Richard Spencer in the midst of the Alt-Right phalanx.

The genocide of the White race in its homelands (and, yes, that includes America obviously) is not going to be stopped without a certain amount of, shall we say, "unpleasantness." Charlottesville proves that.

Alt-Righters and other patriots gathered for a peaceful and disciplined protest, with the full expectation of politicized police and antifa launching a coordinated attack, which is exactly what happened.

First, a dubious "state of emergency" was declared by the Democratic Governor of Virgina Terry McAuliffe, allowing the politicized police to start pushing patriots around.

Meanwhile violent antifa groups were allowed complete freedom to assemble and launch their attacks—several protesters were maced and injured by blows and missiles while the politicized police stood by and did nothing.

The politicized police stood by while the Left attacked our people literally with flamethrowers.

The goals, as always, were (1) to physically harm nationalists and (2) provoke them into acts of self defence that could later be spun, through fake media, as "Nazi violence, oy vey!" (dead meme).

But this time, it seems the Gods were on our side, as none of our guys died, while three of the enemy died, and they weren't even killed by Alt-Righters in acts of heroic self defence (more on that later).

The two politicised pigs flying the helicopter were killed after the helicopter spiralled out of control after buzzing and spying on protesters. .

Boo hoo, so sad, never mind.

The lone antifa, a 32-year-old woman, was killed in more complex and ambiguous circumstances, when a 20-year-old White man, James Alex Fields, apparently panicked and drove his car into a large, violent, Left-wing mob swarming round his car. There is now much speculation about this.

Fields crashes into violent mob.

The leftist and anti-White media are of course trying to link him to the Alt-Right, but, from everything they have dug up about him, he appears to be at worst a confused loner who was acting directly contrary to the spirit and intentions of the organizers of the demonstration, and possibly in direct response to the police sanctioned Leftist violence.

The one death and several injuries that occurred as a result of this incident can effectively be chalked up to a self-inflicted antifa death, aided by police sanctioned anarchy. The blood in this case is as much on the hands of Governor McAuliffe, the town authorities, the police, and the antifa as it is on the hands of the car's driver.

James Alex Fields.

But more important than the deaths of three people standing on the wrong side of history, the events of the day also completely confirm several Alt-Right narratives, demonstrating:
  1. The racist Anti-White policing double standard: well-behaved White demonstrators are maced and attacked by police, while BLM and anarchist demonstrators are "given space to destroy."
  2. The collusion of the police and antifa in Leftist controlled states and college towns like Berkeley and now Virginia.
  3. The fact that antifa are terrorist organizations that include severely mentally dysfunctional people who are inherently violent.
  4. The fact that the Leftist media and fake news corporations do EVERYTHING to normalize and encourage this kind of violence.
So, all-in-all, August 12th will be remembered as a massive day for the Alt-Right, and an enormous victory that will spawn countless more victories in the future.

Andy Nowicki joins the fray.


  1. You're being admirably jaunty, maintaining your forced-smile, putting a blithe and rosy spin on it, very cool, but celebrating the deaths of the two helicops is a bit of a stretch.

    Get ready for the blast wave.

  2. Seriously??? This is considered a big win for the alt-right because people, especially cops, were killed. McVeigh killed well north of a hundred feds and some of their kids. How did that work out? Up to this point, LE has been content to passively let the antifas do their dirty work. Now they will go full bore - everything from disruptive infiltration to false flag attacks to RICO prosecutions to killing targeted individuals in staged gunfights. Any "deplorables" (Hillary Clinton standard alt-rightists) will be in jeopardy of losing their jobs and families and being subject to legal harassment, Some win!!!

  3. Disheartening to see you celebrate the death of cops. I know it may not seem like it in highly emotional situations like yeaterday, but they in all likelihood were the only reason a planned massacre of the alt-right wasn't carried out by the leftists.

    A lot of cops are silent supporters of the cause... Waiting patiently for our time to go public with said support. And we'd be great allies to have.

    1. You are welcome to disobey orders, call out sick, have your Union leaders speak out, or maybe take matters into your own hands. Since police are really held accountable, why not beat the stuffing out of the left or mace them like the great Lt John like did during occupy? Until then, nobody is going to cry over the deaths of those operating against humanity

    2. During the inauguration I, and many like me, allowed the peaceful Inaugaration of President Trump to take place via carrying out 2 days of violence against all out riots orchestrated by the Left, just blocks outside the inaugural perimeter. It happens. You just unfortunately only have access to the fake news media controlled by the libs.

      Our hands are still tied by our leftist controlled culture, sure. But I don't think you guys want the sympathizers to the cause weeded out and replaced with true liberal enemies. We will join you in time...

    3. The police showed their true colors.

  4. This is delusional horseshit. Yesterday was not a win, but snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. By engaging the establishment on their terms, we effectively put ourselves at their mercy. While this is a good tactic when playing a Gandhian passive-resistance(aggressive) model, reaping the rewards requires being a victim of the establishment with strong visibility to the public. We had no such visibility besides a bunch of KKK members and Nazi LARPers who are too stupid to realize they practice an outdated aesthetic model. All that has to be done is to film said LARPers yelling while not, at that moment, being assaulted and then film the resulting violence. That sperg who decided to emulate London Aloha Snackbars gave them a bone they could not have been happier to receive as he made our side look not just terrorists, but the terrorists we campaign against. The perceived hypocrisy will not go unnoticed. Establishment press ate that up like they did Dylann Roof's autistic antics, and we should absolutely condemn that faggot if we want any credibility. Honestly, this is why the autists should not go out in public with the figures in our side who can actually hold a normie discussion. They are most useful behind a keyboard rather than in real life.

    1. So it's better to lie down and be beaten to death? They already call us Nazis and terrorists. We might as well reap the benefits of dead leftists

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  6. Celebrating the death of a young woman? What a hideous bunch of knuckle draggers you lot are. My Grandfather fought to defeat Nazism in WW2 and we will do it again if it is necessary.

  7. Flame throwers? How about the supremacists were coming after this guy and all he had for defense was the can of white spray paint one of the supremacists threw at him and a lighter? Tell the truth.