Monday, 14 August 2017


Who is the normie going to side with?

What are we to make of events in Charlottesville? What lessons can be learned? Most of what I am about to say is dispassionate common sense. If you get triggered by my words, you probably have a fatal disease.

There seem to be two post-Charlottesville camps at the moment, the blackpilled and the whitepilled. I stand categroically behind the ever-changing grey pill, the pill that doesn't coddle you in sweet despair or snuggle you in saccharine optimism, but remains open to feedback loops and reality testing.

First of all, things went well to an extent—a lot of our narratives were strongly confirmed—but they also went badly—the media had plenty of shit to throw in the air to obscure our narratives. To quote Dickens, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The main thing to deal with is the "car accident" that occurred, in which a young man mowed down some Leftists and antifa. My understanding from various sources is that he was a confused, half-Jewish, single-parent kid who was at least interested in Alt-Right ideas, and that the accident occurred only after his car was attacked by leftists and literally struck by at least a flagpole—an act of panic in other words, caused by antifa themselves and the police-sanctioned anarchy.

But, really, who he was and what he thought is a red herring. Imagine if a fully paid-up member of the Alt-Right did in fact commit a terrorist atrocity. Such an event is not impossible. The point that has to be understood here is that there is bound to be violence on both sides in the future. Whenever there is strong social polarization and heightened tensions, certain mental types, certain outliers on the spectrum of mental stability on both sides are going to be triggered into acts of violence. When that happens, the opposition will try to use it to discredit you, whichever side you are on.

But a movement cannot be held hostage to rogue acts by people who claim to identify or sympathize with it. What is important here is the posture of the movement itself. Does it actually encourage such acts of violence or not? Does it have a culture of violence?

Actual Leftist attack on police. Imagine the shitstorm if we did this.
At the moment it seems clear that the Left has an enormous lead in encouraging violence, celebrating it, and normalizing it. The Alt-Right and other nationalists by contrast have steadfastly promoted violence only in self-defence. But this is the moral position, the strong position, and the antifragile position.

Yes, the Left has some unfair advantages in a compliant and deceitful mass media, but that mass media is also in free fall. We have ways and memes of getting the truth out, so let that truth be a good one.

Now my next point. There has been much comment about the politicization of the police and the city and state authorities in this case. Yes, the Unite the Right demonstrators were set up—kettled and hemmed in by police and then dispersed towards violent antifa who were given "space to destroy," piss bomb, mace, and strike.

This was a Leftist town in a Leftist controlled state with a Leftist controlled police force. This was basically Berkeley on the East Coast. In other words such malicious and negligent behaviour by the police is to be expected in cases like this. Our guys going into a situation like that should at least all have had helmets of some sort and mace-resistant eye goggles.

On the plus side the violence our people suffered could be a great opportunity for the Alt-Right legal team. There are plenty of grounds to sue various parties here. But most importantly we have to work hard on defensive safety for our most precious resource—committed and good people.

Some are saying we should avoid blue towns in blue states altogether, but, as with Charlottesville, these are the very towns that are attacking our history and heritage with the most vehemence. Red towns in red states are not yet doing this, so towns like Charlottesville are ideal opportunities to make our points about the Great Erasure.

The next point I want to address is the NQ or the Nazi Question, people with swastikas who chant things like "Gas the K****s," etc. There were a few of them on display, unfortunately. And we all know how much the media loves them.

Part of being in the Alt-Right is being open to the JQ, a legitimate area of concern, with various viewpoints, about group interests that are different and possibly inimical to the interests of the greater White European community. I am not criticising the need to calmly and rationally discuss the JQ. But out-and-out Nazi trolling is a different thing, and becomes increasingly stupid the further you move away from anonymous internet message boards.

Also, according to one of the many memos I got, the Alt-Right is supposed to be about "positive identity"—love of our own people, etc., rather than specific hatred of other groups. That is the official position, and although it might sound a little "colonize the stars" visionary, it is once again the moral position, the strong position, and the antifragile position.

So, how does Daily Strormer type Nazi trolling in meatspace fit in with that? The answer is extremely badly, because it simply gives the media exactly what they need to isolate the movement from its growth market—i.e. people who are not yet in the movement, while also making it easier to attack people in the movement. People are literally going to lose their jobs because their pictures were taken at an event that has been successfully branded, with the help of a few idiots and ADL plants, as "Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist." See how that effects turn-out next time.

Of course, having a few mad "Nazis" on our side would be great in a shooting war, but we are still far from that point, and anyway most of the so-called Nazi types I am talking about are the opposite of that—out-of-shape internet freaks who are better at shooting over anime porn than shooting actual rifles.

These meatspace events are undertaken for a wide variety of reasons, but I think the main one is to raise the profile of the movement and to show how unfairly Whites are treated in order to garner growing support and sympathy. Triggering might be part of that, but this also has to be done within—or at least with reference to—what I call the "moral architecture," i.e. the fixed moral norms of the existing society and culture. I am not saying we should accept those moral norms, but that we have to at least be aware of them as we push our message to a wider audience. At least if winning is important.

Also, you may have noticed just how easy it is to trigger the Left nowadays. Swastikas and sieg-heiling is overkill and all kinds of shitty blowback in one package addressed to a total loser. At this stage, anyone flying swastikas or even Klan stuff  is simply a moron or an ADL plant.

So, we have to take the Nazi crap out into the woods and shoot it in the back of the head. It's what Hitler would have done. Any future event of this kind must control optics with an iron fist or even a steel-toed jackboot. It is obvious that efforts are already being made in this direction, so why ruin it by being half-baked? Nationalist marches in Europe manage to do this all the time, and with a lot more people. Learn from them.

The theme of everything that I have said is this: While pressing our message, we need to do all in our power to make Alt-Right White Nationalism antifragile. That is the key word.

That means improving the movement's physical, financial, and moral defences. As with any underdog who finally triumphs, we have to be stronger, smarter, more moral, and more driven than our opponents, and all these virtues need to lock together to support one another in a phalanx of victory.

"Europe can't teach Americans anything."


  1. To say that the Nazi stuff is the work of a few loose screws and plants is totally disingenuous. There aren't enough bots in Jew York or TLV to produce the tidal wave of "kikes to the gas" nonsense I always see on alt-right forums, lots of it by apparently legit FB users commenting under their real names. If the anon counterpart is 1/100th of that, well, you're gonna have an awful great purge on your hands if that's really how you want to handle it. You practically don't have a movement without all these jaundiced sentiments on its sleeve. How you reform that is up to you, all I know is what I see.

  2. Great article. I will say that my impression of the crash scene: 3rd world violent mongrels, disorder, violent resentment as a kind of pornography, hysteria, Democrats.

  3. Its called paid protesters dude. You can hire an army.


    Alt Right was set up by crooked cops and troopers like the Corleones were set up by the corrupt cop in THE GODFATHER. A rigged system. Freedom of Speech ONLY IF you agree with consensus that says we must all cuck out to Jews.

    Sonny says the bruised Michael looks 'beautiful'. Bruises are the only tattoos that really count. And all you Alt Right guys who got bruised, you look 'beautiful'!!

    The World is so much like THE GODFATHER. The Beast talks of rights and freedom, but the system is rigged to favor the Power. If the Beast can't get you with the law, they will get you with their conspiracy, antifa janissary goons, and even corrupt police and troops. A rigged system. Conspiracy to commit violence, intimidation, and murder are done by the state. Look at Iraq War and Libya War. Look at US support of neo-nazis to topple regime in Ukraine. Look at CIA's support of Alqaeda in Syria.
    RICO should be used against the state, but the state controls the power.

    The real world is more like THE GODFATHER because power is about gangsters than idealists or visionaries. Jewish Glob gangsters rule America, and they use antifa as Janissary. Antifanissary are soul-diseased whites who've been made to hate their own race and hate any white person who loves his own people and heritage. To Jews and Antifanissary, a white person who is pro-white is 'sick in the head'. Can you believe that shit?

    So, what are we to do? Think of the Pantengeli Brother Option in THE GODFATHER PART 2. Pantengeli was about to spill the beans on the Corleones, but the Corleones had one ace up their sleeve. Pantengeli's Brother. So, Pantegeli was shamed as 'rat' and feared for his brother. So, he shut up.
    Even though Pantegeli was protected air tight by the US government, Corleones understood a weakness, a vulnerability, an Achilles heel that was psychological and cultural.

    Well then, what is the "Pantegeli's Brother" of the Power, the Beast? But first, what is the nature of the Power? It is Jewish Globalist. What do Jews fear most? It's being outed as a bunch of Zionist-supremacist imperialist oppressors of Palestinians who've waged wars and cold wars all over to serve Jewish interests, in the process destroying countless lives.

    Jewish Power says Alt Right and 'white nationalism' are ugly and hateful and there is no place for such talk in the US. Alt Right must say Jewish Zionist Supremacist imperialism is hateful, ugly, murderous, avaricious, destructive, and utterly immoral.

    Alt Right nationalism is moral because it calls for security and sovereignty for all peoples and cultures. Zio Globalism is evil because it seeks to turn all gentiles into New Palestinians who have no rights and no power and no claim to their ancestral homelands. It is the Sorosization of the world... except for Israel.
    Jews can kill Palestinians at whim and no one cares. Sheldon Adelson can say 'NUKE IRAN' and be top dog of GOP. Madeline Albright can say 500,000 dead Iraqi kids were 'worth it' and be a respected 'statesman'.

    Alt Right must say it is intolerable that the US should be supporting Zionist oppression of Palestinians when it is Israel that is occupying West Bank and stealing land. Alt Right must champion BDS. That is "Pantegeli's Brother" of the Jews. Jews posture as friends of the powerless and champions of the underdogs. But Jewish-controlled foreign policy has destroyed nation after nation. It raped and looted Russia in the 90s. It rapes US via Wall Street and bubbles and bailouts. Also, Jew-run Big Harma addicts people to opiods just like Jewish David Sasson addicted Chinese to opium in the 19th century.

  5. Now you know how the Palestinians feel. The media have always favored Zionists even though Israel continues to occupy West Bank. Whites are an occupied people. White patriots are physically occupied. Antifa whites are mentally occupied and attack other whites.

  6. Alt Right should pen a OPEN LETTER to the cops and soldiers ordered to serve as goons of the Jewish supremacists Signer and globalist stooges like Terry the governor who supports Zionist imperialism against Palestinians and anti-BDS measures.

    Cops and soldiers must always do as ordered. They look tough with guns but have zero agency. They must serve as trained dogs. They are the opposite of Alt Right patriots with agency. It's the nature of job or profession where you must always do as ordered or told.

    As many conservative whites become cops and soldiers, I'm sure there are many there who sympathize with Alt Right and are appalled by the Jewish-globalist desecration of Southern Heritage. But they must do as told while in uniform. If ordered to club, shoot, and arrest their own family members, they must do so.

    So, Alt Right should address this problem: How the Jewish Globalists with puppet-strings and purse-strings are ordering white patriots in uniform to attack their own kind.

    It's like British imperialists ordered Indians to attack fellow Indians. Brits hired browns to beat browns.

    Jews are using whites to attack other whites. Jews haves used white Christian soldiers to attack and destroy the Muslim World in the Middle East. Now, they order white cops and troops to attack white patriots who defend white race and heritage. Jewish Globalist elites are craven cowards who hide behind the muscle of others whom they use as cattle. To Zionists, white people are just sheeple to be herded around by their attack dogs.

    So, Alt Right must pen an Open Letter to white cops and troops. Alt Right must say it understands they are working under orders from Zionist Globalists who regard whites as they do Palestinians.

    Alt Right must also call for Professional Disobedience if possible. When ZOG denies white people even the basic right of speech and assembly, then this is no longer a democracy but an elite globalist oligarchy.
    Alt Right must ask the Cops and Troops, "When Jews tear down your southern heritage and wage war on your race, do you serve them like dogs? When BLM and antifa call for murder of cops, do you side with those thugs against patriots who mean you no harm? If the Jewish globalists ordered you to club your brother, shoot your father, and arrest your mother, will you obey?"

    When the state is unjust, it is time for Disobedience.

    We are living under Zionist Globalist Occupation.

    The Power gets to do as they wish. It's like in MEET JOHN DOE.

  7. In order for Alt Right to be more effective, it has to weaken the moral legitimacy of its main enemies.

    Hold rallies against Jewish Supremacism that oppresses Palestinians, raped Russia in the 90s, wages neo-imperialist wars on the Muslim world, pulled off a coup in Ukraine, etc. The Jewish Temple of Moral Sanctimony has to be attacked. And counter the Holocaust Narrative with narrative of Jewish role in murderous communism. Hold a rally condemning Jewish Supremacism and support BDS as free speech issue.

    Hold rallies with the main theme being anti black supremacism. Discuss how blacks commit crime with impunity and are immersed in the thug culture of rap and degeneracy.

    Hold rallies that condemn Homomania. Show how homo agenda went from secular 'gay rights' to quasi-religious Gay Rites or Queertianity. Alt Right should say it believes in real spirituality, not pseudo-religion that is really a proxy of Jewish power.

    1. Nah, none of that will work. You need to exploit their weaknesses and create division. For instance, women like cops. Blacks and queers fear and hate cops. Hipsters like micro-brew bars and fancy european menus and even European names. Blacks feel intimidated by all that. Blacks hate classical western music. Muslims hate queers. Many more. You guys need to know your enemy and exploit their many, many weaknesses.

  8. It is interesting how, after at least 17 years of my following all of this stuff, that we always end up back to the same thing:

    ....Those who want to (and feel the need to) go "full on" hardcore and 'be damned' with playing to the tune of our enemies' rules of engagement...

    ....and those who recognise that society is programmed to such a degree that it could be more practical to drop the "hardcore" elements like a hot brick.

    Such things are not going to help "Unite The Right" on a rally either - which was what it was supposed to be we end up pulling ourselves apart and distancing ourselves from each once again.

    The advent of the "alt-right" cause has seen a real change in how we deliver messages. Primarily this is "memes". We literally have tens of thousands of memes that effectively make a point.

    They perhaps say much more than various flags do now. Some of them are likely to cause more "triggering" than the Swastika, and let people know our actual point of view rather waving the Swastika and having the media feed the public with the same tired link-by-association to *their* narratives about us.

    We have so many sharp, witty, pro-white statements to make, that flags and swastikas are possibly now a poor substitute in comparison. Will more prevalence of meme driven banners, posters, slogans work when away from the internet? I have no idea. Perhaps it is worth more of a try?

    "We must secure a future for our people" is superior to "Gas the Kike media now!" . A display of a sharp and harsh 'pro white' message delivers a point that can be positive and that we can all defend, unlike the Swastika.

  9. I would like to say that I am very proud of all the white people who fought in Charlottesville for white rights and Southern rights last weekend. They are great people,....every one of them. I would also like to point out to my ALT-Right friends that "IF we do not begin costing this country, some states, cities, and businesses LOADS of money,......they will not listen to us long.

  10. Colin, I really like that you're thinking in terms of tactics. Great article.



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