Since American Renaissance conferences started, in 1994, Sam Dickson has given the event’s closing remarks. And, this year, he mentioned, that he parted ways with his esteemed veteran comrades, Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow on one issue: They think America can be saved! Dickson’s topic assumed that America’s total breakdown is imminent. This is one of the main points of debate I want to discuss. But, first to the juicy stuff!

Well, not that juicy . . . During our lunch, one of the attendees defied Taylor’s orders and went out to interact with the Antifa protesters. People witnessed our guy get attacked by 4 of them, literally knocking him into a beautiful Tennessee lake. By the time I got a look at the situation, the police were arresting him. An unhappy Taylor announced that the guy was in the hospital and looking for eyewitnesses. We lost that battle.

As I discussed with several somewhat sympathetic attendees, I was torn over Taylor’s stance on violence. We had a capacity crowd of 350 people. I saw about 14 Antifa protesters. We could have chased their black-banner-waving asses away. When we win a confrontation, (as with the EDL or at UC Berkeley’s recent riots), our men get a testosterone rush, they stand taller and the other side shrivels. Amren draws a perhaps too staid, genteel, stylish crowd. I understand, though, we want to make our message respectable. But, many of us dreamed of confrontation.

Now back to Dickson. When I told him about culturism and culturist policy, he nodded and said the ideas had merit. But, he retorted, America is already doomed. This reply stunned and frustrated me. ‘If it is true,’ I thought, ‘we have nothing to talk about.’ But, in his speech, he discussed things we need to think about if the US collapses. For example, our ethno-state might consider limiting the right to vote, and would be defined by race, not liberal or conservative policies. Dickson convinced me that considering what a post–apocalyptic state might look like has some merit.

I also disagreed with Jared Taylor. We talked about culturism for a bit. But he too rejected my view saying, “We cannot live with blacks.” Personally, I think that if you got rid of HUD and the ‘diversity quotas,’ different ethnic groups would naturally and peacefully form extremely homogenous neighborhoods. And, this would be a thing for whites: good schools, safety and a sense of belonging would likely follow. But, this could not be an ethno-state. As we long have, we would live among some blacks. So, again, I come down on the side of western solvency and relative unity.

On my side, nice, non-criminal, patriotic, hard-working black people exist.  The black family used to be stronger than the white family is now.  That change is more to do with welfare policy than genes. If Black Lives Matter rhetoric makes black behavior worse, promoting culturist patriotism will make them better. And, potential white enclaves can only thrive within a larger solvent nation. I am more optimistic that quickly implementing stringent culturist policies quickly (zero immigration, repatriation, ending welfare, making education patriotic, making English our official language, etc.) can still save the West.

Yet, one conference highlight was when a South African white, Simon Roche, who works with a 100,000 person organization organized to fight white genocide, told us ‘with all due respect,’ that we Americans have no idea how horrible the multicultural beast we are fighting against is. The room was silent. Many were happy about what Dickson’s hand poll showed: perhaps ½ of the attendees were under 35. And, while, we do not have 100,000 people, Taylor has created a structure for us Americans to build an army around if things get worse.

And, Taylor’s army can grow because it is so darn congenial. Richard Spencer spoke to us of his upcoming events, showing Taylor’s willingness to coordinate with other organizations. All of the movement’s ‘celebrities’ were accessible and happy to talk. And, as I told people about culturism, I neither felt hostility or snideness towards my ‘alt-light’ culturist policies. And, in his speech Q&A, John Derbyshire was very nice to clarify for the crowd, that my philosophy does not ignore the reality of racial differences. This is a welcoming, big tent, conference.

And, this leads to what is likely the most important outcome of the conference. I feel like I made a lot of friends there, who I really look forward to seeing in future years. And, since I stepped down as the head of the Culturist Brooklyn TEA Party, (though Jack Buckby and some others have taken to promoting culturism), spreading the ‘culturist’ meme, which could revolutionize our culture and policies, has been a lonely endeavor. It often feels quixotic. Meeting with others, in person, and hearing about efforts across the West, was encouraging.

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  1. His name was Simon Roche.

  2. I updated the article, to include his name, which, as you guessed, I did not know. Thanks!

  3. Good read. Shout out to the midwest alt-right...the flyovers, crossroad goys, i.e., v.a, centralia imperium, gateway goys, and any others i didnt name.

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  5. Yes the culturist meme would certainly be quixotic in Brooklyn!

  6. It's getting more quixotic every day! We stopped a mosque from being built. But, there is an increasing muslim population taking in more and more places. And, the mosques, we believe, are built in a strategic line to create a corridor and sever Christian communities. But, we keep on a fighting!