Even before he called for Trump's assassination at an arts festival in England, actor Johnny Depp's career and life had been going into a tailspin.

The call for Trump's death came at the Glastonbury arts festival in England, where Depp asked "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" after a string of other disparaging comments about Trump in what was a clear invitation for one of the many mentally unstable wannabe young actors in the world to "make a name" for himself by "reprising" the historical role formerly played by actor John Wilkes Booth in 1865, when he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

Since that possibly drug-influenced comment, Depp, who seems to have an unstable manic depressive personality disorder, has abjectly apologized. 

This is the usual, insincere apology, motivated by sheer self interest, because people like Depp lack a moral compass. Quite simply his handlers are now in extreme damage control mode because things haven't been going very well for Depp at all in recent months. There has been a messy divorce, charges of domestic violence, and toxic financial problems, caused by an enormously inflated ego, absurd extravagance, and trusting his financial affairs to dodgy Hollywood lawyers.

Depp is now suing his former management for the "disappearance" of tens of millions of dollars. But, with running costs for his estate running at $2 million a month, a staff of 40, costing $3.6 million a year, and impulse buying of artworks, yachts, property, and anything else that can temporarily assuage his dark moods, it is easy to see how Depp got into this deep financial doodah. 

No doubt this mess is behind his mentally unhinged comments regarding Trump's assassination.

But then there is his fading star. Depp's most recent big-budget movie, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," lost tens and possibly hundreds of millions of dollars for Disney, gaining a mere $277 million gross at the box office but costing $170 to make. 

In order to estimate profits or loss you have to add on publicity costs, usually equal to production costs for "blockbusters" like this, and then cut the gross at least in half, meaning that "Alice Through the Looking Glass" lost at least $100 million.

So what better way to crash and burn his career by alienating at least half his fan base with childish hate comments against the President!

So, what has gone wrong with Depp's life? Well, one possibility is that he invoked the curse of Kek by his ill-timed and badly-acted parody of Trump himself in the abysmal and extremely unfunny "mockumentary" "The Art of the Deal" released in early 2016, a film that appears to have had zero effect on the US election.

Here is a short clip so you won't waste your time watching the rest of this crap movie. Note the pedophiliac juxtaposition in this scene of "cock chomping" and a child. Also note the interesting Jewish theme.


  1. Yeah, fook this fookin loser. He's only good fer the lulz now.

  2. The heroes of the left are now John Wilkes Booth and the plutocratic republican Roman senators who assassinated Julius Caesar. This does suggest that southern cities and states could erect statues to one of their own which would not be taken down - at least not without provoking a quarrel between SJWs and BLMs.