Great, the New Year is finally here! But why should this simple change of calendar be the cause of any joy and excitement? Simple, because a new year is always bad news for any old and discredited ideology and extremely good news for any new and growing one.

Right now the latter category only includes the Alt-Right, while the former includes everything else, from Radical Islam and Cuckservatism to Liberalism and Leftist Globalism. For an ideology like the Alt-Right, the New Year and the passage of time can only be good thing.

So, in the spirit of optimism that this season engenders, let's look at how we can all get ahead this year.

Here is my 6-point plan for what the Alt-Right could and should do to maximise its impact in the year ahead:

Point One: Fully realise that our ideas are already hegemonic

Many people in the Alt-Right take a "tribal" view to their beliefs, along the lines of "I hold these views because they are our views" or "I support these people because they are our people."

That's great, of course, but it is hardly exerting political or metapolitical dominance. It is more like saying, "Just leave us alone to be ourselves." Let me tell you, nobody in world history ever found that to be a winning strategy. The fact is, if you believe anything, you have to believe it is the best, or there's no point.

If you don't believe that your ideas and people are the best, but support them solely on the basis of them being the closest to you, you are simply storing up future nihilism that will rot and eat you and yours from within.

The way round this kind of feel-based solipsism is to remind yourself that the core principles of the Alt-Right are universal, in accord with the verities of eternity, and outflank, frame, and transcend all lesser ideologies.

Point Two: Take the moral high ground

The Alt-Right got its start in some respects by pissing on the steps of the temples of preceding ideologies. We took pleasure in trolling and shocking these fusty and flawed world views by saying what we knew would shock and horrify them. We were the ones outside throwing stones at the windows. It was fun and quite justified by the situation of the times, but it also involved us in morally noxious behaviour.

Times have changed and we no longer have to resort to such tactics to get attention. We have outgrown the enfant terrible role, especially since our ideology actually represents the moral core of the World and indeed the Universe. All other moralities are diseased, solipsistic, lopsided, and degenerate (in every sense of that word), as they all ultimately lead to weakness, sickness, death, and decay.

The Alt-Right, by contrast, stands for all that gives health and power to individuals, nations, and civilisations. We stand for healthy families, growing demographics within the context of a sustainable environment, and economics that eschew the parasitical, while also reaching with one hand towards and beyond the heavens, but lacking the hubris that has brought down preceding civilisations.

What we believe in is a thing of absolute and terrible moral beauty, and one that enables us to project moral power over everything and in all directions. There is only one pair of feet that will not besmirch the moral high road by walking on it, and that pair of feet is ours. Our role is to be the sainted sage who sees all, explains all, and points the world in the right direction.

The petty trollery of the past, with its cheap, defensive insults and attempts to trigger the clearly inferior should be a thing left to the light infantry of our movement and shunned by its higher lights, especially as nothing will infuriate our opponents—and thus weaken them—better than the calm assumption of moral superiority and our own unquestioned assurance that we are the best of men with the best of ideas.

Point Three: Allow division and drama its place but keep it in context and don't lose sight of the main prize

Getting all the Alt-Right on the same page has often been compared to herding cats, and the movement is notorious for what appear to be unnecessary divisions. But this is a false evaluation of what is actually a non-problem.

All the divisions in the Alt-Right are in fact necessary because of what we are—imperfectly evolved humans with petty egos and partial understanding caught up in occasional social dynamic waves that exaggerate and distort passions and perceptions. This means that internal divisions and controversies, like the recent "tradthot" nonsense and the long-running Spencer-Johnson animosity, will continue to flare up from time to time.

The key point, however, is not to take any of these at face value, but instead to link them immediately to our own human foibles and then laugh them off with a suitable dose of Jovian laughter, while at the same time drawing attention to the core principals of the Alt-Right, in which true unity lies.

Point Four: Always engage because when our ideas touch their ideas, their ideas die

Because of the invincibility of our ideas, the main threat to the Alt-Right has always been no-platforming, isolating, and quarantining of our ideas. Anything that allows us to engage is therefore good, anything that gives our opponents an easy excuse to disengage is bad.

This is where the Alt-Right really started to go seriously wrong in 2016, with the destructive Alt-Right/ Alt-Lite division and stupid purity spiralling, combined with intensified clickbait trolling, using Neo-Nazi language, terminology, and attitudes—in short "Stormerism."

The pointless purity spiralling, first of all, increased the tendency towards solipsistic and unhegemonic tribalism in the movement, while also cutting off several gateways to our message. Meanwhile, the Stormerism gave the establishment the moral "window dressing" it needed to deplatform us.

While 2016 appeared to be the high point of the movement in terms of results—with both Brexit and Trump—the fact was it was a tactical shit show with the rising dominance of the "Stormerist" tendency, spreading through TRS and Counter-Currents to NPI, concluding with the Heilgate controversy.

2017, by contrast, has been a much more positive year with the emergence of competing Optics-positive tendencies within the movement. In 2018 the Alt-Right should maximise its engagement by avoiding any hints of cheap racism, Anti-Semitism, homophobia, and sexism, while retaining its relentless Jovian objectivism and critique on all subjects.

Point Five: Keep the movement multipolar

While our ideological core gives our movement a transcendent unity that will inevitably result in absolute power, the form in which our hegemonic ideas will secure the levers of power is not yet clear. We therefore need to push in many directions and maintain a plurality of competing entities that each strive to realise our core principals.

The Alt-Right is not only a fast growing movement caused by very real "push" factors like the rising load of globalism, multiculturalism, and economic chicanery, but it is also a movement with enormous teleological pull, as it is the only movement that can fulfil a positive human destiny.

As a movement of growth, it would be erroneous to centralise the movement prematurely, as this would kill new growth areas, deaden necessary internal debates, and potentially create a complacent leadership cadre that could assume increasingly parasitical, tribal, and therefore unhegemonic characteristics.

Point Six: Maximise

The tactical principle of the Alt-Right should be maximisation, in other words, to be the best in every possible way—further, faster, higher, deeper.

We should constantly improve our knowledge, arguments, presentation, morality, and collective spirit. We should also increase our areas of operation, from the philosophical and the cultural to the activist and political, seeking out specific campaigns and other public arenas to extend our reach to new members and normies in the greater society.

This should all be done with complete confidence in our ultimate victory, evangelical fervour, and charity towards our own occasional shortcomings, of which there will continue to be many.

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  1. This is good. I'm optimistic for 2018.

    1. I will start to be optimistic when we have control of parliament, mass media, academia, the arts community, trade unions, churches and "civil society" as a whole - all of which are in the hands of our enemies.

      Until then I simply hold it with Neo:

      Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why, why? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? ... You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?
      Neo: Because I choose to.

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  3. This is a strong foundation. Capable of holding the many seperate bricks that make up our movement.

  4. great stuff....we need to be positive and not and science should be a opposed to sending our american tax dollars overseas and spending them in wars

  5. Thoughtful article with many good points however you keep refering to our 'core principals' without defining what these are. I dont believe there is a consensus on this. Im not even sure the Alt-right agrees on who is the core enemy of white societies. This needs to be clarified for clear goals to be made.

  6. I'm alt light and I have no problem with most of the alt right. But I've gotten death threats from the stormer anti Semites. As long as you tolerate the Nazi-anti semites, you will go nowhere. I agreed with Valerie Plame when she went after the 'pro war all the time' faction of the Jewish neocons. That doesn't make me, or her, an anti Semite.
    It's these articles and thoughts that attract me, and millions of others to the movement. It's the Nazi anti Semites that push me away.

  7. I love this meta-strategic vision! Thank you. (And, sorry my vacation time production has been so low). You have made us excited about our 2018 prospects. GOOOooooOOO COLIN & Alt-Right!

    I would, however, appreciate clarification on this sentence: "In 2018 the Alt-Right should maximise its engagement by avoiding any hints of cheap racism, Anti-Semitism, homophobia, and sexism, . . . " Do you mean just base name calling. Because there are substantive issues here that we need to engage.

    I also like Leonie's asking for specifying 'core principles'.

    Thanks for your work, Culturist John Press,

    1. Cheers, John. Looking forward to your contributions throughout the year.

  8. dr johan feelgood16 January 2018 at 18:47

    Warns against anti-semitism. LOL.

    Without addressing the JQ, the alt-right cannot prevail. The (((globalists))) are our real enemy, hip hop musicians are not. Protestant progressive virtue-signalling liberals are useful idiots. But the mastermind perpetrators are overwhelmingly Jewish.