Sunday, 4 June 2017


A brief podcast by Alternative Right chief editor Colin Liddell, reporting on site matters and events in the news. This time the focus is on the UK general election.

Also available on YouTube.

When Prime Minister Theresa May called a general election several weeks ago, her Conservative Party was leading the opposition Labour Party by over 20 points in opinion polls. This was supposed to translate into a landslide victory and a massive majority in Parliament, but a weak campaign by May and a restless mood in the country has helped her main opponent, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, to narrow the gap.

Is a Labour victory or a hung parliament now possible? Also, what will be the effects of the London Bridge terrorist attack that happened just days before polling?

The myth of the electoral crossroads.


  1. If the Tories go down to defeat, the big losers will be the pro-Brexit folks, as the Laborites cannot be trusted to uphold the outcome of the Leave or Stay referendum. Even if the Tories win, but end up a smaller majority, Brexit people will likely suffer, as PM May will have to cater more to the demands of the anti-Brexit forces in her own party in order for her government to survive.

    1. Tory voters may be more in favour of Brexit than Labour voters, at least that's my impression, but I don't think there's too much in it.

      The problem with the Tories however is that they are controlled by the City, and the EU clearly know that is the soft spot to leverage the UK into basically cucking in the negotiations. For this reason the Tories could be even worse than Labour.



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