Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Millennial Woes examines the two recent terror attacks in the UK and considers their wider significance.

In the first video, he looks at the response to the Manchester attack. While much of it was the usual hashtag sentimentality, he notes a hardening of attitudes, with some people calling for a British "Guantanamo Bay" (the military base where America interned terrorist suspects after 9-11).

In the second video, about the London Bridge attack, he analyses the empty phrases of Prime Minister Theresa May's response to the incident and the hollowness of the Alt-Lite belief that it's all about "freedom," and infers that the logic of events is pushing us all—Europeans and Muslims alike—towards an identitarian future.


  1. A certain amount of terrorism is allowed as a PsyOp with various goals:
    -Get people to accept a police state
    -Get people to accept restrictions on speech
    -Make extremism look bad (and all pro-whites are extremist)
    -Put people into a confused and fearful state where they are more suggestible to solutions
    -Get the right worked up to bomb the middle east which then gives the left an excuse to allow the "refugee" invasion
    -A giant red herring, a distraction from the ongoing crime of white genocide through mass non-white immigration combined with forced integration.

    Almost every time one of these terrorist incidents occurs, the media makes a point of running stories about how the terrorist had made one or more trips to a Muslim country where he was RADICALIZED. (They never mention how many went back to see grandma and DIDN'T commit a terrorist act.) The problem is EXTREMISM. And, of course, you and I who say whites have as much right to homelands and self-determination as every other race is allowed are EXTREMIST.

  2. Opposing rape of white girls is racist.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  3. Racist, bigot, xenophobe, these are all worlds for HERETIC to the Suicide Cult of Political Correctness people have been indoctrinated into by their TV. If someone called you a heretic would you argue about whether you were a heretic? Those words have to be delegitimized, not affirmed. If you get shut down by being called names you're not going to get very far.

  4. Remainers are to blame for London as two enemies entered on EU passports.

  5. In a way, I think white nationalists are envious of Muslims because they lack the guts to take the fight to the globalists.

    Globalists are destroying white nations, but white rightists just bitch and complain but take NO action. In contrast, Muslims are willing to kill and die in their struggle. Even if we loathe Muslims and what they stand for, they are willing to kill and die. Without such will, there can be no true struggle and victory.

    Imagine Viet Cong winning without terror. Imagine Algerians winning against French without terror. Imagine American Revolutionaries winning without terror. Imagine whites taking over Indian lands without violence.

    In an existential struggle, those who are unwilling to use violence will not win.

  6. Horrific persecution of a patriot!



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