist attacks in Britain the police have arrested more people for hate speech than being connected to terrorism which shows which side the police are on. They also look for patsies to it up. This creating equivalence with the "Far Right (a Globalist pejorative for people who dissent)" and Muslim terrorists has been going on for years and useful idiots like National Action failed to understand how the state operates. You need to read Tommy Robinson's Enemy of the State and the following link to be prepared for state persecution and police set ups.

  2. Other than that Jesus, how do you like the view?

    There is an internal report in USA that proves the effects of the techniques of "informal social control" employed by the community security networks actually are creating more extremism among whites and blacks and has no effect at all on Muslims and other ethnics.

    However they do over time work to frighten people. and fear creates extremism. And sometimes- extremists are the good guys.


  3. Zersetzung is group of pranks and techniques used by Soviets to keep their people in line. Our various Authorities and their proxy groups and networks use these techniques too. On a sliding scale depending on the target or purpose. In many cases the activities required are unconstitutional for authorities to do- so they will get proxies to do it for them. The press and thier networks of people. And a good deal of the time these proxies are criminals or shady themselves. They sometimes don't know the real reason why they are doing what they are doing to someone.

    This is a global -to -local affair. and involves voyeurism.

    Sometimes a targets name goes out to all kind of groups and that person will find themselves undergoing all kinds of pretty sad - sometimes scary encounters. Lotta peak- a -boo type stuff. Can't say anything because they will sound crazy and become separated from their loved ones. A kind of induced nuttiness. Sometimes even an induced suicide or harming other people. These targets are usually on thier last nerve- or helped to be. Gaslighting. and other kinds of stuff.

    Sometimes the community groups who are in on the network will believe they are clandestinely helping the target. A person they deem to be at risk for extremism.. But mostly they are helping themselves. and internal reports prove this.

    I know that at least three mass shooters experienced this before going crazy. They were not believed. But i know they were telling the truth. I don't think they understood what was happening to them.

    To those who may be experiencing that- no one will believe you- but do know that there is at least one person on earth who does. and i promise most of the time the person didn't do anything wrong to deserve the 'treatment". It's the stalkers who are in the wrong.

    It's one thing to put on a street show to create an effect for the news cameras and troll quiet white American small towns or set up a law suit to stick it to some wealthy guy - like Donald Trump..or somebody. Or to make a cover the sins of another. group. Like when a group tries to extort and intimidate someone they don't like- -gets caught- then the cavalry shows up to detract and make extortionists look like victim.

    Its another when it gets personal to a frustrated individual shooting of their mouth on the internet in response to a deliberately provocative article. The extremism of the Authorities and thier various proxy groups, front organizations, press, pundits and "experts" is far more dangerous to society than anything Joe Bob or Mary Jane has to say.

    1. excuse me- by that word voyeurism i dont mean the kind that have to do with sexual. although i suppose that is too. But i mean watching and skulking around target. "triggering" them and watching how they react. etc. and things like tap phone- but mask who the person is talking to on the other end. Which implies a legal protocol of some sort. or following computer key strokes and such.

    2. Now that we are off the front page. I make a study of this problem. Because people are being seriously hurt. And the Gub'mint and "aristocracy" is really doing wrong and belongs in jail. People are DEAD because of thier behavior.

      and perhaps they will be getting some "feedback looping" of their own. Because they really deserve it.

      For example.
      After reading on this site an article about South African black on white violence.. Within an hour- that person finds themselves being stalked by "informal social control" people with unmarked license plate on thier car and nice big stickers of South African flag. Getting in front of your car- driving erratically to make sure you see them.

      Or writing on MacDonalds page ( not even something very shocking- more heartfelt- than "racist" or cruel), gets visit at thier door within minutes-MINUTES! by some "informal social control" guy- giving 'feedback loop"- repeating exactly what you wrote....

      and other examples of this kind of thing- begin flashed Muslims Brotherhood sign on car. Or dude with the Strasserite T-shirt waiting outside from place you are visiting with your loved one.

      and this list of 'Informal social control' , pranks and various intimidation tactics goes for years. Your mileage may vary. And it can wear you down.
      After a while it will cause major problems for that person unless that person is very strong.
      You can't say anything because you sound nuts. and you can't go to the Authorities- becuase e they ARE connected to the Authorities. and in many cases can start to go a little nuts. And many people are hurting themselves and others as a result. These tactics are not meant to 'help' the person. and that is the whole idea, I suppose.

      But just know if anyone is experiencing things like that there is one person on Earth who believes you and knows.

      And don't pay attention to those sites that talk about that. Because they also are trying to hurt you. Read with great care.

    3. I'm keeping a lot that i know to myself.

      Our Authorities and thier proxies are really harming people with impunity at the moment.. That's all I'm going to say.

    4. Many of the people involved don't know why they are. God only knows what thier employers have told them.

  4. A long time ago in California there used to be a guy named Wally George ( He is father of Rebecca De Morney). At the time he was very edgy and shocking. He had a show called The Hot Seat.
    I think The Alt Rightosphere is a revival.

  5. Theresa May is getting hounded from all sides, and yet she is the Prime Minister, the Queen's Speech went forward, the Brexit is as Hard as ever; how then can this Iron Lady endure the sniping from the peanut gallery?

    She carries with her Middle Britain, not just electorally, but in her soul!

    She called an election, ran to the RIGHT and though the Conservatives lost seats, they gained in vote share and total votes, and are by far the dominant party. When the far-right DUP is factored in and Sinn Fein is factored out, she carries a 12 seat majority!

    If she, Trump-like, can hold her own in by-elections, what is stopping her from remaining Prime Minister until Brexit is completed? Or until the full 5 year term of Parliament is up?


    The political must be in harmony with the "meta"-political; meaning that while we work on changing the zeitgeist, a slow process, the bulwark against the Enemy must be held!

    On that note I am relieved to see Jazzhands McFeels of Fash the Nation back in the fray, providing leadership to a drifting movement. He gets that the political and meta-political are codependent. He is a republican (small r) builder, not a vile anarchist bomb thrower!

    Let's start trying to get something done that has practical consequences, such as cleaning up the voter rolls, kicking out illegals, and primarying the worst examples of Cuckservatism instead of torch light parades and fist fighting in the street which accomplish NOTHING!

    Many of the so called alt right are leftists who moved right because the left was too crowded a space to get their attention fix. For those people, this is about attention. In reality it is about the well being and survival of an entire race of people, and, perhaps ironically, the well being of the rest of humanity as well.

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    1. Slightly off topic , but readers who appreciated C L's jokes might be amused to hear of a case a few years ago here in the UK where a man got into trouble with the law . He asked a mounted police officer if his horse was gay . If I remember correctly , that was deemed to be "Breach of the Peace "