Tuesday, 25 July 2017


In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki considers the clash of two dissident ideologies: White Nationalism and MGTOW (or "Men Going Their Own Way"), a radical response to contemporary feminism's toxic misandry.

Listen here:

"Loser Shaming"
"Shit Tests? Who Cares?"


  1. Andy's thoughtful uncertainty and openmindedness on the issues carries a lot more weight with me than most people's cherished shibboleths and insistent convictions.

  2. This is the way i understand it. mgtow is a male spinster. or just a single guy. a confirmed bachelor. a divorcee. There are female versions of this as well.
    I don't have an opinion one way or the other. They are okay by me. Unless they try to break up families and familiars. woo husbands or boyfriends away from thier wives or girlfriends. Or wives from their husbands or boyfriends by whispering poison in thier ears.

    I know 4 confirmed "mgtows" and it is pretty clear- each in thier own way- why they are so. Only 1 of them is what some people ( not me) would think of as a "loser". He is the nicest and smartest one of the bunch and probably is a mgtow not by choice but by fate. The other 3 have serious personality and moral issues that don't lend themselves to partnering up with another person. They would hurt the other person or drive them to divorce. and they know it in thier hearts. and i know 3 fgtows. 2 are church ladies and wonderful and the other is also like the male counterpart the kind that would end up divorced becuase of personality and lifestyle.

    I am on the white nationalist side- but have no issue with singles unless they give me one.

    1. I believe in supporting families with children, marriage and partnership. The proven benefits to individuals and society are too great to number. I believe that celebrating and elevating the individual above the family and gearing society in that manner is one of the factors of the downfall of whites and people in the West generally. It has opened the door to all manner of petulance.

    2. A Patriarch of a family is more important than a mgtow. unless the mgtow has paternal feelings and actions toward thier families of origin, society ( or extended family) in general...like church ladies do.

  3. I'll try to explain what I see in the White Nationalist frustration with Mgtow. The Mgtows have learned about female nature. They understand hypergamy, shit tests, feminism, you name it. Many also advocate self improvement such as becoming financially secure and body building. These are things which would improve their Sexual Market Value. In pursing this, there is a crop of men that are perhaps ideal for husbands, but they're not interested in getting married. The WN fertility cult tries to recruit there.

    1. if they are not interested in getting married then they are not the "ideal crop" for husbands.



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