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Let me be very clear here: I like the Jews and I like Israel. I especially like the fact that the state of Israel was essentially a colonial state founded at the very time (1948-1967) when the tide of history was flowing most strongly against colonialism. That almost puts it next to Rhodesia in my holy pantheon of based, un-PC states. But unfortunately, like Rhodesia, there has always been a sense that Israel is ultimately doomed.

OK, right now it has a sizeable nuclear arsenal and the support of the World's only superpower, while the rest of the Middle East is cucked or in chaos. But the long-term trends are against it. It really was a mistake putting it where they did–in the heart of Islamic civilisation.

A poor appreciation of geopolitical Feng Shui.

Because of this enormous initial mistake, the state of Israel has had to rely increasingly on powerful lobbying in the West. But the problem with lobbying is that you have to keep it low profile, behind the scenes, and in the shadows. Israel did a good job at this for many decades. But, as the internal contradictions of Israel's existence increasingly bite, it has had to lean more and more heavily on this lobby stick:
"Please, Goyim, can you invade Iraq for me?" "Please Goyim can you put Hezbollah on your terrorist list?" "Please Goyim can you kill Qaddafi for me?" "Please, Goyim, can you foment an uprising against the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt?" "Please, Goyim, can you get rid of Assad for me?" "Please, Goyim, can you do something about Iran?" etc., etc. 
The paradox of power, however, is that the more you are forced to use it, the more you are liable to lose it; and something similar is now being seen with regard to Israel's lobbying power. In particular it is becoming too well known, practically a meme now, which is not healthy for something that feeds on the public's ignorance and breathes the air of smoke-filled rooms.

Criticised Israel. Probably a Nazi.
First there was the BDS movement, which was taken up, among others, by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. You can be sure that the entire Left now see Israel in the terms framed by this essentially anti-colonialist and anti-White impulse.

Then it was "political realists," like Nigel Farage  who recently matter-of-factly referred to the Jewish lobby and immediately provoked a Streisand Effect response that just spread the meme far and wide. If Farage is saying this, we know that Trump and others are at least thinking it.

Now, even sympathetic Judeophiles are jumping on board, with the revelation that Prince Charles is more than a little aware of how the Jewish lobby has been working all these years. That should open plenty of eyes.

The revelation comes in a letter to his now deceased friend Laurens van der Post, recently published by the Daily Mail, in which the Prince writes:
"I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause the great problems."
Even though the letter dates from 1986, it serves the function of once again underlining how vital the Israeli lobby is to the existence of Israel; and, by so doing, reminding the World that Israel is not a state like any other, but one that requires a constant effort of will, exercised in halls of power across the World, in order to exist. It exists, so to speak, "at a stretch."

Charles having a grand old time with his Arab pals.

The more that people dwell on this, the more cramped become those muscles expanded in the effort to maintain Israel.

This situation is not unlike the last attempt to insert an alien entity into the Middle East, the noble Crusades of revered memory. That too required constant lobbying by powerful groups in the West, until people simply lost interest and allowed the states or states created by the Crusades to swing in the inhospitable wind.

The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem existed from 1099 to 1187, a period of 88 years. Israel, founded in 1948, may surpass this figure but one wonders by how many years.

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  1. The image is a bit misleading. In 1949, when Israel was founded, the Near East wasn't as monolithic Islamic as today. Christians constituted 10-20 percent in all neighbouring countries and in case of the Lebanon even the majority.

    Arabs aren't that dominating in the region too as it may appear. Israel can count on exploiting the ethnic divisions between Arabs, Kurds, Persians and Turks.

    1. Alas, the attempt to break up the basic anti-Israel texture of the region by setting up a strong Kurdish state seems to have come to grief.

  2. You gave Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Liberia and Armenia and a few other non-muslim countries to the muslims. The Christians of the
    Middle East aren't going anywhere. Those that left will return. To Turkey even.
    When you go to Turkey you will notice that when they go to show you all the cool stuff- almost none of it is Turkish.

    that map that gives over countries to muslims that isn't muslim- I hope you are just speaking for irano-cuckisphere and not speaking for Britain.

    The jews will expand and eventually even get along with Her neighbors.
    The Eastern Mediterranean is a good place.
    A lot of people want to steal it. They are using migrations and demographics as weapons. Most especially against the Christians of Lebanon... and other parts of the Middle East. That will change.

    Hezbollah and the other trouble makers like Muslim Brotherhood are going to be defeated becuase they are disrupting the region and holding it back. Not allowing anything good to get going for long.

    Anyone that makes itself an enemy and a threat to Europeans or British is making a mistake. That includes the leadership of Europe itself.

  3. But first there is going to be some more chaos. And they will learn the value of peace and order.

    What is the connection between the old East Germany, Terrorist activites and Qaddafi?

  4. Is their a connection between the British National Party, British agents and Propaganda Due members?

    Is there a connection between certain European and British alt righteers, and Assad or Nasser or Iran?

    did certain alt righters recruit for trouble making in Israel? Lebanon?

    Did Qaddafi threaten Europeans not once but as a rule and a strategy? What were his connections to organized crime and money laundering in Europe?

    who controls the Mediterranean?

    where are my car keys?

  5. So much attention has been paid to USA errors. So much mockery and taunting and schadenfreude of Americans. But here we are. still kicking.

    Terrible errors in judgement and policy were made and are being made by most of the leaders in that region. and many Europeans too.

    Historic betrayal, theft, underestimating,taunting and misunderstanding the Americans. Even now.

    We aren't fighting those wars for Israel.

    Blowback? Holy Jihad? You bet. But not the kind Ron Paul or Osama or Qaddafi was talking about. the other kind.

  6. and the alt right position on fossil fuel. Some other people were taunting like that a few years ago. Wanting to hold the world hostage. Making it hard for poor countries to afford the fuel. Demanding a pound of flesh. Pushing 2nd and 1rst world buying countries around...... Famous last words.

  7. If Israel lebanon as.before.the.consequences.will be disastrous for her.

  8. AIPAC should be thought of as a foriegn government parasite that infects and controls our middle eastern foreign policy.



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