The 14th of the Vanguard Podcasts. Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell discuss the nature of Christianity and whether America is a "Christian nation." Particular attention is paid to Joel Osteen and his "Prosperity Doctrine" that presents a turbo-charged version of "consumer Calvinism" for the modern age. Also, what is the future of Christianity in America, where political correctness seems to have displaced it as the new religion?

Originally posted on the original Alternative Right site on the 20th of January, 2013.

Running Order

00:00  Intro & chit chat
05:50  The subversion of Christianity
14:00  Black archbishops and "Magic Negroes"
20:50  Religious ignorance
30:50  Christianity as a permanent state of imperfection
37:55  Joel Osteen's "Prosperity Doctrine" heresy
44:00  Christianity's one-way alignment with power
55:15  The asymmetry of American and European Christianity
59:00  Christianity's eugenic advantage over atheism
65:10  Political Correctness as the new religion

Show Notes


  1. The United States is a Christian country.

    and remember, tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. and I expect the entire Alt Right - especially the experts on this podcast to get out their prayer book and fast and take personal stock in whichever way your Christian Congregation or your inner light suggests. It's very healthy.
    Everybody up at dawn- bight eyed and bushy tailed.!
    Have a nice Day and to you Catholics- Happy Mardi Gras.

  2. The sooner we get back to paganism the better.

  3. I used to watch Joel's father John preach on TV--good or bad--he was a fundamentalist Bible believer--as the saying goes--he would be turning over in his grave if he could hear the wimpy self-esteem message his son preaches these days.



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