Leftie liberal dim-wits have a standard put down for anyone who disagrees with their take on the world, namely to ascribe a “phobia” to those they disagree with.

Apparently, if you want less immigration, that proves you suffer from “xenophobia” (hatred or fear of foreigners) or worse.

By the same logic, if you don’t want daffodils in your garden, that must prove you suffer from “daffophobia” (OK, I made that word up!) though for some strange reason leftie liberal dim-wits (sometimes known as “leftards” – a cross between the words left and retard) don’t accuse anyone of daffophobia (but maybe now they will!).

Likewise, if you aren’t too keen on Muslim sex gangs, murdering cartoonists and authors, and other Islamic delights, that makes you an “Islamophobe,” according to leftards.

Any normal person thinks twice before ascribing hatred to others, particularly as it’s near impossible to prove with any certainty exactly what someone’s motives are for doing something. But leftards are not normal people. Even supposedly intelligent liberal lefties, aka BBC and Guardian journalists, have ascribed hate to those they disagree with a thousand times over the last ten years without so much as the beginnings of an attempt to justify the accusation.

Now for Iran.

In the last few days, there has been an outbreak of anti-Muslim sentiment in an Islamic country – shock horror. That’s Iran.

Of course, there are several other reasons for popular resentment of the Muslim clerics who rule Iran: high unemployment, alleged corruption among the ruling Islamo elite. Plus there is a long history of foreign interference (mainly from the US, UK, and various allies) and subversion in the country. But objections by the population to having Islam thrust down their throats is a significant part of the picture: the picture of a woman stranding on a pedestal and mocking her niquab by putting it on the end of a stick and waving it in the air has become iconic.

But events in Iran pose a huge problem for the West’s political left: most of the so-called political left will be earnestly trying to work out how those actually living under the Islamic boot can possibly object to being forced to wear Islamic head-gear and abide by various other rules of Islam.

The silence from the Labour Party on Iran has been deafening, and you can see the Labour Party’s problem, can’t you? If they support the “Islamophobes” in Iran, that conflicts with the Labour Party’s own unstinting praise (or silence) on unsavoury Muslim behaviour and the other wonders of Islam. On the other hand, the Labour Party cannot be seen to back a collection of ultra-conservative clerics straight out of the 13th century.

But we mustn’t be too harsh on the Labour Party. Shariaesa May is almost as keen to sell Britain and the rest of Europe out to Islam in exchange for a bit of “peace in our time.”

Or as Winston Churchill put it, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Originally published at Civil Liberty

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  1. Iran is Iranians problem...best to stay out.