Monday, 25 September 2017


The central question of German politics since 1945 was always: “How will nationalism make its comeback to the German political mainstream?” Like a good suspense novel the German political system kept us guessing for a long time and even threw in a few political red herrings.
  • Would the Cold War see a form of German nationalism revived as a counterpoint to the militarism of the Soviet Union? Some of the scenes from the 1965 movie Battle of the Bulge clearly hinted at this.
  • Would Helmut Kohl’s 1990 reunification of east and west lead to a less cucked Fatherland that wasn’t scared of its own historical shadow?
  • Would the NPD be able to brush off its rough edges and overcome infiltrators from the security services to edge out of its East German ghettos?
  • And what about Pegida?
There was plenty to keep us guessing. All these narratives caught our attention for a while, only to reveal themselves as entertaining distractions. But, finally, with the results of Sunday’s election we were given our answer – the true German post-war miracle, the return of a nationalist party, with some caveats, to mainstream German politics was down to the machinations of Germany’s most brilliant and scheming politician of the last 20 years, Angela Merkel.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


It seems that the Spanish government is now willing to take a few pages out of the General Franco playbook to quash the separatist movement that has been gaining ground in Catalonia.

With a referendum on independence scheduled for October 1st, the Spanish government has launched a crackdown that may in fact only inflame the situation. State police have raided regional government offices, arrested Catalan officials organising the referendum, and seized ballot papers, ballot boxes, voting lists, and electoral material and literature. Now the finance ministry is also turning the screws to cut off funding for the vote.


by Colin Liddell AUDIO VERSION AVAILABLE HERE In recent days, the news cycle has been dominated by so-called "racism" ...