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The following is an interview with Joseph King, author of a new book Awake: An Introduction to New Nationalism, now available for purchase.


You’re from New York City – how does someone living in one of the most left wing areas in the country end up red-pilled?

JK: Actually, I’ve always found it odd that people from big multi-ethnic cities are so left-wing.  When you live in a big city like New York, you see very clearly that virtually all the violent and dangerous people around you are either Black or Brown. Virtually all the homeless people or people who work menial jobs are also Black or Brown.  When things are this obvious you can’t help but wonder if there’s something biologically different about darker races. When you do a little bit more digging the truth becomes clearer, and you have to wonder how anyone can think otherwise.

One other thing you notice in NYC is how influential Jews are.  I studied at Columbia and when the Jewish holidays came around almost half my professors and classmates were gone.  The school was like a ghost town.  Same thing happens if you work at any major bank or law firm.  It was really disheartening to see how many the partners at major law firms were Jews, and how they hugely favored other Jews in promotions. This really opened my eyes, and I saw the same pattern in industries like journalism, media and academia.  When I learned more about Jewish culture and their strong belief in multiculturalism, everything began to make sense.  

 Is that what motivated you to write this book?

That was part of it, but what really motivated me was the election of Donald Trump.  I kept my political views very private – in a place like New York you could end up unemployed and unemployable very quickly if you talk about things like race realism or disproportionate Jewish influence.  But the rise of Trump showed me that many others were aware of the things I knew.  I have no idea what Trump believes in, but his rise gave coverage to many alt-right groups that I would’ve otherwise not known existed. I felt that there was hope for our movement, and I wanted to play a part in advancing it.

Your book is titled Awake—what is it that you are trying to awaken people from?

I’m trying to wake up our countrymen to very real danger that our country becomes a third world nation.  To be a great country, we need the right culture and good people.  Our culture is disintegrating – almost half of children are born to single mothers, lawlessness is increasing, and our politics is becoming tribal.  We may be a majority minority country in the not too distant future, and no brown country has ever been first world.  The culprit behind all this is the rise of Jewish influence, a group that is only 2% of the population but wields hugely disproportionate influence.  Their peddling of open borders and multiculturalism helps protect Jews from discrimination – and assimilation – but has been disastrous for our country. I want people to be aware that not all cultures are equal, race is real, and that what we see on TV and learn in school is really just the perspective of a tiny but influential minority.
Tell us a little about your background.

My background probably isn’t typical for someone in the alt-right movement.  I’m a New Yorker, an attorney, and have spent several years of my life abroad.  I’m someone who you’d think would promote multiculturalism, globalization and the various other dogmas you see on CNN.  But my life experiences have had quite the opposite effect – it has shown me that all that stuff isn’t true.
There have been many books on these topics.  What would you say sets your book apart from the many others like it?

I wrote this book to evangelize those outside of our movement.  There are many good alt-right books, but I haven't come across one that put all the pieces together to explain what is happening in our country.  I believe my book does this in a logical and well substantiated way documented with over a hundred footnotes.  It's also relatively short, so it won't bore anyone. This is the book I wish I could’ve read years ago. This is the book I would give my friends as an invitation to the alt-right.


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