"Standin' down in C-town": Whoa there, boys! Careful you don't work too hard! 

Now that it has been confirmed that the Charlottesville police were given a "stand-down" order on August 12, in order to provoke a state of violence and thus create a pretext to cancel the #UnitetheRight rally, the appreciative video viewer can trace the shape of how this whole sick joke went down.

(1) Allow the antifa to exercise violence with absolutely no repercussions from the law, forcing the #UnitetheRight-ers to defend themselves, thus creating a singularly unstable situation.

(2) Be completely aloof to the chaos being bred by your intentional neglect. "This won't end well."

(3) Suddenly announce that the legally permitted rally has been canceled, and its attendees must disperse, with absolutely no explanation forthcoming. Bring out a bunch of goons decked out in face shields and body armor to make your point: the "law" is whatever you say the law is! Also bring out a rather cunty little bureaucrat to talk down to those impertinent enough to question you.

(4) Get your goons to mow down those hearty and spirited enough to refuse to get out of their way.

(5) Then subject the rest to a few choice pushes and shoves and a heavy dose of pepper spray.

Rinse and repeat!



    Query: Did either the Governor or the Mayor order the police to not enforce Virginia's Anti-Masking Law? Masks are used by the left to cowardly hide their identity and to terrorize peaceful persons. Citizens with right wing opinions have been subjected to violence recently at other venues by such non-enforcement of laws ordered by left wing government leaders. It is clear that the law was not being enforced. The public official responsible for non-enforcement of laws against masking is in part responsible for the fatal violence. The official encouraged violence.

  2. Keep crying, nazis.

    1. this makes absolutely no sense. if not for the police rally organizer Jason Kessler would have been toast if they hadn't escorted his scared self out of there. and Richard Spencer, blaming everyone else for getting people riled up with their hateful rhetoric.

  3. I think the City, State, counter protester movements, law enforcement and media's over-reaction to the rallies and speeches caused most of the harm.

    There are protests and nonsense that goes on all over this vast country every day. Some of it is much wilder than some white guys standing up for white people. There weren't all that many of you all. It was a tragic and unprofessional overreaction by anchorites that caused this.

    I think it is the Authorities and thier proxies that are causing much if not most of the turmoil in this country- unnecessarily trolling Americans. It has been going on much too long. And now there will be push back.

    On the other hand- do be aware that BLM and all the Leftist crap that went on during the years lead to people becoming disgusted and brought Republicans into power in the hope that some sanity and peace and quiet would be restored. So, if the alt-Rightopshere wants to make it so that in two years- you have energized the demoralized Left to go out to vote in large numbers because you have made yourselves so obnoxious in the name of 'The Right". That would be unfortunate.

    Because do understand that at the moment, The Tea Party is in charge of 13 States and thier legislatures. With huge gains in most of the other States On city and local levels. Also know that the Republicans are in charge of 33 of the 50 States, their legislatures, and city governments. As well as the Deep State and Managerial class itself. Within corporations,ngo's and elsewhere- globally. Making gains with each Election cycle and with each hiring.

    They are nearly at a situation where the Constitution allows a super-majority of States to convene and override the Federal Government if need be. That is unprecidenetd situation.

    So, with that in mind. They are not the alt-right. and some of them think the Alt-Right is a proxy or stooge for the global Left, deep state and the media. Making news worthy shenanigans.

    1. oops, not anchorites. ( bah spell check- no, i love the anchorites.) Authoritees.

      It is a tragic and unprofessional overreaction by various authorities that caused this.

      by authorities, i mean gub'mint and media and thier actors in the ngos and protest movements.

    2. Just curious but do tea partiers believe in human rights? I mean that everyone's the same and that if women, blacks, muslims, the sexually confused, etc. are having problems it's not their fault and they need special treatment.

    3. They believe in human rights for sure but they may not agree with all of your with your definition.

      but i wouldn't know.

    4. As i understand it - they may hold that human rights are something every human is entitled to and unconditional. But that civil rights are conditional.
      For example, an illegal alien is entitled to human rights but not civil rights. A foreign temporary student is entitled to human rights but not civil rights.

  4. I've been very worried about you guys since I heard about this on the news. It reminds me of what Don Black said when he found out about his son going to the SPLC, "The losses just keep coming." All of this is such a betrayal and it keeps coming.

  5. P.S. Thank you for everything you're doing for our people.

  6. Lawless Mercenary police traitors of the republic, enjoy your missing pensions that you'll never get back!

  7. The cause is right, but the strategy is not. No cause can win by going public without a long and careful preparations. Let me put here some points for you.

    1. First, until you won the hearts of the majority of the population, until you have necessary public support, you should never gather on the enemy's territory. Gather on private land, camp there, discuss things, get to know each other better, elaborate your programs, plan your activities. Set up a stage, a mic etc. If the enemy tries to attacks you on those private acres you can rightfully shoot them as trespassers and the law will be on your side. Does anyone who support the cause have 20 acres of usable land?

    2. Do you know the word "propaganda"? That's what your enemies use very successfully. That's how they stole the country from you. Lefties occupied almost every school, every college and university, where they disseminate their ideas into the young brains. The real battle fields now are schools and universities. This is the place where the offspring gets not only education but also their values and beliefs. It is hard to fight lefties there but it should be done. Ultimately it depends on the next generation if this country will turn into a banana republic and succumb to China and Islamic world and western civilization dies, or it will survive and prosper.

    3. It is very important to have a very distinctive and smart ideology / program / slogans etc., it's your self image. It must be very understandable, very clear, very attractive, so that people want to join you and share your ideas.

    It should be understood that you are not "supremacists" or racists. You are advocates for the most oppressed social group in the United States: white men. They are oppressed by every minority and most of all by their own women. Every social group in the States have their own organizations and support group but white men who are attacked from all sides.

    Jewish people are white people. Period. You should not reject Jews or oppose Jews. You have to win their heart so that they support the cause and help rebuilt the American society.

    4. You should reveal very clearly that democrats are exploiting a loophole in the democratic society: they give privileges and social benefits to the non-working useless people to cheaply buy their votes. This has nothing to do with left ideology. Left ideology and lefties are just cheap and convenient tools for democrats to gain for influence and more money. They take from working people and give it to low life in exchange for their votes. This practice is debasing American society and eventually will kill the country. There should be a new amendment to the Constitution: WHO DOES NOT PAY TAXES DOES NOT VOTE! That is the only way to keep up the high quality of American society.

    5. You should constantly convey the idea that there are no rights without responsibilities. No one can have additional rights, not only in terms of Law, but also MORAL rights just because they are black or white or green or purple or they are women or gay or transgender or eight legs spidery looking humanoid. Any ideology or supporting activity that aims any of these groups should be counted as extremist, including feminism, gay propaganda, affirmative (bl)action, any special funds, grants etc. aimed at specific social group - blacks, women, Muslim, Philippines, Lunar Aliens etc. should be outlawed.

    Well, enough said for one post. If I get any feedback / questions, I'll be happy to answer.


      Does that include sales tax? Utilities tax? Car registration tax? etc. etc.- because if it does that means you are okay with Illegals and non-citizens voting.

      The average poor or lower economic grouping "working poor" household may not pay income taxes. but still pay an average of $240 per month to the government through other forms of taxation.

      The private land thing was a good idea. Or just a private club or someone's back yard.

      People should not get "extra" rights. and there is no 'hate crime". Crime is crime.

      Denigrating white females- but being "inclusive" to non-white men- -since I am not on your team and not really on your side. Go for it.

    2. The only tax suitable for property qualifications is income tax. Restoring property qualifications as a part of voting rights is the only way to close the loophole in the election mechanism where politicians manipulate the constituency, buying voices for welfare and other social benefits. So, those who work and pay income tax can vote and those who are burden to the society must not.

      I am not on any team. I am a free stander, just helping out you guys to fix your country. As to your females, it's entirely up to you to decide if it's worth it to cure them from feminism and female supremacy disease and turn them into devoted wives and good mothers or leave them be and marry Philippine mail brides like a lot of desperate American men do. As you know, denial ain't just a river in Egypt :)

      Finally, the white man's burden is not to segregate from non-white men and dominate the society to the expense of all other groups. It's rather to propagate the western civilized lifestyle to all races, so that they follow your lead and finally non-white men differ from white men only by the color of their skin.

    3. The United States allows foreign ownership of property and they pay taxes on it. So in your system a wealthy foreigner who got here last week- or even has never lived here but owns property may vote- but not a lower income American citizen who'es family has been here for 400 years - but rents and works for minimum wages.

      The rest- i have different understanding. But you know! The Alt-"Right" will agree with you on most things. You have found your home, old boy!. Similar mentality and mental wavelength.

      I am not Alt-"Right".

    4. Yes, non-immigrant business owners and permanent residents who make income on the U.S. soil pay income tax. But they are not U.S. citizens so the Constitution does not let them vote just for that reason. The restoration of property qualifications principle in the Constitution is necessary to make sure that only responsible and robust citizens can vote.

      Low income is not crime to some degree, BUT: the only difference between feral n who eat out of a trash can and annoy you at every gas station begging cash and finally rob a liquor store and go to prison, and ignorant toothless inbred crackers living in FLA swamps or Appalachian mountains and having no other property than an all-rusty truck and a Confederate flag, is that the first breed of morons uses crack and the latter one uses methamphetamine. Bug f... difference,eh? Those dying breeds are on the wrong side of progress and they will imminently cease to exist.

      Now, only those who have creative intellect, determination and persistence have future in America because it is a very dynamic civilization. Not all white men but only intelligent white men is the most productive social group that has all those qualities in the highest concentration and in the right proportion. And that is why this social group must lead the society, shape it up and eventually achieve the point where the entire nation will possess those qualities and every citizen will become a valuable resource for the nation. The white man's burden is to lead the society to that point and keep it that way.

      If, hypothetically, say, not white men but black women, or Mexican immigrants, or some Indian tribe had those qualities in higher concentration than the white men, it would be logical that they lead the society on its way to civilization. Because it's not about race, it's about the level of organization of human life. Inferior savage life should dwindle, superior civilized life should grow.

    5. I'm sure most of the alt-right would agree with you. Seeing as how it is full of high quality minds who are going to bring the people to a better situation.

      but I love and respect my (white American) folk at all times- so that includes those "inbred crackers" and the people in the Appalachians with the rusty truck. I love that rusty truck too. And we like the same music.

      and they vote and see the world much like i do. I'm a peasant. A sheep in need of a good Shepherd.

      Chuck Yeager is an Appalachian man. Loretta Lynn is from the area. Some of my favorite Americans ever are such. So I just don't see things the same way that you guys do.

    6. I hear you man. My skin maybe whiter than yours but I have at least 4 different types of blood in my veins, that is Polish, Russian, Jewish and Spanish. I am not a peasant, though. I am a scientist and I stick to the realistic approach to things. The operative word here is FEASIBILITY.

      What is the ultimate goal? To eradicate the main ideological flaw that corrupts this country: the ultra-liberal belief that useless people should be awarded with social benefits, privileges and additional rights for their uselessness. When this goal is achieved, all the dirty foam will dissipate. Without financial aid and moral support useless people will have to put themselves to use and work hard like everybody else.

      Is it feasible to achieve this goal with your Appalachian people? They were too lazy even to help me build a retaining wall in my yard for $15 an hour. I had to hire Mexicans! Too lazy to build a retaining bloody wall, let alone revolution! :)

      Well if you're a serious man you'll have to forget your sentimental attachments and not wait for a Shepherd but rather use your own intellect. Not every white man deserves to rule this country and not every man who does might be perfectly white :) As I said, it's not a matter of skin color but rather intellect, self-discipline and determination.

      There are lots of smart and highly educated people among radical liberals who inspire the idea of taking from hard working people and giving to parasites. If you want to destroy their plot, restore respect to labor and declare the "who does not work does not eat" rule, you have to be more intelligent, determined, self disciplined and persistent than your enemy that steals from you and defames you at the same time. In that, I have more belief in Jews than Appalachians, sorry. Jews were the very engine of the Russian revolution a century ago, you know. Because they were smart and determined.

      Think for yourself, man, what do you want? To restore segregation and start a perpetual war with other ethnic groups? This goal is not feasible. This war can't be won. Or rather force back to work those ethnic groups who prefer to live on welfare and food stamps and fight for more benefits? With the proper efforts this can be done. Nobody dies, everybody wins, even those who will have to work for their bread rather than take it from the government, because they will get the reason to respect themselves.

    7. "Polish, Russian, Jewish and Spanish"

      It shows.

    8. My family are Yankees. Ethnically and otherwise. Although we did have a Confederate or two in our woodpile.

    9. I am a Yankee in every sense of that word. So we aren't going to be getting along very well.

      so good luck. The Eugenisists in the alt-"Right" will love you.

    10. Well, I am a Russian American. I speak fluent Russian, I can look at American culture deeply from inside but I also can view it from the Russian cultural vantage point and see things that guys like you can never see from the inside. We surely don't need to be friends but we have to somehow co-exist peacefully.

      One thing I can tell you for sure: without proper allies your Yankee tribe will keep losing this country faster and faster. The writing is on the wall...

    11. We already lost it, Pastor. Catholics and Jewish and New-hyphen-Americans run it now. We got flooded out. Let Yankeedom be a cautionary tale to all.

      But it frees us to continue our Manifest Destiny. Maybe Eastern Russia or Central Asia, Turkey, Africa, Middle East and Levant and Eastern Mediterranean. Can't go back to Britain or Europe. Our ancestors left for a reason. And that reason still exists. I like little colonies of Yankees and Friends. We can try to take back control of our country too. Slowly, methodically- quietly. We don't have anything else to do.

    12. Oh man... It looks like you still don't realize what is to _really_ lose the country. Try South Africa! It was a civilized country at times. You know who ruined it? The same world liberals who are now ruining this country. They were pandering to Kaffirs thinking that right after they take power they become civilized people... Now South Africa is in a worse state than Iraq or Somali. If those lefties keep doing what they are doing, pandering to food stampers and other low life, you will lose your country THAT way. I mean, New York will turn into a type of favela... Like, you stop on an intersection and a feral nigger or am illegal MS-13 spic will shoot you in the head and throw your body on the pavement because he kinda liked your car and decided to take it. I've seen many those things in Russia and it ain't pretty.

      The only way for you Yankees and all other Snow Whites to avoid that plight is to ally with every social group who have brains and want to live civilized life. Or just want to LIVE, period. You have no other choice than swallow your white pride at least temporarily and form a strategic alliance with everybody who can help you save your white skin.

    13. I wouldn't trade one lazy drug addled hillbilly for the entirety of Russia and all the 'aristocrats" in the Alt 'Right", the global 'left' and all the world... and you all are parasites on my sacred country.

      So don't leave even one of us alive. Not one. You point a gun- motherfuckers- you better pull that trigger. Or it'll be the last time you anti-American fucks ever do anything.

    14. Gosh... if all the people you advocate for have the same brain power and thinking capacity you will end up in a reservation just like Indian tribes at a time...

      Civilized people you oppose to have not a slightest intention to shoot you or exterminate you any other way. But you need some brains to intellectually compete with other tribes to survive in your sacred country.

      You need brains to get good education, well paid job, command a good income to support your family and raise your children. You also need brains to stand up for your won kind politically, culturally, historically. But first of all you have to survive economically. A "lazy drug addled hillbilly" won't make it.

      I feel sorry for you, man. I take it, you're an adult man yet you think like an adolescent sulking in his bedroom at the whole world. Grow up, man!

    15. The Indian tribes made a treaty with my folk and they have their own lands- larger than most European nations. I would love for my Tribe to have it's own reservation. I would love the same deal we gave them.
      You are a parasite.
      You can put my folk in the middle of the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia or the darkest jungle in Africa-with nothing but some Bibles and come back in 100 years and they would have built again a great Empire that you parasites - camp followers-will want to come and live in with us-- after you low life- low minds, low quality people- have destroyed my country and turned it into a 2nd world nation. Just like the other countries people like your mentality run.

      You can't compete with us. You aren't in our league.
      I can't wait for the war. I want to die in it.

    16. and for you Europeans, Aussies, Canadians- this absurd conversation is coming to you too. Take it from Yankee. Get used to it.
      this ignorant cow Duke Of Bilgewater- New -American explains
      that some Scot like Millennial Woes shouldn't be allowed to vote in Scotland becuase he doesn't pay income tax and own property.
      Or in Germany some German who rents in Berlin and works at the coffee shop. NO voting in thier own country.. Or a Knickerbocker that lives in New York but rents must not be allowed to vote.

      This is what is coming to you. It just happened to Yankee first.

    17. You and people like you are a disgrace to you country, no matter what skin color you are. You have no brains, no common sense and no future.
      Look at you, a pathetic wimp who wants to die in a war rather than live in peace! You are the parasite! People like you can't even build a fucking retaining wall for a good pay. I had to hire Mexicans because whites were good for nothing.

      Who makes your umbrellas, linen, furniture, teapots etc? Chinese. Who picks your oranges and tomatoes? Mexicans. Who writes your software? Indians and Ukrainians. Who treats you in hospitals? Philippine nurses. Who brews crystal meth for your proud while Americans? Ah, well, some other white Americans. Still can make with their own hands at least something.

      Shame on you, man. You must be the cream of the nation to dominate the country. And you are NOTHING! No brain, no imagination. Go and get some medical help. A psychiatrist would be your best bet. The only thing is, they are kinda expensive and I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't have a medical insurance. Because to get that insurance you need to have some qualifications.

      You want to make this country better? Good! Start with yourself. Get some education. If you have no such capability and all you can do is brag about your pedigree, go and please yourself sexually.

    18. I manufacture and design and can make anything useful. 90 percent is international.Compete with and far outperform the best that the US, Russia, Korea, Japan, France and UK ( the competitors) have to offer. Was so happy that Trump won- went and lowered my prices- to do my part in Making America Great Again.

      But i went and lost my marbles over what happened lately.

      i have lowered myself- so low - that i am talking to you- an enemy- on the internet.
      So to hell with me.

      and yes, i want to die in the war.

  8. That part about the jews is total crap they are the enemy, with jews you lose.

    1. Listen man, Do you obey Ten Commandments? Do you believe in God? Then you have to always remember that it's Jewish God and Ten Commandments were written in Hebrew. Therefore, you are pretty much Jewish yourself, too. If you are not, then you are a non-believer, an infidel, and as such you're no good for the cause.

    2. Muslims have the 10 Commandments too. All Christians as well- including those from Zimbabwe.. You have a very big tent. Very inclusive.

      A person has to do a lot more than go by the 10 Commandments to be included in the Jewish Tribes.

  9. Under the circumstances,the poor man was defending his life by mowing down anti fa,as for paid stand down orders from Soros, police,Gov and mayor must be fired all their retirement to be seized for reparations and damages imo

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  11. Sure. America is the immigrant's country. The only thing that keeps it afloat and makes it great is fresh immigrant's blood. So there...

  12. I have a suggestion for the Alt-Right. When you go to a rally, wear a plastic pistol on your hip. The leftist attackers will be reluctant to attack you for obvious reasons. They won't know whether or not your pistols are real. There's no law against carrying a toy in a holster. They will turn into wimps instantly.




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