The 15th of the Vanguard Podcasts, featuring Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell. In this edition of "Masterpieces of (Bad) Right-Wing Cinema," Colin, Andy, and Richard discuss vigilante films of the 1970s, including Dirty Harry (1971), Death Wish (1974), and Taxi Driver (1976). Did these films, as liberal critic Roger Ebert feared, represent the rise of fascism in the USA?

Originally posted on the original Alternative Right site on the 20th of January, 2013.

Running Order

00:00  Intro
02:45  Liberal responses to the "Fascism" of Dirty Harry
10:15  Embodiment of the 1970s "social mood"
19:45  Death Wish: turning a pacifist liberal into a ruthless revenge killer
29:15  Comparisons with Taxi Driver
31:45  Bernie Goetz and John Hinckley—life imitating art 
35:30  The ambiguity—or sloppiness—of Taxi Driver
43:35  Travis Bickle's quest for the feminine
49:50  The fog of words: working class illiteracy + Middle class obfuscation
54:40  Martin Scorsese "whitens" New York's underclass
57:40  Taxi Driver's ultra-violent "happy" ending
62:50  Why Taxi Driver is a right-wing movie
69:45  "This city is afraid of me..."   

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