In a world where corporate poz is rampant, promoting everything from transsexual bathrooms and open borders to race-mixing as the norm, it is time that the Alt-Right took a stand and put its money where its mouth is, with its own BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions).

As part of this we have started this page. Here you will find a handy guide to those "blacklisted" companies that have let Leftist politics creep into their message and branding in the mistaken belief that they couldn't lose any income by so doing. If you genuinely want to promote a healthier, less pozzed, and more moral World, this is a good place to start. The page will be constantly updated.


From almost all-White Vermont, ice cream company Ben & Jerry's constantly pushes anti-White race-baiting. They are also well-known for their attacks on the biologically normal family, even re-branding at least two of their ice-cream flavors in support of same-sex marriage: "Chubby Hubby" was renamed "Hubby Hubby," and their apple pie flavor ice cream in the UK was renamed "Apple-y Ever After" during the push for same-sex marriage in the UK.

More disturbingly Hubby Hubby is described as "vanilla malt ice cream with peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge & peanut buttery swirls," which sounds to me like they are exulting in the whole "fudge-packing" element of what they are promoting. 


Once upon a time, almost all the Alt-Right podcasts found a home on the audio platform Soundcloud, but then the deplatforming began. At first they went for the more obvious podcasts, like the Daily Shoah, that used lots of racial slurs, but then, just to show that what they were censoring ideas rather than "vulgar" speech, they also deleted a lot of Alt-Right podcasts that avoided such terminology, while allowing rappers to continue posting their profanity-laced music on the site. Part of the problem is that SoundCloud is based in Germany, one of the most cucked and pozzed lands in the World. But one thing is sure, SoundCloud hates the Alt-Right, and those of us in the Alt-Right would be remiss not to return the sentiment. Actually, even if you are not Alt-Right, you would be a fool to pay for their services, as there are constant rumours in the tech press about the imminent collapse of the company.


The jewellery company has been prominent in pushing a homosexualist agenda, pushing same-sex marriage with commercial featuring gay couples. Devaluing conventional marriage in this way is a contributor to low birth rates and, whether unwittingly or not, is complicit in White genocide.


Amazon is a virtual monopoly and is therefore hard to boycott if you do a lot of online shopping, but anytime you can get what you need elsewhere at the same price, get it, as CEO Jeff Bezos has completely politicised his company by making multi-million dollar donations to same sex lobby groups. When it comes to buying books online, we recommend that you look for other options through BookButler.

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