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A based Black man in Kenya has bravely called out gays for corrupting the country's lions, after a image appeared of two young male lions in a compromising position

Ezekiel Mutua, the head of Kenya's Film Classification Board, said the lions may have copied their apparently homosexual behaviour from gay men visiting Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve, who then indulged in anal sex in view of the animals.

If our lions begin this homosexual behaviour then that will surely be the end of the animal species.— Dr. Ezekiel Mutua (@EzekielMutua) November 2, 2017

Scientists should study this bizarre behaviour. Like in humans, the main purpose of sex is procreation.— Dr. Ezekiel Mutua (@EzekielMutua) November 2, 2017"

He also said the animals may need counselling to recover.

Of course, this caused the usual shitstorm from gays and Lefties, and prompted shitlib newspapers like Britain's low-grade Left-wing tabloid Daily Mirror to run shrieking headlines like:
To see a man who is clearly respected by his own people treated in this way because of his "folk wisdom" smacks just a little of blatant racism to me.

In fact, it seems that some Western leftists are so prone to knee-jerk reactions that they completely miss what anyone outside their little echo chambers says. In doing so, they reveal not only their ignorance but their racist assumptions about Blacks being stupid.

Yes, Blacks on average, have lower IQs than Whites -- quite a lot lower -- but they also have a down-to-Earth wisdom about many things that puts the shrill hive-mind hysteria of Leftists to shame.

Let me explain.

What is going on here is a little more complex. Mutua, as an respected "elder" in his society, is using both humour and analogy to get a wider and much more important point across. A good comparison would be with the ancient storyteller Aesop, who used simple tales of animals to convey more complex points.

What Mutua is really talking about here is the way that outside influence corrupts the soul not of animals but of the Kenyan people.

Kenya, as a poor country open to the West, has become known increasingly as a sex tourism destination. This takes many forms:


Can you imagine how fat and shapeless she was before she discovered this new exercise?


Yes, that guy is actually wearing a diaper!
 And of course... GAY SHIT

One of Kenya's internationally famous "gay prostitutes"
For several years gay sex tourism to Kenya, aimed at its "Lions" (code for its young men), has been a serious problem, as this report from the Kenyan newspaper the Star reveals:
"A New trend of commercial sex tourism has emerged in Malindi targeting young boys to engage in affairs with tourists for money. It is alleged that the boys, majority of whom are from poverty stricken families, are lured into the "trade" by rich tourists who promise them financial rewards afterwards.

Malindi deputy county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha and police boss Kiprono Lang’at said the cases are rampant in the resort town. Speaking at HGM Primary School during a public baraza yesterday, Nkanatha said the male prostitution is high in Malindi and has contributed to the increased cases of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections."
Let that be a warning to you, Liberals, next time you dismiss the folk wisdom of "simple Africans" just because they don't phrase things in a way that signals compliance with your perverted agenda.

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  1. this is an anti-white lie of omission and manipulation. so is your pizza obsession. and your BDS stories.
    it says more about the alt right producers than it does about reality.

    1. Another idiot who comments without reading.

    2. It's me, Liddell. I forgot to put the name. You have to ban me again.
      The British have a cultural trait that has been honed to a fine art.
      It is saying something but speaking in implications. So they will say a thing.. but that sentence or image will be hanging in a cloud of nuanced implications. The British say more with unspoken words than they do with words. And it goes over most people's heads-sometimes they want it that way. But they understand each other very well. It gives you guys an edge. A very sharp one.

      There are no gay lions. The implication of those photos and academic and media pranking and trolling the public with them is to normalize homosexuality. To annoy and to hurt and "rub their faces in it" To make it seem natural. To imply that it is natural- even among the animals.

      Right wing media uses the very same images for the very same purposes- but they will act like they don't approve while serving it up to an old school public who looks to them and trust them. Life is tough out here in joe publicville- who are not media. And don't make their money off shocking and trying to degenerate people and provoking them. The media, artistic classes,academics are becoming like those little gremlins.

      There are neuro-linguistic word associations. Cheese pizza. Pepperoni pizza. hot dogs. lions. All of it goes into your brain and attaches duel meanings that weren't there before. This is done on purpose by people who, in the old days, they used to say were contributing to the corruption of innocence. The kind of guy who would show dirty pictures to young boys. It used to be illegal.

      But the media people and the artistic classes- including academics are all sort of subversive that way today. It's fun for them to throw in a little pornographic word associations. Or imagery. Like in Fight Club book. Corrupting minors.

      Using two false stories. They are false.

      The photos show two white people walking on a beach with Africans. You dont know why they are. You are just putting ideas into people heads. Or someone put them into yours. That old fellow looks like that is a nurse who is taking him on a trip to the beach. Nothing sexual at all. You dont know the relationship the African guy have with that heavy set lady. Either.

      Female sex tourism is nearly not a thing. It is a thing heavily promoted by the British media and literary community however. The alt right also say ladies were having sex with migrants.It a fake news. It's a lie. Maybe you guys dont' know it'a a lie.

      So that's three bogus photos with heavy pornographic and anti- white implications. Using imagery and the power of suggestion. Putting that stuff in peoples minds.

      The media is doing a lot of pranks on the common public now.

      There are also many word associations that cancel each other out cognitively.

      I was hoping the alt right was gong to be the good guys.
      But Puritans will put you all to go live in Pennsylvania with your Leftist social brethern.

    3. On the BDS - you know i meant something else. I think i got the letter wrong.

      Well, anyway. I have been doing my private personal BDS- the meaning you give it- for years. To the extent that i can.

      I think boycott to the extent that it is possible is a powerful tool for reclaiming ourselves.. It may not work for long becuase they have more money than they know what to do with.

      And money grows exponentially. So does power.

      After they have all the money they want... money becomes a worthless commodity - a mere tool -and it is the power it buys that they want. So over time they will commandeer your alternative media and political movements and boycotts.

      But they can't commandeer your heart and your soul and your mind if you dont let it. nor The air and the sky. That bugs them. Good.

    4. As you saw in the Bolshevik Revolution....they will commandeer even the food and then decide who eats and who doesn't. Who lives and who doesn't.
      The Alt rigthopshere identifies with the hierarchy and castes and the "elite". But I and people like me identify with the commoners... for whom the proverbial shit that rolls down hill always rolls onto.

      The scariest thing in the world to me is the idea that a person can't own a piece of land. it terrifies me. the idea that the State owns everything as we are just tenents..
      That is why i dont like nationalist as posited in the Alt Right. Nationalizing scares me. it's a kind of State communism by another name.
      I equate it with fear, starvation and shortage and poverty and corruption over time.

    5. Nationalism and nationalizing under State control are not the same thing. I see it equated in the alt rightopshere often. But they often are. Sometimes certian things are better in a nationalized form. But those things must be carefully approached. It rarely applies.

      When they have industries nationalized it distorts the economy of that country. You see in it all countries where large chunks of the economies have been nationalized. Or is in the hands of a very small group of people. It often will work great for a generation or two. But it devolves. and it gets really ugly when it does. And it always does.

    6. The other thing the Alt Rigthtopshere goes on about that the Left does too is private corporations and capitalism as evils in the world to be done away and nationalized.
      Corporations have done wonders for the quality of life on this planet that no little business can accomplish. and vice versa. Capitalism allows for little businesses and for large. Ebay for example- a corporation and Paypal allowed millions of little businesses who would never have otherwise had a chance to grow and thrive and prosper. It is not evil per se. It can be evil.

      Gub'mint is supposed to be a fair referee in the game. not a bought off referee.

  2. There is a false choice that the alt right posits of antifa vs the Alt right. Or communism versus fascism.
    You are all pornographers working for the same pimp. and there are other/better choices besides your pied piper nasty gay BDS obsessed porno promotion.
    You are lucky Puritans are not in charge. Never let us get in charge.

  3. What the fuck are Anonymous and frontiers sayin?

    1. That was fun. Get ready to Ramble! Have a nice day.



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