Wednesday, 14 June 2017



In his latest installment of the "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses the numerous Youtube videos which appear to be geared towards children, but are in fact creepy, unwholesome, gross, weird, and perverse. Andy ruminates on the significance of this distressing phenomenon in our post-#Pizzagate world, which seems increasingly geared toward assaulting and defiling innocence from nearly every imaginable angle.

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  1. That's what the alt right is doing too. cut from the same cloth.

    1. What an incredibly trenchant analysis, would you elaborate?

    2. but first i have to look up the word trenchent.
      The Alt Right made a series really creepy child targeted rip-offs of Disney movies with the express reason of "Reaching the young". Like that- many more examples of attempting to corrupt people rather than play it straight.

      It's a truly good and moral cause. A benefit to the world today. It's not a bad thing for bad people. But that's how you all seem to want to play it.

  2. Here, I don't want to just troll you Alt -Righters. It looks like some of you have some sort of mystery regarding these videos. and are not being smart alecks.
    I am solving another mystery at the moment and dont want to embark on another one- but I can help a little.

    The massive numbers of views are fake. And so are the comments.
    So, one way you can tell is that they have no up votes or down votes. Also, the comments are paid bot-people who run up comments on videos.
    I don't feel like it but if you want to know where they are filmed you can see the kinds of trees in the background, and in videos they show some the rocks. They will give you an indication of the locale ( s) or narrow it down- if you know what you are looking at and how to combine the information gleaned.

    These videos are monetized.



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